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We provide the clients with a range of FRP Pour Flush Sanitary Pans that is well known for their cost effective operations and superior functionality. Only quality fiber reinforced plastic is used while manufacturing the products available under this product line. 


The clients can avail the following products from us :

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Low Cost Pour Flush Sanitary Pan Our range comprises Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Low Cost Pour Flush Sanitary Pan that have been designed and developed in accordance with the aims and directive of the government and the program of UNICEF to provide hygienic sanitation facilities. These can effectively eliminate the need to scavenge the night soil manually, thereby providing a healthy environment. The pans manufactured by us are renowned for their cost effectiveness and efficiency levels. We have designed these in adherence to the recommendations of the technology advisory group of the World Bank. Very less water is needed in these sanitary equipment, as these operate on the pour flush design and only 1/10th of the water used in flushing cistern toilets is required in this product.


Some features of this product are given below :

  • Manufactured from FRP material with high gloss finish gel coat to Isopthalic grade of polyester resin resistant to chemicals and suitably pigmented
  • Manufactured in compliance with 3.4.1.of IS : 11246-1992
  • Has high strength to weight ratio
  • Supplied with suitable HDPE “p” trap of 20 mm water seal and HDPE diversion chamber is also available
  • The “p” trap of the pan is light in weight and can be transported to work site, in site bulk without any damage

FRP Sanitary Pans

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We provide the clients with a range of Sanitary Wares which include FRP Sanitary Pans that is well known for their cost effective operations and superior functionality.

The Advantages of FRP Sanitary Pans are as follows :

  • Due to high glass finish flushing, it is very efficient
  • Due to rough finish outside, the pan can be firmly fixed in-situ
  • Due to high strength to weight ratio it can easily withstand rough handling
  • The HDPE "p" trap can be set to any direction in the horizontal plane
  • The sanitary pan withstands acid and alkali contents normally present in approved sanitary

Pour Flush Water Latrines

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We offer a comprehensive range of Low Cost Pour Flush Water Latrines, renowned for its effective functionality, quality and durability. Many diseases like diarrhea, dysentry, jaundice polio, worm infestation etc are caused by human excreta. With proper disposal of human excreta, these diseases can be brought under control. The people think that the construction of latrine is a costly affair. But there is a low cost technology available.

Merits of Pour Flush Water Seal Latrines :

  • Cost effective
  • Does not allow breeding of mosquitoes, insects and flies
  • Can be constructed in different geo-hydrological and socioeconomic conditions
  • Free from foul smell
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scavenging is not required to carry the excreta

The process involving in installing the pans is given below :

  • Place the "p" trap on water seal position with the help of a spirit level to make sure that it is horizontal
  • Place the pan on the water seal and test again for proper leveling
  • Pack the empty space between the pan and the platform wall firmly using concrete
  • Lay a PVC pipe of 3" diameter at a slope of at least 1 to 10 in order to assist the easy discharge of excreta. This pipe is connected with the "p" trap, which is already in position
  • The platform will be finished with cement mortar and the foot rests that are wide enough to be used both by adults and children are constructed

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