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Industrial Belts Wholesaler In Andhra Pradesh

Poly F Industrial Belts


We are renowned Supplier, Wholesaler, Trader of Poly F Industrial Belts in Andhra Pradesh. Poly F Industrial Belts is specially designed to provide 100% more life than other V-Belts it provides better grip and abrasion resistance. The Flex-crack resistance base rubber compound, supports cords and maintains uniform load distribution. Precision (PB) builts belts means no matching or coding required. Fenner Classical belts are available in A,B,C,D and E  and FHP Section. 


Timing Belt


Industrial high torque Timing Belts are non slip maintains drive exact ratio without creep or slip. Smooth operation and constant angular velocity with no jerks or vibrations. It does not stretch in use and are corrosion free. They are OIL and Heat resistance. These belts are available in XL, L, H, XH, 3M, 5M, 8M and 14 M. It is also available in PU.


Cogged Belt


Raw edge cogged belts are highly flexible, and give 30% more power transmission than wrapped belts. Virtually zero stretch belts due to use of length stable polyester cords and special adhesives. It has superior heat , Oil and abrasion resistance jacket as well as excellent transverse rigidity because of use of anisotropic  fibre filled polychloroprene rubber compound. Low slippage due to better arc of contact and  cooler running due to better heat dissipation.  These belts more life than wrapped belts and can be used on the same pulleys and no drive modifications are required.  These belts are available in Classical section like AX, BX, and CX.


Wedge Belts


We are renowned Supplier, Wholesaler, Trader of Wedge Belts in Andhra Pradesh. Fenner Space Saver Wedge Belts are capable of transmitting almost twice the power compared with to Classical Belts for a given drive. Special Polyester Cords Cables and the narrow belt width of Space Saver Belts, provide the strength and flexibility for superior performance. An exclusive process of bonding the Polyester Cord ensure more flexibility. The belts in covered with Neoprene Jacket fabric to withstand high degree of heat, oil and abrasion resistance. These belt are Precision belts (PB) which are match free and no coding is required. These belts are available in SPZ,SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZX, SPAX, SPBX and SPCX.

Power Transmission Belts


We are renowned Supplier, Wholesaler, Trader of Power Transmission Belts in Andhra Pradesh. Power Transmission Belts gives 40% higher power transmission when compared to normal belts.  It reduces the drive cost by reducing the width and weight of the pulley as well as it reduces the total quantity of belts.  Power Tran belts  are available on SPB-PT, SPC-PT, 5V-PT and 8V-PT from 1200 mm to 16000 mm. It is also available in banded version upto length 10400 mm.

Poly V Belts


Poly V Belts offer high power capacity in a single flexible low stretch belt. The continuous high tensile synthetic cord makes maximum utilization of the face width and ensures a uniform tension throughout the belt. It can be used with smaller pulley diameters to give lighter and compact drives.       It is available in PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM series.

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