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Over the years, Flavored Tobacco has evolved into what is considered to be the most enjoyable smoking experience available. We have been able to maintain this tradition by providing only the finest Premium Flavored Tobacco Brands available on the market. We guarantee that you will enjoy a flavorful smoking experience when you choose any of the flavors offered.

Tobacco Hookah Flavor

Tobacco Hookah Flavor

We are manufacturer of tobacco hookah flavor. Our brand of flavored tobacco is of premium quality that includes an all natural mixture of ingredients such as honey and is made of high quality French Tobacco Leaves. Purchasing a 250 gram box of Flavored Tobacco is an excellent method if you are interested in smoking several times a month, or smoking with a group.

Herbal Hookah

Herbal Hookah

We are manufacturer of herbal hookah. The Herbal Hookah we offer have the following features

Silver Stem Blue Pumpkin Vase Matching Blue Bowl and Hose Hookah comes in “Ready to Smoke” form


Product Description

This is a Premium Quality Glass hookah. It comes in a Midnight Blue color with silver finishing trim. Hookah is portable, durable and strong. It is 10 inches tall. The bowl is bigger than normal. The bowl is deep so you can fit a lot of tobacco in it. The vase has a beautiful design and is made out of thick cut glass so it will not break as easy as others. This Hookah is very durable. Also the vase and bowl are sturdy. The hookahs will not wobble and fall like other hookahs! This hookah can move from place to place without falling and breaking because of its sturdy design.

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