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Water Proofing Chemical


We are a leading wholesale provider of Water Proofing Chemical. Owing to our tie up with renowned manufacturers around the world producing water proofing chemical, we supply superior quality product. Being used as a protective to prevent leakage and dampness in walls, ceiling etc., the chemical is an essential product for walls.



We offer an assortment of adhesive tapes, that are widely used in packaging sector. The adhesives are used in various Industries for packaging the goods. The product offers superb binding ability to hold the packaging in place for a prolonged time. Our product range consists of different types of adhesives , in different sizes to meet different packaging requirements.

Araseal All Set


Our product, the Araseal All Set is a perfect product for sealing and leakage prevention. The product is used for building broken parts, joining and patching. Apart from joining, it also acts as a sealant preventing leakage. It is a phenol free product, that sets to white finish and causes no itching on hand. The distinct features of our product are the quick setting time, which is only 15-20 minutes and its effectiveness, on dry, damp and even underwater surfaces.


Pack Size 20gm 40gm
MRP Rs 10/- Rs 15/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 12 1 * 20
Master Carton 1 * 360 1 * 300



Our product, Araseal is a general purpose epoxy putty, that works as a great sealant, helps in fixing and joining, building broken parts, patching and leakage protection. It is phenol free and does not cause itching on hand, either at the time of use or as an after effect. The setting time of the product is approximately 60-90 minutes and it gives a fine result on drying. We also offer the product in white variant.


Pack Size 80gm 100gm 100gm (White)
MRP Rs 20/- Rs 25/-  
Wholesale Pack 1 * 10 1 * 10 1 * 10
Master Carton 1 *200 1 * 150 1 * 150

Araseal Zat Pat


We offer Araseal Zat Pat, a product that is a fast setting epoxy putty and is perfectly suited for functions like sealing, fixing, patching, joining, building broken parts, and leakage prevention. The quick setting time of the product, that is around 15-20 minutes, make it convenient for use. Additionally, the product is safe to use, being a phenol free product without causing any itching on hand while use.


Pack Size 15gm 30gm 100gm
MRP Rs 5/- Rs10/- Rs 25/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 10 1 * 20 1 * 10
Master Carton 1 * 400 1 *300 1 * 150

Araseal Bulk


We provide Araseal Bulk, which is an ideal product for Industry Application, and is used for sealing, fixing, joining, patching, building broken parts and preventing leakage. The most functional feature of the product is its spread ability that allows better coverage of the surface and offers convenience in using the product. It does not contain phenol and causes no itching on hand.

Pack Size 1kg(GP) 100g (Zatpat)
MRP Rs 210/- Rs 215/-
Master Carton 1* 15 1*15

Araldite Standard


Our product, Araldite Standard is an adhesive that is one of the world's strongest bond. The distinct feature of the product is its versatility. It can Bond almost anything to anything, like metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, wood, marble, granite, rubber and many more. The product is well suited for plastics like PTFE, HDPE, silicon rubber and many others. Another feature of the product is that it prevents sagging and does not cause any shrinkage after curing.

Pack Size 9g 13g 36g 90g 180g 450g 700g 1.8kg
MRP Rs 20/- Rs 25/- Rs 60/- Rs110/- Rs 190/- Rs 425/- Rs 500/- Rs 790/-
Wholesale Pack 1*20 1*20 1*12 1*8 1*6      
Master Carton 1*960 1*960 1*420 1*200 1*96 1*40 1*20 1*20

Araldite Klear


We offer Analdite Klear, a transparent clear epoxy adhesive. The product is considered as an ideal bonding material for Glass Bonding applications, as being completely transparent the glass can be bonded neatly. Apart from glass, the adhesive can be used for various other bonding applications, being a multi-purpose adhesive. The product has an extremely fast setting time of five minutes.

Pack Size 5g 10g 26g 90g
MRP Rs 15/- Rs 25/- Rs 60/- Rs 155/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 20 1 * 20 1 * 12 1 *8
Master Carton 1 *480 1 *960 1 *420 1 * 200

Araldite Rapid Setting


Araldite Rapid Setting, is a multi-purpose product from us, that can be used on many surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramic and so on. The product offers the strongest bond in the world and also prevents sagging and shrinkage after curing. It is odourless and has a rapid setting time of ten minutes. That makes it a perfect product for emergency repairs.

Pack Size 7g 26g
MRP Rs 22/- Rs 55/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 10 1 * 12
Master Carton 1*200 1*420

Araldite Steel Epoxy


We offer Araldite Steel Epoxy, a rapid setting product that is used for Automotive repairs in the engine parts, exhausts, radiators and various other parts , Marine repairs and, Household and General repairs. It is an odourless, steel filled product that hardens on applying after around 14 minutes and attains full strength in about 2-3 hrs, giving a strong bond.

