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AREVA Make Relay

MICOM P111 Relays

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The MICOM P111 relays are suitable for all the application where over current and/or earth-fault protection are required. Thanks to its favorable"price vs technical features" ratio, P111 can because both in medium voltage and in low voltage applications (specifically where communication facilities are required)

MiCOM P9xx Voltage And Frequency Management

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MiCOM P9xx voltage and frequency management relays provide an integrated solution for secure and efficient operation of the power system.Their versatility of application and the association of protection functions with automation, control and measurement functions, provide an optimal and innovative solution for ensuring power system stability, as well as maintenance reduction.The enhanced techniques employed, designed to operate under non-linear abnormalities and sub oscillations, eliminate the risk of unwanted operation.

MiCOM P145 Feeder Management Relay

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MiCOM P145 feeder management relay provides an integrated solution for the complete protection,control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables from distribution to transmission voltage levels.With a wide range of protection functions and relay flexibility, it is suitable for application on varied network requirements from solidly grounded systems to the more specialized Petersen coil grounded system requirements.A customizable user interface and programmable graphical scheme logic provides simple and flexible application. The integrated user function keys and tri-color programmable LEDS provide a cost effective solution for full feeder scheme applications.

MiCOM P847 Phasor Measurement Unit

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Stability and thermal limits, voltage collapse and loop  flows are usual constraints that system planners and operators have to deal with. With today’s stretched systems with minimal reserve, cascading events such as the loss of generator units or transmission lines, can easily lead to severe power swings, voltage collapses,possible loss of synchronize and under frequency load shedding. Use the advanced phosphor measurement unit as part of a wide area monitoring and control system, to assess key metrics in or between critical areas in the power system. High Speed data transfers of key system parameters complemented with advanced visualization tools at the Control Centre, enhances the system operator decision capability. Anticipate impending system failures such as angular instability by monitoring bus angles between key generating areas. Monitor impending voltage instability problems  by monitoring high VAR flows in the network associated with fast declines in voltage magnitudes in areas.

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