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Goal-The Soul Of Success

Goal-The Soul Of Success

This program imbibes the need and importance of Goal in life stating the “Purpose of Life is the Life of Purpose.” Without destination one reaches nowhere. It explains with examples the seven D’s of setting and getting Goal i.e.1) Dream 2) Desire 3) Direction 4) Determination 5) Dedication 6) Discipline and 7) Deadlines. Without underestimating the need of hard work it emphasizes the importance of setting the “SMART” goal and working the smart way. It also gives you the “ASK” formula to develop an Attitude that is positive, to master Skills and to enhance Knowledge that will enable you to reach your goal with ease and efficiency

Also available in Marathi: Dhyas Dhyeyacha- Marg Yashacha (Marathi Audio Training Program )

Motivational Hindi Book

Motivational Hindi Book

Mr. Yusuf Pathan regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and -- most important of all -- find greater happiness and peace of mind. His Hindi motivational book “Jeeto Jeeyo Jee Bharke” is a master piece about self fulfilling prophecy, self empowerment & a guiding path to a winning life. He proves that you don't need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction -- but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there.

This book gives you those secrets. The pages in this book contain the key ideas & strategies that Mr. Pathan has discovered over the last 58 years of his professional & personal experience. The ideas & strategies are presented in simple, tested, proven, easy to use format so that they can be learnt & applied immediately. In this book, you’ll discover that applying appropriate assertiveness to all your interactions & actions is the most effective approach to creating a successful & prosperous life. This miraculous literature will eliminate personal & professional worries, turn criticism to your advantage, avoid fatigue, cure depression, improve your relationships &move you towards the ladder of success.

Power Of Positive Attitude

Power Of Positive Attitude

This 60 minutes CD illustrates in simple and lucid way how our attitude governs our actions and rules our life. It makes us aware of the fact that we are the architects of our destiny. We can decorate it or destroy it . It shows that positive attitude helps us to turn adversities into opportunities by converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It teaches us how to love, like and enjoy our work so as to lead the lovely and luxurious life we have always dreamt of. In this programme, Yusuf delivers from the heart, with warmth, wit and wisdom. He reminds us clearly that we can make choices even under tough circumstances and that we can overcome adversity by celebrating what we learn from it.

Also available in Marathi: Drushti Tashi Srushti ( Marathi Audio Training Program)

Secrets Of Successful Salesman

Secrets Of Successful Salesman

This audio training programme presented as a combination of two CDs, discloses the Secrets of a successful salesman in any field. It tells us that salesmanship is a golden combination of art and science that can be mastered by anybody with sincerity and seriousness. Positive attitude, selling skills and up-to-date knowledge are the three pillars of successful selling. Knowledge of the customer’s needs and expectations is the first step towards closing a sale successfully. A successful salesman treats his customers not as the king but in effect worships them as god and therefore gets blessed with their business. Yusuf believes that salesmanship consist of not only presenting the product or service but presenting oneself pleasantly, powerfully, and persuasively. He talks about sales strategies and style awareness.

Speedy & Steady Wins The Race

Speedy & Steady Wins The Race

Speedy & Steady Wins the Race is a revolutionary, life transforming book. In a simple yet thought provoking manner the author has questioned whether the age old myth of slow & steady wins the race stands good in a highly competitive world today. In the stories that we have been hearing for ages the tortoise wins the race against the hare because of its consistency & the hare loses due to its over confidence. But in a jet speed life that we have today, can the tortoise with all his consistency, sincerity & hardwork still win the race today if the Hare decides to run at its speed without taking rest. The answer is obvious.

The tortoise here my dear friends is the common man, struggling consistently & continuously all his life to prove his mettle. Putting all he has to get a better bit of life. Constantly racing with the faster hares around him. Can he win today? You would say 'NO'.

But the Author has a different opinion. He says that no matter how fast the hare run the tortoise can still win the race in today's world also. Read on to know................

Suyash,Sukh Va Samruddhichi Saath Sutre

Suyash,Sukh Va Samruddhichi Saath Sutre

This audio training programme presented as a combination of two CDs, gives you the mantra to live a positive, happy and stress free life. The program emphasizes the fact that life is but an opportunity to enjoy the abundance of each and everything in the universe, be it love, happiness or success. It helps us move away from our stress full lives and immerse ourselves into a way of joyful living

Marathi Motivational Book

Marathi Motivational Book

This small book emphasizes the fact that - “MAN IS BORN TO WIN. Everybody is gifted with the ability & opportunity to realize their dreams & fulfill their desires. All that is required is that one must realize, recognize & utilize the unlimited potential lying within. If one believes and acts accordingly one can get whatever they want with whatever they have

Born To Win - Jinknyasaathi Janm Aapula

Coherent with Evolve’s core belief, that ‘Man is Born to Win’, this program seeks to empower people so that they can recognize and harness the true potential lying within each of them. The program inspires people to always strive for the best in their personal, professional and social lives and never ever settle for mediocrity. In this program, Yusuf takes people on an emotional journey where people learn to recognize the difference between just seeing and believing, between mere interest and passion, between a forecast and a vision, between good enough and excellence! Through his entertaining style of story telling and anecdotes, Yusuf gets people to completely turn around their attitudes and unleash the giants within

Layout Programs Services

Duration of Corporate Training Programs: Duration of all the corporate training program titles is customised to meet client requirements from half day sessions to one / two day workshops No of Participants – Corporate Training Programs: A team size of not more than 20 participants is recommended so that every participant receives personal attention and maximum benefit from the course. However this can be modified to suit client needs Duration of Open Training Programs: All the open training program titles are currently one day workshops (Duration can be modified from half day to two day workshops to cater to the needs of a specific social group or organization) Training Material: As per client requirement (Costs Extra).

