Weight Management

We are engaged in offering  Herbal Slimming Capsule.

Slimmer Capsules

Slimmer Capsule is an ayurvedic preparation – a slimming Agent. Slimmer Capsule is used in Obesity. Slimmer Capsules are made of genuine herbs, thus this medicine can reduce 3 to 10kg of fat in one month without any side effects and does not weakens the body.

Composition: Each Capsule contains :-

Guggul - Commiphora Mukul (70mg)
Haritaki - Terminalia Chabula (70mg)
Mehasringi - Gymnema Sylvestre (50mg)
Kokam - Garcinia Cambogia (200mg)
Vidanga - Embelia Ribes (50mg)


Le-Slim Capsules

    Le- Slim capsule has an effective and favorable effect on weight reduction and lipid profile.
 As its major contents are Kutki ,  safe to use as a nutritional supplement for the  excessive fat and helps to maintain healthy bile production , supports to maintain healthy liver function, also Nagarmustaka, useful in general weakness.

Action/Useful/Remedy for –

 Composition – Each Capsule contain,
1. Bahera ( Terminalia Balerica) 75mg -  Reducess high cholesterol, protects liver.

2. Amla Oil ( Emblica Officinalis) 75mg – Anti- Oxidant, controls cholesterol and blood sugar.

3. Haritaki ( Terminalia Chabula) 75mg- Detoxifies the body and has purgative action.

4. Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) 75mg – useful in constipation ,liver problems and indigestion.

5. Kutki (Picorrhiza Kurrooa) 100mg – Hepato and Spleenotonic, mild laxative, strong purgative, regulates blood sugar, useful to use as nutritional support for excessive fat.

6. Pippali (Piper Longum) 50mg – Carminative, general tonic and hematinic.

7. Sounth (Zingiber Officinalis )75mg  - Useful in indigestion, anti –allergic, improves immunity, controls cholesterol.

8. Nagar Mustaka (Cyperus Scariosus )100mg – Diuretic, astringent, useful in general weakness.

 Direction For Use –

 Two Capsules  twice a day with a glass of milk.
 In case of Diabetes, Hypertension please consult the Physician first.






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