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Rocket Parachute Flare

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We are engaged in offering wide range of Rocket Parachute Flare to the clients. These are widely used for distress signal on ships, life-boats and life-rafts. Our range is available in the following technical specifications:

Main Specification :

  • Fired altitude: >= 300m
  • Flare color: burn with a bright red color
  • Light intensity: >30000 cd
  • Burning time: >= 40 s
  • Type: hr-3
  • jh1-300-86

Other Signals:

  • Two-star red rocket, five-star red rocket.

Buoyant Smoke Signal

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For distress signal on ships, life-boats and life-rafts.

Main specification:

  • Smoke color: orange
  • Smoke duration time: 3 min

Other signals:

  • white, red, yellow, blue, black.

Self Contained Line Throwing Unit

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  • Throwing Distance
  • (In calm weather): >=230m
  • Line Breaking Strength: 2KN
  • Deflection: 10 degrees from center line
  • Type: HT-2
  • JH7-230-91

Line Throwing Appliances

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The appliance include four projectiles and four lines. The projectile is fired by a pistol.

Main specification:

  • Throwing distance
  • (in calm weather): >= 230m
  • Line breaking strength: 2kn
  • Deflection: 10 degrees from center line
  • Period of acceptability:
  • Projectile: 3 years
  • Throwing pistol: 9 years
  • Type: htp-2
  • jhp7-230-99

Ikaros Lifebuoy Light

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Applications: For use in any man-overboard emergency situation from merchant marine to leisure boating.

Design and function

The IKAROS lifebuoy light is an externally mounted, self-activating device conforming to the latest international requirements. The light is operated by a lithium battery and the signal is sealed to enable long-term storage over a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. The light itself is completely sealed with a life of at least 5 years. The signal is easy to test (it features a built-in-test) and has a reed switch. The IKAROS lifebuoy light is delivered with bracket as standard.


The IKAROS lifebuoy light is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.Other Hand Signals:


Performance: Light 2 cd > 2 hours
Dimensions: 155x80 mm
Weight: 250 g
Ref. No.: 34 41 07Warning

Man-Overboard Light And Smoke

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Design and function: A combined day and night market (giving 2 hours light and 15 minutes smoke) with lithium battery sealed for life.

General: The IKAROS MOB is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.


MOB light & smoke

MOB smoke marker


Light 2 cd > 2 hours
Smoke duration time
>15 min

Smilke duration time
> 15 min
Weight:4.8 Kg4.7 Kg
Ref. No:34 51 0534 52 05


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We are engaged in offering Line-thrower to the clients. These are used as pilot line for cables and ropes at rescue operation in sea. Our product ensures sturdy construction as these consist of waterproof plastic container.



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We hold immense expertise in offering Rockets to the clients. These products ensures safe operation as the launching tube has clear instructions and non-slip surfaces. Our Rockets find their application for distress signaling on ships, lifeboats and rafts.

Handheld Signals

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We bring forth wide range of Hand held Signals to the clients. These are used for short range distress signaling on ships, lifeboats and rafts. The product case is made of corrosion resistance steel and has very simple instructions.

Buoyant Smoke Lights

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  • We are engaged in offering Buoyant Smoke to the clients. The range of our products finds their application in daylight distress signaling purposes on ships, lifeboats and life rafts. These are manufactured with corrosion resistance steel and has clear and simple instructions.

Rescue Boats

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Fast rescue 9 & 15 person capacity. The boat is virtually unsinkable and highly maneuverable at speeds thus suits rescue operation on high seas. The group hull makes it almost maintenance free. Due to excellent design the power requirement to achieve high speed is low and makes it cost effective.

Life Buoys

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We are offering our customers a wide gamut of swimming sport goods including life buoys that prevent a person from drowning. These are available to the clients in ring-shape and has a connecting line allowing the casualty to be pulled to the rescuer.

Emergency Rations

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Emergency rations are items of food and drink that a person stores and relies on in case of an emergency. Emergency food supplies can be purchased for camping trips or wilderness adventures. These supplies are meant to last for several day. Many people also purchase long shelf life emergency food in case of natural disasters or other emergency situations.

Emergency Drinking Water

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Disasters can either be natural or human caused, but whenever they occur, they leave behind a trail of destruction and disruption. It can happen anywhere, anytime. After any disaster, a large population is disconnected from their routine services and facilities, which further adds to their misery.

First Aid Kit

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Our First Aid Kits provide medical assistance to people at the time of urgency. Available in various sizes, these kits come in water resistant containers and rigid cases. Having various essential medicines and bandages, these kits help in dealing with minor injuries and provide first response treatment to major problems.

Fireman's Suits

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We are the prominent manufacturer of Fireman's suit. A fully featured medium to long coat and zip fly trouser specifically designed for the Asia Pacific climate. The Deluxe Coat and trouser pattern.

Immersion Suits

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Immersion Suit - cold water Immersion suit, Material: Neoprene, with metalic zipper. Weight approx 5 Kg.

Child Size - CWIS-S
Extra Large - CWIS-XL
Large Size - CWIS-L
Medium Size – CWIS-M.

Thermal Protective Aids

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We offer wide range of Thermal Protective Aid to the clients. These fits all sizes and can be worn over bulky clothing, allowing full movement of the arms and legs while walking. Our products is unique aluminized polythene suit with heat sealed seams that provides protection at low temperature. These are orange in color, which is highly visible from far.

SCBA, With Cylinders

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We are the largest manufacturer of wide range of SCBA, with Cylinders which is used for valuable purposes. These are life-support cylinders for firefighters. Our products provides high performance and very effective during fire and smoke for the user to breath.

Fresh Water For Survival Graft

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We offer wide range of for Survival Graft. Graft (transplanted kidney) survival is the length of time transplants function well enough to keep recipients from either needing initiation of (or return to) dialysis.

Work Vest MK-1

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We offer wide range of work vest mk-1. We offer marine safety supplies like work west jackets that are used as personal flotation aids to assist individuals to keep them afloat in the water.

Life Jacket Light

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We offer wide range of life jacket light. Our excellent range of marine safety products as life jacket is the most convenient way to be safe in the water. We design these jackets after a lot of research, these products are very comfortable and provide maximum mobility. We offer these wonderful quality life jackets at market leading prices.

Lifebuoy Light Flashing

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We are the prominent manufacturer of lifebuoy light flashing equipments which is used in emergency for saving life of the people.

Life Jacket NS-123

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We offer wide range of Life Jacket NS-123. Our range of inflatable jacket, inflatable life jacket is the easiest way to be safe in water. Designed after extensive research, these automatic inflatable life jacket are extremely comfortable and allow maximum mobility.

Life Raft

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Huahai Hand Flare

For distress signal on ships, life-boats and life-rafts.

Main specification:

  • Flare color: Burn with a bright red color
  • Light intensity: >= 15000 cd
  • Burning time: >= 60 s
  • Type: HH-3
  • JH2-60-94

Other Hand Signals:

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue

Self-Igniting Light And Smoke Signal

  • Light intensity: >= 2cd
  • Burning time: >= 2h smoke
  • Color: orange
  • Smoke duration time: 15min
  • Type: hls-2 & hl-2
  • jh8-215-92.

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