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Numerical Relays

Numerical Relays - Bitronics 70 Series Measurement System

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The BiTRONICS 70 Series Measurement System is

a substation automation solution designed to

satisfy the real-time monitoring and event

recording needs of AC network operators.

The BiTRONICS 70 Series Measurement System

consists of four component types. These

components form a real-time monitoring and event

recording system for use in high voltage AC

substations. The component types are monitoring

and recording IEDs, detached displays, firmware,

and software

We are solutions providers  with Numerical realys of AREVA make. We also do retrofitting jobs and change electromagnetic realys with numerical relays.

Numerical Relays - MiCOM C264-P

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MiCOM C264-P is the most advanced Feeder Protection and Control solution directly taking advantage of the MiCOM C264experience. Optimized for HV and MV IEC61850 Digital Control Solutions, the MiCOM C264-P combines the powerfull I/Os management, Ethernet communication capabilities and fast automation schemes of the MiCOM C264 with an independent dedicated Feeder Protection module.

MiCOM C264-P is the ultimate solution for your electrical assetoptimisation and quality improvement in an evolvingenvironment. As part of the AREVA PACiS solution, the MiCOMC264-P takes directly benefits from the engineering flexibletools and maintenance applications.

MiCOM C264-P as an open platform, relying on state-of-the-arttechnology, is the element for progressive retrofit of existinginstallations, as well as for new sites..

MiCOM C264-P is fully compatible with modern communication standards IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104, DNP3 over IP, IEC60870-5-101/103 and MODBUS, while its modular design will make it easy to upgrade in line with future advances in communication technology.

Numerical Relays - P991 Test Block

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The P991 Test Block, designed within the MiCOM range,ffers safe and configurable facilities for monitoring and secondary injection testing in any power system protection scheme when used with the P992 Multi-finger Test Plug.A single-finger test plug is also available, type P993, that provides a safe and isolated means solely for the verification of CT circuits. The P991 Test Block features visible automatic line CT shorting prior to the relay CT circuit being broken on insertion of a P992 Multi-finger Test Plug.Up to three stages of sequential contact operation are provided by the P991 Test Plug. To avoid accidental tripping an extraction stop facility is included. The P991 Test Block carries a maximum of 14 circuits, each of which is factory configurable to the customer's requirements. Each circuit is brought out to separate pairs of 4mm screw terminations at the rear of the Test Block


Test Block can be mounted adjacent to MiCOM or MiDOS modular relays or system

  • Automatic CT shorting
  • Test Block removes need to disturb protective system wiring for testing
  • Single Finger Test Plug provides a safe, isolated, means for CT current monitoring

We can provide Technical support for relay testing and parameterization

Numerical Relays - MICOM P111 Relays

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The MiCOM P111 relays are suitable for all the application where overcurrent and/or earth fault protection are required. Thanks to itsfavorable "price vs technical features" ratio,P111 may be used both in medium voltage and in low voltage applications (specifically where communication facilities are required).

MiCOM P111 relays provide features for easyadaptation to different applications andoperation conditions. The setting software MiCOM S1 allow the usereasy configuration and access to all measurements

Following Benfit if sourced from us

  • Shortest possible delivery in view of stocks available
  • Good delivery/price ratio

Numerical Relays - MiCOMho P446, P443 And P445

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Transmission and distribution systems are essential to route power from generation to consumers. The mode of transport is generally via overhead lines, which must have maximum in-service availability. The exposed nature of lines make them fault-prone, and protection devices must trip to initiate isolation of any faulted circuit.

The MiCOMho provides fast, highly selective protection, totrip for genuine line faults. Advanced load blinding anddisturbance detection techniques - such as power swingblocking - ensure stability when no tripping is required.