Pack Size 10g
MRP Rs 25/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 10
Master Carton 1 * 200

Araldite Mechanik


Araldite Mechanik, is a complete product from us, that provides the strongest bond in the world. It is a versatile product and can be used effectively in automotive repairs for car parts like engine parts, radiators and others, Marine repairs and for General metal repairs and Household repairs. The product has the functional features of no shrinkage after curing and of preventing sagging.

Pack Size 5g
MRP Rs 10/-
Wholesale Pack 1 * 20
Master Carton 1 *960

Araldite Builder Klad-X


Our product, Araldite is an extremely strong adhesive that finds several applications. Features that make it a distinct product is the quick setting time of only 15-30 minutes, and ability to set easily even under water. It attains full strength in 2-3 hours and becomes three times stronger than concrete. It is used for many purposes like cladding of marbles, granite and other heavy stones, binding marble for external wall finishing, tile pointing sealant, repairing concrete cracks, anchoring grout for reinforcement steel and many others.

Pack Size 300gm 1.5kg
MRP Rs 275/- Rs 750/-
Master Carton 1*50 1*10

Araldite Karpenter (Wood Glue)


Araldite Karpenter,a product we offer, is a ready to use adhesive with unsurpassed bonding strength. It is a specially designed product for bonding wood to wood, decorative laminate, Veneer, ply to wood, MDF/ particle board, block board/ hard board to each other. It works best on substrates, when at least one of them is porous. Features like fast drying, heat and water resistance, great bonding strength and higher coverage, makes it highly suitable for vertical and flat lamination. Approximately 35-40 sq. feet of surface area can be covered with one kg of the adhesive.

Pack Size 125g 250g 500g 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg
MRP Rs 26/- Rs 48/- Rs 847- Rs 150/- Rs 280/- Rs 665/- Rs1265/- Rs 2430/-  
Master Carton 1 * 80 1 *40 1 *48 1 * 24 1 * 12 1 * 4 1 *2 1  

Araldite Builder Integra


We offer Araldite Builder Integra, a product used for building purposes, that is easily dispersible in concrete or mortar mixes. It serves the function of reducing the water content in the cement mix and improving the strength of the concrete or mortar mix. The product is free from chlorides and is used in the quantity of 100ml for a 50 kg bag of cement. It is used in the water-proofing of concrete that is used in basement, roof slabs and screeds, bathroom and balconies, water tanks, water retaining structures, sumps and drains etc.

Pack Size 100ml 500ml 1ltr 5ltr 20ltr,100ltr,200ltr
MRP Rs25/- Rs 85/- Rs 145/- Rs 580/-
Master Carton 1 * 60 1 * 24 1 * 12 1 *4

Araldite Karpenter (Poch Pack)


Our Araldite Karpenter (Pouch Pack) have a range of features which ensure a line of customers for them. These products are ready to use, heat & water resistant, fast drying, unsurpassed bonding strength, higher coverage and highly suitable for vertical as well as flat lamination. The coverage area is 35-40 sq. feet per kg. The product is recommended for bonding any two substrates where at least one of the products is porous.


The product has been specially designed for bonding –


  • Wood to wood
  • Ply to wood
  • Decorative laminate
  • Veneer
  • MDF / Particle Board, Block board / Hard Board to each other.

Araldite Builder Barrier Koat


Araldite Builder Barrier Koat is a water based epoxy system used for water proofing. It is an excellent adhesion for dry or damp surfaces. It can also be coated over by conventional paints and tinted with stainer. The builder product is easy to use and cures at room temperature. Features like being non-flammable and carrying food grade certification make it safe to use.

The product finds use in water-proofing of walls, ceiling, roofs, parapet walls etc. It is also used in water-proofing treatment of sterile water tanks in Pharmaceutical and Food industry, interiors off water tanks, wall putty, repair mortar and many others. For the first coat, 4-6 msq per litre is required and on the second coat, 5-6 msq can be used.

Pack Size 500g 1kg 5 kg 10kg 30kg
MRP Rs 375/- Rs 500/- Rs 2250/- Rs 3525/-  
Master Carton 1 * 24 1 * 12 1 *2 1 1

Araldite Builder Renova Acr


We offer Araldite Builder Renova Acr, a strong bonding agent that is used for water proofing and other repair works. The adhesive builds a strong bond with the base. It is hence, added to mortar to allow strong structural bond between existing mortar or concrete and the fresh mortar that is added for repairs. The product is responsible for making the cold joints between the old and new concrete, more strong and non-permeable.

Pack Size 1 Ltr 5 Ltr 10Ltr 20Ltr 210Ltr
MRP Rs 250/- Rs1000/- Rs 1730/- - -
Master Carton 1 *20 1 *2 1 - -

Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat


Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat is a popular product across industries. The product has features such as high heat resistance, fast drying, suitable for multiple application, Benzene free, no harm to health and higher coverage. It can be used for coverage application in plywood, laminate, rigid PVC steels, PU foam, leather and rubber sheets. The product can be used on painted as well as unpainted metal.

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