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Rubber Mats

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Rubber mats of all types are available at our counters. We offer industrial rubber mats that are known for their class and unmatchable quality. In our wide gamut of the rubber mats we also offer electrical insulation rubber mats.

Fire Bukets

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A fire sand bucket or fire bucket is a steel bucket filled with sand which is used to put out fires. Typically, fire buckets are painted bright red.

Fire Safety

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Fire Safety is of paramount importance in organizations. Use these beautiful designer charts to educate your people on how to prevent fire, be prepared for any incidents involving fire and how to respond in case of fire. These posters will guide people on the types of fires, the types of extinguishers to be used for different fires, how to prevent fire, and how to act in case of fire.

440volts Hand Gloves

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Crystal make, seamless Electrical Hand Gloves. Confirming to IS: 4770/1991 - made from Latex Rubber. 5000 Volts to 33000 Volts. (Certificate will be given on request.)

11 KV Hand Gloves

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Hand Gloves 11kv. Details. We specialize in supplying a wide range of industry standard hand gloves. It is also offered in customized solutions.

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