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Maintenance Contract


Annual Maintenance contract on comprehensive basis. During this contract period we do periodic preventive Maintenance of the equipments and batteries to avoid any down time. The healthiness of the Batteries, the nature of the load on the UPS, inverter and servo stabilizer and surrounding conditions for proper ventilation are checked during this preventive maintenance visit.

The Power condition is also checked if there are frequent Power outages, continuous low voltage or irregular input supply then appropriate solution is provided to the customer to avoid down time of he UPS, inverters and disruption of critical work. We also undertake Rate contract on per call basis so that the equipment can be attended in a short period to enable the customer to restart his important work with minimum down time. This rate contract per call basis can designed for a fixed period.

Battery Maintenance


The batteries are checked for their healthiness with the help of gadgets and weak batteries are identified and the customer is advised for its replacement in advance. THe quality of the charger voltage and current as well asambient temperature is also monitored for enhancing the life of the batteries.

Incase, there is asudden breakdown of the equipment beyond AMC and warrenty period or the equipment is damaged due to external reasons then the inverter, UPS, servo stabiliser is serviced on one time cost basis.

Upgradation Of The Inverter, UPS, Servo Stabilizer


There is a fast change in the technology of inverter, UPS and servo Stabiliser. There is continuous drive to improve the efficiency of the inverter, UPS and servo stabiliser. We undertake work to upgrage our UPS so that the customer can get better efficient and more advanced equipment . We also replace/Buyback the old UPS, Inverter ,servo stabiliser Where the spares are difficult to get with a new technology UPS as mutually agreed rates.

Maintenance Contract


Inverter, UPS & Servo Stabilizer Contract: Annual Maintenance contract on comprehensive basis. During this contract period we do periodic preventive maintenance of the equipments and batteries to avoid any downtime. The healthiness of the batteries, the nature of the load on the UPS and surrounding conditions for proper ventilation are checked during this preventive maintenance visit.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


Annual maintenance contract (AMC) under this contract Evershine under takes to maintain your systems or any electronic devices as mentioned in the invoice cum receipt for service contract form at the address mentioned therein.

The contract provides for periodical service suspect to terms and conditions as follows:

Terms and Conditions :
Services covered the contract charges as follows

  • During the period of contract periodical visit once in 3 months will be made and thorughly checked , cleaned and serviced.
  • Replacement of wornout/ eachaueted parts of the equipment will be at the cost of customer. Evershine will submuto the estimate for such parts for approval.
  • Every visit by our authorised service technician within 24 hours receipt of complaint for breakdown of equipment.
  • No visits will be made o sundays/holidays. (erempted in case of emergiency & availability of our technician)
  • Any upgradation or re-installation of the equipment will be done at an addition cost asper rates prevoiling on the date
  • This contract in neither terminatable nor transferable before the expiry of the period in any ever such as re-sale of gift any person or agency
  • Contract charges are payable by cheque/DD. in favour of "Evershine Power Systems"   in advance and payment shall accompany the signed copy of the contract and such payment shall be realized before the commencement of contract period
  • Renewal of the service contract after its expiry will be at the sole discretion of "Evershine Power Systems" depending on the model/age of the equipment.
  • On the expiry of the period ofcontract, theonus of renewing the contract rest with the customer

In the event of any complaint please quote the name, address and mobile no. The contract shall not cover under the following

  • Damage cause to the equipment due to floods (rain water), fire, accident, brackage, pest improper and negigent use, tampering fluctnated electricity supply etc.
  • Defects due to usage fo non recommeded spaces
  • Defects resulting from servicing or repair done by a person other than that the authorised representative of the Evershine.

Buy Back / Exchange


Since last 8 years, Evershine Power Systems is involved in exchange, in return to your old used, working, nonworking, any make/brand with our brand "Evershine" range of Power.


  • Inerters
  • Sinewave Inverters
  • Digital Inverters
  • Home UPS
  • On-line UPS Series
  • Inverter Cum UPS
  • Servo Stabilisers
  • R.O. Systems
  • Normal Batteries (18 months warranty)
  • Tubular Batteries (30 months warranty)

Our expertise in knowing product ensure that you get what you have paid for. All sales through Evershine Power Systems ensure quality, reliability and after sales support. To discuss your requirement contact us.

Inverter / UPS Servicing


Inverter / UPS Servicing:

Tiered of finding expert service team for your power backup equipments, look no further. At Evershine Power Systems workshop, quailfied and experiencd engineer ensure repairing and servicing of your Power product. We have proven track of servicing to customers having other make/brand UPS systems and other power products since last 8 years. If you are an inducer looking for a team like this then try us out you will stick with us.

Our services are offered fo the following power products.

  • Inverters
  • Sinewave Inverters
  • Digital Inverters
  • Home UPS
  • Online UPS Series
  • Inverter Cus UPS
  • Batteries
  • Servo Stabilisers
  • R.O Systems

To,Evershine Power Systems

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