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LCD Panel

LCD Panel

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Taking into consideration a wide variety of LCDs available in the market, we are manufacturing and supplying, and exporting an array of LCD Panels with different sizes to fit as per the need. These beautifully crafted panels will add a décor to your living rooms as well as provide a good background to the LCD TV’s and screens.  These are built with the best quality woods and are guaranteed for long lasting lifetime. These panels are available for LCDs of all the sizes to fit with the requirements and keep the décor of the room. Our prices are unmatched.




  • Slim and compact design
  • Available for the LCDs of every make
  • Provides the best safety and protection to the appliances
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Available in a wide range of colours and designs

LCD TV Rugs And Comfortable Sofa

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Among the best manufacturers, importers and exporters we are able to avail our clients the superb class Led TV Rugs and Comfortable Sofa. The designs for these set of home interiors has been given by the best graphic designers throughout the globe. These set of furnishers has been manufactured keeping into consideration the safety of your appliances and the décor of your living rooms. These LCD rugs add extra points to in the looks of your LCD TVs and the set of Comfortable Sofa is assured to provide you with all the comfort one wishes while sitting in their living rooms.




  • Made with the durable and excellent materials
  • Has long life
  • Retains its looks for years
  • Available in several designs and patterns to match with every living rooms
  • Provides proper ventilation of air in the room

Family Room With Hanging Bookcases Design

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Adding to the trend of appealing furniture creations, we also import and manufacture family room with hanging bookcases design. This piece of furniture is made from sturdy wood material. It’s conveniently designed partition not only for keeping books but also to keep your home entertainment placed properly.

Shelves are made to accommodate numerous amounts of books and at the center for medium to large sized LCD TV. It can support other audio and video appliances as well. It is a very elegant piece of furniture that is of good investment.




  • Easy to clean
  • Shine does not fade away
  • Reliable
  • Spacious


Geometrical Art Enlivens Living Room Furniture

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With the years of satisfactory complements from our clients we are manufacturing, importing and exporting the appreciable Geometrical Art Enlivens Living Room Designs. We understand the needs of the current generation living rooms and build the furniture to comply with the same. These living room designs are finalized by the best graphic designers for home interiors round the globe. The visual, art and décor of the room has been taken into consideration for providing the room with the ultimate looks and beauty. To bring our clients all those facilities we have left no margins in implementing these designs with geometrical as well as modern techniques. We provide our clients several kinds of living room designs depending upon their standards.


  • Entirely new concept of living room design
  • Offers you a breathe taking experience of a living room
  • Provides a pleasing environmental for a positive growth
  • Suitable for every houses and apartments
  • Easy to implement
  • Our prices are without comparison


TV Wall Panel

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The factor behind our expertise is the quality products which we bring in the market with years of experience in the furniture industry. We manufacture, import, export and supply you the finest quality TV wall panels. These TV panels are very decorative and give extra good looks to the living rooms. These panels provide the TVs a better platform and a nice background look. These panels are made of the supreme quality raw materials to give it a prolonged lifetime and durability. These are easier to fix on the walls and can easily match with living rooms of all the kinds.




  • Available in wonderful designs and patterns
  • Available in velvet coatings of all colours
  • Attractive and impressive
  • Easy to fix on every walls (also available with suckers to avoid nailing on the walls)
  • Can take heavy loads
  • Provides a better environment for every living room

Modern LCD TV Panel

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Committing ourselves in bringing the latest trend and designs in the market, we are now manufacturing and importing modern LCD TV panels. We used high grade glass and wood. You can keep your LCD TV safe and secured as we provide sliding mirrored panels in our design. It is a good way to keep your audio and video system well arranged. Our modern LCD TV panels were styled to give an ambiance of chic and luxurious living style. This is a modern way are to give you a total home entertainment experience as its best.




  • Provides air circulate with ease 
  • Provides better safety to the appliances
  • Cables and other connections can be kept hidden
  • Ample space provided for large sized LCD TV

Minimalistic Wall Panel System

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Being among one of the top manufacturers and importers of high class furniture pieces, we also made available our minimalistic wall panel system. Our minimalistic wall panel system is a sleek and versatile way to arrange your entertainment system. This panel system supports well LCD TVs if you like to change your viewing angle from time to time give you better viewing area. Connections and cables can be well kept at the back area of the wall panel. Complement well with every kind of living rooms, receptions, meeting rooms and hotel rooms. It is designed to give you sheer viewing pleasure.




  • Competitive prices
  • Gives admirable atmosphere for  good entertainment
  • Spacious design
  • Can fit with any walls
  • Latest wall hanging technology used

LCD TV Wall Panel Designs

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