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Cutting Tools

Coniflex (cutting Tools)

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three different styles used to generate straight bevel gears in either low or medium volumes. Gears cut by these tools can be crowned in a lengthwise direction.

Fine Pitch Hobs (Cutting Tools)

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Unground as fine as 48 DP. Ground hobs to 80 DP. Accuracy up to class AAA.

These small hobs are custom-engineered and manufactured by tool craftsmen on equipment developed especially for that purpose. Special inspection techniques assure that tolerances are consistently maintained within AGMA, DIN or JIS accuracy requirements.

Hardac (Cutting Tools)

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Adjustable in both an angular and radial plane, these inserted blade cutters are used for completing or finishing. Truing with a proximity-equipped unit allows positioning of blade profiles to within 0.000040 inch. The rigid design even enables completing of spiral and hypoid pinions and gears directly from the solid blank.

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Helixform (cutting Tools)

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the single-cycle inserted-blade finish cutter is designed with alternate inside and outside cutting blades arranged in a broach fashion. Indexing within a gap allows this cutter to finish a tooth space in a single rotation of the cutter without withdrawing from full depth.

RSR (Cutting Tools)

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A roughing and completing cutter that utilizes tool bit-style blades with profile surfaces that are ground to sharpen their cutting edges.

Revacycle (Cutting Tools)

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a circular broach-style cutter used for high-volume manufacture of straight bevel gearing. A unique side profile relief design optimizes coolant flow to the cutting edge to enhance chip disposal and improve performance.

Ridg-ac (Cutting Tools)

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An inserted-blade circular face-mill roughing cutter that uses compression blocks for rigidly clamping blades in the head. This special design eliminates tapped holes in the head or blade shanks, so more blades can be used to obtain faster cutting times.

Solid (Cutting Tools)

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A highly productive cutter used for completing and finishing operations. It's made with the blades and cutter body as one integral unit, and is particularly useful for cutting smaller fine pitch gears.

Tri-ac Cutting Tools

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a stick blade-type face hobbing system used for completing operations. In the face hobbing process, the cutting action causes the blades to cut on both the pressure angle side and the top portion of the clearance side. Because of the negative rake on the clearance side of a conventional blade, excessive tool wear is produced.

the tri-ac® system solves this problem with a patented rake angle modification on the front face of the blade. This modification produces a positive hook of front rake on the top portion of the clearance side, thus eliminating the need for a bottom cutting blade.

the continuous indexing method requires a second rotational coupling (electronic gear box) between the cutter head rotation and the workpiece rotation. For this reason the method is also called a three-axes process. This is where the name tri-ac is derived.

Wedge-ac (cutting Tools)

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An inserted-blade face mill cutter designed for high production pinion roughing operations where an increased number of blades equates to decreased production cycle times. The use of wedges for clamping permits the maximum number of cutter blades within a given circumferential diameter.

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