Selectable mho and quadrilateral  (polygon) characteristics allow versatile deployment as mainprotection for all effectively-grounded transmission and  distribution circuits, whether lines, cables or hybrid.Series compensated line application is supported.Multiple main protection elements reside inside eachrelay: Distance, delta directional comparison protection,and directional earth/ground fault unit protection (DEF).This permits simplified application and spares holding, asthe MiCOMho can be adopted as THE standard protection platform.



With these Relay you can get following benefit :

  • Integral tele-protection via MODEM, fiber, or MUX channel.
  • Power swing blocking without the need for settings

Numerical Relays - C264 - SER Application

The MiCOM C264 SER application combines the usual SOE Record features with the benefits of accurate Time synchronization and Maintenance facilities over Ethernet communication. Its intrinsic high-performance is further expanded through the modular I/Os acquisition racks. This up to date design helps the user to simplify the engineering and installation, improve reliability and quality as well as increase efficiency through space and cost reductions in wiring, testing, maintenance and management. We at  FIDERE can supply these relays with control Panels.

Numerical Relays - MiCOM P14x

P14x feeder management relays provide an integrated solution for the complete protection,control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables from distribution to transmission voltage MiCOM levels.

The wide range of auxiliary functions provides the user with sufficient information to efficiently maintain the power system and its components including circuit breakers, CTs, VTs, etc.

A customizable, friendly, multi-lingual user interface and programmable graphical scheme logic allows for simple and flexible applications on any network.With optional High Speed - High Break contacts, the high break performance ensures no burn-out of contacts during normal operation or situations such as breaker failure, or defective CB auxiliary contacts.The need for external electromechanical trip relays can be reduced/removed by transferring the high rating and durability duties into the MiCOM device thus giving further application and cost benefits.

Connecting the relay to virtually any kind of Substation Automation System or SCADA is made possible by the wide range of updated communication protocols, including IEC 61850.A range of hardware interfaces are available for easy integration into any new or legacy system.


Customer Benefits-

• 1A & 5A in same relay
• Wide auxiliary supply
voltage range
• Option of multiple
communication protocol
and interfaces, including
IEC 61850
• User customisable
menu text

Numerical Relays - MiCOM

The distance protection devices of the MiCOM P43x range are designed for selective short-circuit protection, ground fault protection and overload protection. They can be applied in all kind of medium-high- and extra-high-voltage systems.

The wide range of protection functions covers all kind of applications in cable and overhead line protection. In addition numerous back-up protection and control functions are available. P43x provide four setting groups for easy adaptation to varying system operation conditions.

The user-friendly user interface as well as the various communication interfaces allow easy and entire device settings and readings from extensive recordings. Numerous integrated communication protocols allow easy interfacing to almost any kind of substation control or SCADA system.Furthermore the integrated protection interface InterMiCOM provides direct end-end communication between two protection devices.

The specially flat compact case of P430C as well as the standard 19' modular cases of P433, P435 and P437 with variable number of plug-in modules provide a flexible solution for easy integration of the devices into the substation.Both case variants are available for flush monting and wall mounting.

Customer Benefits-

  • 1A/5A settable via software
  • Two communication
  • Interfaces (for substation control system and remote access)
  • Protection interface
  • Inter MiCOM

Product Code: P43x

Numerical Relays - MiCOM P821

The MiCOM P821 is an Advanced Breaker Failure relay based on the latest numerical technology.It offers a range of protection functions, combined with extensive monitoring capacities to give you optimized efficiency and maximum control for your electrical schemes.

MiCOM P821's enhanced breaker failure protection function provides you with back up protection when the primary circuit fails to isolate the fault.This numerical relay is more than just a phase egregated detection device for 1/3 pole tripping relay for EHV/HV/MV levels,it is also suitable for all voltage ranges.


Customer Benefits-

  • Reliable phase segregated detection for 1/3 pole
  • breaker tripping, suitable for all voltage levels
  • Sensitive residual current detection
  • 1 or 2 stage CB failure
  • Simple and easy to programme, standard MiCOM Px20 setting procedure

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