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Babcock Boiler Portable Pipe


BABCOCK boiler portable pipe beveling machine for mobile machining of boiler tube and pipe beveling on-site BABCOCK has developed portable pipe beveling machines with the know-how of their own people on-site. DWT GmbH in Essen, Germany is the license manufacturer of Babcock portable pipe bevelers for weld preparation and orbital welding of pipes or boiler tubes as well as panel walls and delivers a unique product range worldwide. The product range of pipe beveling machines for pipe end prep

Climax Portable Machine


Climax draws on its pioneering innovation in portable machines and machining to help customers maximize the productivity of their people, equipment, tools, and processes. Drawing on our experience in many industries, we’ve become a trusted global resource for assets ranging from standard and custom tools that solve individual machining problems to expertise in optimizing enterprise-wide systems, processes and skills

Faro Laser Tracking


Offering you a brief insight into how FARO products are being applied and providing daily improvements in production quality. Here are just a few of the varied applications found in today's production environment and our specialized solutions. Should your Application not be in the list simply contact us to find out how our solutions can be used to benefit you. Below you can find the top 8 Applications, simply click on one of the links to view further information about the Applications.

Hamar Laser


Hamar Laser is a worldwide leader in laser alignment technology. providing the best laser alignment and calibration machines, machine tool calibration, training and service to our customers. Our service and training department is staffed with industry experts who can apply our lasers to almost any alignment application.

Portable Machine


We at Fleurdelis with Magbroach introduce a new generation of electro-magnetic drilling and broaching machines. From a team of specialists in design and development of electro-magnetic drilling machines.

By using proven technology and new innovation with aesthetic design, we have developed a new concept with many exclusive features, unique to this new generation of machines, with the size and weight greatly reduced but still retaining strength and durability.

This perfected innovative design is the result of conscious and consistent research and development, with built-in safety features, geared to the future - thus giving more portability and versatility in a wide range of applications in the field of hole cutting.

Self Leveling Machines



SELF LEVELING MACHINES INDIA is an on-site machining company specialized in machining very large circular and irregular shaped surfaces on structural components. There is virtually no size limit because our milling cutters are controlled by a scanning laser plane and are independent of any deflections which might occur in the portable machine frame.
This allows large structures to be machined in a single set up with accuracy's similar to those achieved on major workshop machines. Our equipment is readily portable for any large size on site machining.

Also Deals In

  • Turnkey Onsite Welding And Machining
  • Hard Welding Automation
  • Magnetic Pulse Welding
  • Laser Dimensional Survey
  • Robotic Welding And Cutting
  • Capacitor Discharge Welding
  • Portable Machine Tools
  • Cnc Water Jet Cutting
  • Cnc Gas, Plasma Cutting

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