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Ployglaze Tile Adhesive

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Special Properties of “PloyGlaze Tile Adhesive”:

  • Preparation is simple, only need to add water.
  • Although cement based, requires no curing after water.
  • It can be used in damp areas.
  • Excellent tensile adhesion strength.
  • Grouting is possible on the same day.
  • Polymer modified formulation enhances its durability.
  • Being ready to use, the product saves considerable time and labour.
  • Non-hazardous.

Areas of Use:

  • To fix wall and floor tiles, natural stones, including granite.
  • Cementitious screeds.
  • Cement Mortar beds.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Fixing the facades.
  • Swimming pools.


“PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive” is available in 25kg and 40Kg bag.

Polyglaze Jointing Mortar

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Special Properties of “PolyGlaze Jointing Mortar”:

  • Our Quick setting proprietary mortar essentially “glues’ the block together and the next course is ready to lay within a very short time.
  • Extreme durability eliminates future maintenance.
  • Non-metallic doesn’t rust out, will not discolor wall.
  • Ready mixed mineral based products designed for new construction as well as for renovation purpose.
  • Being premixed, it saves considerable time and labour.
  • It doesn’t cause damage to eco system.
  • Being premixed, It inhibits efflorescence.

Areas of use:

Laying bricks and blocks:

  • To join fly ash bricks, cement block, hollow blocks, aerated block etc.
  • Jointing of prestressed concrete slabs, panels.
  • Jointing of cement window and door frames.
  • Barbecues and fire places.
  • Garden and boundary walls.
  • Screed and compost bins, sand pits.
  • Bench stands, bicycle stands.
  • Terracing.
  • Ornamental Pools.
  • Repairing of masonry walls.


“PolyGlaze Jointing Mortar” is available in 25kg and 40kg bags.

Polyglaze Plaster

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Special Properties of “PolyGlaze Plaster”:

  • Preparation is simple, only need to add water.
  • Lighter than traditional cement sand site mix.
  • Compatible with all types of putties, paints, and cementitious coatings.
  • Minimizes cracking and shirnkage free product.
  • Prevents seepage of water.
  • Fungus resistant.
  • Non-toxic and non flammable
  • Ease of application.
  • Saves both manpower and time.
  • Being ready to use, it covers more work per day.

Areas of Use:

  • Under coating and plastering over existing concrete and brick/block walls.
  • Use as a leveling plaster for correction of surface undulation in bare concrete block and other cementitious substrates.
  • Basic levelling of concrete, light weight blocks and bricks.
  • Filling holes and irregularities, levelling walls and ceilings.
  • Create a leveled surface from uneven masonry or concrete wall.


“PolyGlaze Plaster” is available in 25kg & 40kg Bags.

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