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Dental Forceps

Dental Extracting Forceps

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Dental extracts instruments are very specific to tooth extraction. We make sure that there is no harm incurred to the gums and to other tooths due to the instrument. The bending design is specially put to reach one teeth at a time. Relatively sharp ends provide better hold of the teeth and firm grip. It needs experienced handling by the dentists. There are various size and patterns available for better application.

No. 51a, 18, 17, 13, 7, 1.

Tooth Extracting Forceps

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Tooth  extracting  forceps  are  designed  for  use  in specific areas of the mouth. The beak is always shaped to  conform  snugly  to  the  contour  of  the  tooth.  for example, both beaks of maxillary forceps are usually angled away from the curvature of the handles. These varying angles make it easier to reach various parts of the arch. The beaks of mandibular forceps are usually at a much sharper angle and in the same direction as the curvature of the handles. This makes it easier to reach different parts of the lower arch.

No. 90, 89, 86, 74n, 73 & 67

Tooth Extracting Forceps Set

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A hand instrument used for grasping teeth during their removal from the socket. Most such forceps are designed for the extraction of a particular tooth in the maxilla or mandible.

Extracting forceps set of 12, no. 1, 7, 13, 17, 18, 51a, 67, 73, 74n, 86, 89 & 90

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