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Security Services

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Security Services

We offer complete Security solutions and more importantly Fire protection offer. We deploy a trained team of both armed and unarmed guards including Lady Searchers. To further enhance the effectiveness, special care is taken to train our security personnel in fire prevention and fighting techniques. Our offer will encompass end—to end solutions for Security and Fire Prevention of a corporate entity and will translate into the following: —
(a) Security Survey.
(b) Fire Survey.
(c) Customized Security and Fire Prevention solutions.
(d) Provisioning of trained security team (including lady guards / armed guards.)
(e) Maintaining liaison with police and local Govt. authorities.
(f) Sourcing, installation and maintenance of Security gadgets and fire fighting equipments.

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Fire Services

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Fire Services

Fire is often a neglected area with no formal training available. It is also known that ‘Fire’ becomes a living animal, which gulps oxygen and devours everything in the way. The only solution lies in effective ‘Preventive Measures’ and right selection of Fire fighting apparatus. Our expert panel headed by M.D. of the company has 25 years experience of ‘Fire prevention and Fighting techniques,’ after having undergone ‘Advance Fire course’. We undertake fire consultancy projects. wherein totalprotection is planned with the help of modern fire fighting and detection techniques eg. Fire sprinkler system, smoke detectors etc. Customized Fire prevention project report for all types of corporate entities is undertaken which help corporate in maintaining ‘Fire proof environment. We also supply ISI marked first aid Fire Appliances and undertake their maintenance.

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Housekeeping Services

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Housekeeping Services

We are engaged in providing housekeeping professionals for different housekeeping services like residential housekeeping services, office housekeeping services and commercial housekeeping services, to people holding important offices, corporate buildings, group housing societies and malls. We make sure that all the personnel recruited by us are efficient enough to offer excellent housekeeping services to our clients. We are offering housekeeping services like industrial housekeeping services,housekeeping services, commercial housekeeping services with following specification.

  • For a refreshing walk all over the premises, our professionals ensure proper cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis. They perform the job of weekly housekeeping services by doing scrubbing, polishing and cleaning of ceilings, fittings, windows and partitions at the last day of the week with the latest equipment
  • To keep you away from the bad odour, our professional does the cleaning of manholes, darns, last days of the week and as & when required.
  • House boys start their work at 0700 hrs, and ensure before you step in, that the premise is shining and is one of the reasons for you to punch your great day ahead, by cleaning the areas like: Entrance, Common Parking area, Main Porch, Lobby, Reception, Elevators etc.
  • For the outside view from your office / home, our professional spider men hanging on a rope to ensure that your view is clear, by cleaning the building glasses from outside
  • After the work load or the hectic meeting / day our professional horticulture team ensure that the garden or the plats around the building is well maintained and cleaned, for you to have a pleasant walk to get relaxed.
  • We have professionals, those ensure the high quality of hygiene of special maintenance areas such as toilets and bathrooms by cleaning the urinal bowls, wash basin, toilets, with disinfects on the daily basis.
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Training  Services

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Training Services

Since training forms the very basis of the results, it assumes Highest Priority. Experts train our personnel on ‘Security and Fire protection’ through in house training-program of two months, conducted at our training school with experienced staff.

Part A
  1. Historical development of security
  2. Principal of Industrial Security
  3. Organization & duties of Security staff
  4. Plamiing of Security
  5. Documentation in Industrial Security.
  6. Types of Security.
  7. Organization of an Industry & Security branch.
  8. Investigation and liaison with police.
  9. Industrial unrest & handling.
  10. Bank Security
  11. Hotel Security
Part-B: •
  1. Classification of Fire.
  2. Fire hazard and Fire Fighting.
  3. Causes of Fire in Industries
  4. First aid Fire Fighting Appliances
  5. Action plan in the event of an outbreak of Fire.
  6. High rise building dilemma.
  7. First aid
  8. Simultaneously the personnel are also trained on drill movements like Saluting, Drill movements, bearing development etc.
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Security Training Services

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