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Nuclear & Power Tubes

Fine Tubes was there at the start of the UK’s investment in the nuclear field. As nuclear power has evolved, so has our expertise and we have manufactured products for agr, pressurized water, light water, heavy water and fast breeder reactor technologies.

The pressure of perfection is ever-present in nuclear and Fine Tubes manufactures its components with the precision that keeps everyone involved safe. From the selection of hugely heat-resistant materials to the finished tubing, attention to detail is always top priority.

Nuclear Fuel Tubes

Nuclear Fuel Tubes

Fine Tubes has the engineering expertise to control tube dimensions down to just ¼ the diameter of a human hair. Our tubes are deployed in the fuel cans of advanced gas-cooled reactors where they endure temperatures of 650°C, without fail, for five years non-stop.


Fine Tubes has manufactured products for advance gas-cooled (AGR), pressurised water (PWR), light water, heavy water and fast breeder reactor technologies.


Nuclear Fuel Tubes can be ordered for nuclear fuel cans in stainless steel (20/25Nb) and zirconium alloys (704 - UNS R60704).

Instrumentation Tubes

Instrumentation Tubes

Our instrumentation and control tubing encases equipment monitoring various factors such as pressure, temperature, density differences and fuel burn up rates. Fine Tubes supplies seamless nuclear instrumentation tubing in straight and coiled tube forms. The most common material used is various grades of specially specified stainless steel.

Duplex Stainless Steel Tubes

The microstructures inside duplex stainless steels are approximately 50 per cent austenite and 50 per cent ferrite, and consequently duplex products share the physical properties of both ferritic and austenitic grades. Duplex stainless steels are resistant to the cracking caused by chloride stress corrosion in austenitic grades, and have improved resistance to localised corrosion. This family of stainless steels has roughly twice the yield strength of their counterpart austenitic grades which means we can use it to design thinner gauge tubing. Higher hardness values provide better wear resistance for high precision tubes.

Duplex steels are easily welded and formed, similar to austenitic grades. Depending on chromium, nickel and molybdenum content, duplex stainless steels are divided into four main categories: lean duplex, duplex, super duplex and hyper duplex. This family of alloys has great advantages in both material and engineered fabrication costs.

Typical applications for this alloy group include heat exchanger tubes, umbilicals, structural tanks, pulp and paper making equipment, pipes and fittings, and seawater handling systems.

Cooling Tubes

Cooling Tubes

In the aerospace industry, Fine Tubes heat exchanger tubes are deployed in power plants from a range of manufacturers. We supply COOLING TUBES for engine cooling systems in commercial and military aircrafts, mainly in stainless steel or nickel alloys in either seamless or welded forms.

We are even part of the groundbreaking program to develop the Skylon space plane, contributing pre-cooler tubing for its Sabre jet and rocket hybrid engine where we supply high temperature heat exchanger tubes with a 40 micron wall and an outside diameter less than 1mm.



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