Leadership Skills Series Services

Understanding the difference between a mere manager and a leader Learning the important traits, habits and skills of an effective leader Understanding the importance of and the responsibilities associated with being a leader and role model Imbibing the skills of motivation, people management, conflict resolution, decision making, performance management, feedback & change management Learning the various leadership styles and how to use each style to your advantage.

Performance Enhancement Series Services

To understand and appreciate the process of communication as an important constituent of professional effectiveness understand oneself and improve interpersonal skills Exposure to communication concepts Diagnose and circumvent barriers to communication
To gain confidence and honing presentation skills.

Secrets Of The Rags To Riches Phenomenon

This full day workshop, is aimed at creating an entire generation armed with a strong financial intelligence. The revolutionary ideas presented in this workshop help shatter several myths about wealth and help every participant develop a strong foundation for building financial success. The workshop shows you the secrets of wealth management followed by rich people and organizations across the world and gives you practical ways of implementing the same in your life. This along with the simple rules and strategies regarding savings, investments, tax management and the principles of wealth compounding will ensure that you are able to create, harness and manage wealth like never before.

Self Development Series Services

  • What is positive attitude and its impact on our daily lives and everyday performance Why self esteem is extremely important & how to build ones self esteem Understanding the potential within and the opportunities in the world \ in our current professions
  • Self limiting beliefs and their impact on our performance How to break our self limiting beliefs in order to realise our full potentia.

Smile & The World Will Smile With You - Hasatmukhi Sadasukhi

This is a program that enlightens your soul & uplifts your spirit. It reveals the mantra for a happy, prosperous & satisfied life. It open’s up ones mind to an attitude that can overcome any kind of stress & strain. Hasatmukhi sadasukhi is an experiment that changes your outlook to all hurdles and hassles in life. The program provides a prescription with capsules/ ways to have a successful & healthy mind & soul. Not only do you experience the music, the wit and the sheer fun, but the profound insights and wisdom. A moving and memorable occasion for all present

Team Building Series Services

Prerequisites and techniques to Building High Performance Teams Determine competencies and behaviors for high performing team members Put together an interview plan to identify the best candidates to hire Review check list of interview steps and processes Interviewing skills to find the right match.

Training Methodology Services

You learn the nuances and subtleties of the subject at hand with ease through:

  • Interactive Classroom Training
  • Lively dialogues
  • Question answer and brain storming sessions
  • Live case studies
  • Energisers & ice-breakers
  • Group Discussions
  • Audio / Visual inputs
  • Individual / Group Assignments
  • Psychometric tests ( As and where required).

Training Services

Conducting a thorough need assessment of the organization so as to capture the details of the training requirement.
Compiling the corresponding research information to ensure that the training program hits the bulls eye.
Customizing the training program as per the client’s needs so as to deliver maximum benefit to them
Getting the course contents & methodology signed off by the clients
Assessing the participants through scientific interviewing tools and preparing an in depth pre-training assessment report ( as and when required by the training program / client)
Training Delivery
Measure Participants learning and feedback during training
Conduct Training evaluation 2-3 months after training date ( Through interviews, projects or assignments) to measure progress and submit a detailed report to the client ( if required by client).

You Are The Architect Of Your Destiny

This full day workshop is aimed at enabling participants to design and then implement a blueprint for the successful life that they have always dreamed of. By enabling people understand that ‘what you believe is what you get’, Yusuf shows people that they themselves hold the keys to the paradise that they have always wanted. Starting with the strengthening of various elements of one’s personality, the program goes on to help participants see the unlimited potential lying all around in the world and then helps them focus on getting what tney want from all this abundance. Interactive sessions, games, effective audio visuals and innovative exercises help people first dream big dreams, turn those dreams into practical goals with deadlines and then actually work out smart ways and practical ideas of turning those goals into reality.

Secrets Of Super Sales Star - Hindi Video CD

This Video CD unleashes the secrets of salesmanship & marketing thus paving the way towards becoming a Star Performer. Its down to earth & Practical approach towards the complex issue of selling makes it a must see for every sale & marketing personnel who want to break the barriers & move ahead in Life as a top salesman. The concepts if brought in practice will surely revolutionize a person's mind aspiring in excel in Sales. It can be used by sales person in any sector be it Insurance, MLM, Banking, Real Estate, Retail, FMCG, Telecom, Educational or social organization etc..

Insurance And Marketing And Salesmanship Series Services

Need & Importance of Prospecting
Keep record to break record
Various methods of Prospecting
Cold canvassing – Bold canvassing



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