Oil Filtration Machine

We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Oil Filtration Machine that comprise of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine and Transformer Evacuation System. These are manufactured in our sophisticated facility using high grade raw material adhering to international quality standards.

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

We are an esteemed company that manufacture, export and supply Transformer Oil Filtration Machine. Our filtration applications are highly effective in the removal of particulate and water from Oils and Fuels. We are a quality-oriented organization and strive hard to provide innovative filtration solutions and services for demanding applications at international level. Since 2001, we have been involved in manufacturing of all NIRMAL FILTER Transformer oil conditioning machines having a range from 200 LPH to 12000 LPH and above. These machines are highly demanded both in national and international market. John Fowler had been manufacturing Transformer oil filtration machines from 1950.



  • Neutralization value- < 0.1 mg of KOH / gram
  • Plants with minimum and easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost due to high vacuum filtration with rotary oil sealed pumps
  • Moisture contents - from 50 -100 PPM to < 5 PPM
  • Gas contents – up to < 0.05 % by volume

Lube Oil Filtration Machine

The Lube Oil Filtration Machine is used for purifying the various types of turbine and hydraulic oil used in the machines of the power plant viz Turbine & Generators.

This machine conditions Lube oil of grade ISO – VG – 46 & ISO – VG – 68 and enhance the parameters of water content from 2000 ppm to 5 ppm and separates (removes) the free water, sludge and carbon from Lube oil.

This machine mainly consists of two parts:

  • Centrifuge
  • Degassing and vacuum system

This lube oil filtration machine is used for purifying the hydraulic oil grade ISO – VG - 46 used to clean the power packs.

For testing power packs fresh hydraulic oil is required in every cycle with particle cleanliness level as NAS 1638 class 5 / ISO 4406 14 / 11 and water content less than 50 ppm.

This machine consists of 3 stage filtration of 50, 5 and 1 micron filters with heating and degassing vacuum system.

Transformer Evacuation System

Being a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Transformer Evacuation System, we have carved a distinct niche for ourselves in the industry. These are classified based on the type of mounting of the system. Transformer Evacuation systems are further classified based on the flow rate/capacity of the system ranging from 10 cubic meter / hour to 2500 cubic meter / hour. These are offered at very pocket friendly prices.



  • Reliable
  • Industry leading prices
  • Long service life

Oil Storage Tank

Item Code: Type-2

Transformer Oil Storage Tank is classified based on the type of mounting of the tank. Following are the types of mounting.


  • Skid (stationary) Mounted
  • Trailer Mounted
  • Truck Mounted
Transformer oil storage tanks are further classified based on the capacity (Volume) of the machine ranging from 1000 Liters to 90000 Liters.


  • High Durability
  • Ensures Safety
  • Customized Sizes

Oil Transfer System

Oil Transfer System is classified on the basis of type of mounting of the system.


Following are the types of mounting:


  • Skid (stationary) Mounted
  • Semi-Mobile type (Castor Wheel mounted)

Oil transfer systems are further classified based on the flow rate / capacity of the system ranging from 100 LPH to 25000 LPH.

A trolley mounted transfer pump is provided for transfer of transformer oil from one transformer or storage tank or oil drum to another transformer / tank.

It consists of Positive displacement gear pump, magnetic strainer, control cabinet, inlet and outlets isolation valves and oil hoses. Flow Meter will be available as optional item.

Oil Filtration System

Oil Storage Tank

Item Code: FWIPL-02

Lube Oil Filtration Machine

Item Code: FWIPL-05

Hydraulic Oil Filter Machine