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Polyurethane Wood Coatings


A total PU system with Natural Fillers, PU Sealers, Stainers, PU topcoats (Glossy, Matt, semi matt and dead matt) is available, which is suitably designed for exterior and interior applications. This provide protection and durable finish to last over the years. We offer our clients with different natural finishes.

Polyster Coatings


We offer wide range of Polyster coatings including POLYESTERINO with separate base and top coats. Polyester coatings offer sufficient reactivity to satisfy the criteria for fast line speeds, and give an excellent finish.

Water Based Interior Furnishings


Our water based products for indoors represent a concrete alternative to traditional solvent based products and allow excellent results in various sectors, whilst maintaining the same application methods as solvent based coatings.


The advantages which arise from these coatings are not to be overlooked: respect for the health of the worker and limited solvent emission into the atmosphere.

The range is becoming more and more popular with professional users because of the multiple advantages: absence of toxic emissions and unpleasant odors; ease of application; versatility; exceptional aesthetic results and, last but not least, the excellent chemical/physical resistance of the coating. Indeed, GTC's water-based transparent and pigmented coatings provide such high levels of chemical/physical performance that they can be compared favorably to traditional coatings, yet they contain only 3-7% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) against the 55-75% found in solvent-based coatings. Water-based coating cycles, therefore, make it possible to respect the regulations on the reduction of emissions of solvents into the atmosphere, while guaranteeing the same high-quality results as solvent-based cycles.

Water Based Exterior Frames


Water based finishing cycles for outdoor frames and shutters have become an essential reality for the great number of advantages they offer. Reduction of solvent emission into atmosphere aggressions of the film of paint, excellent resistance to coating and absence of combustion.

The new colored water based IMPREGNATING AGENT are characterized by their particular versatile of use, their high uniforming qualities and their absence of absorption from the tops of the woods.

Water based products are increasingly popular on the market due to their absence of VOC emission and unpleasant smells, ease of application, versatility, exceptional aesthetic-quality results and the excellent chemical-physical resistance of the top coat. Our water based bicomponent polyurethane coatings have received an award from the European Commission's LIFE program, a program which rewards highly innovative, environmentally friendly projects.

Color Chart


For lacquered coatings, alongside the highly respected NCS and RAL standards, ICA has also developed its own range of 160 shades that now provides an important reference point for all of the company's clients. There are also other ranges dedicated to specific types of products - such as metallic coatings, colored water-based impregnating agents, water-based glass coatings and special effects coatings - that are used in an extremely wide variety of contexts.

Stains Series


GTC has formulated a whole range of different products for colouring to be used according to the needs of the consumer, the type of wood used and the application method. These products are divided into:

a) Solvent based products : IN-CN-SF-CNS-GL-INV-TP.

b) Water based products : CAN-TAPU-CP-LCF-GLW-PN.

c) Solvent and water based products for outdoor : IM110C - IM116C / 105C.

d) Bleaching products and vehicles : SB10A/B-IN920-IN921-VE202-LCF.



Solvent-based colorants with excellent brightness. Especially recommended for adding color to toys, musical instruments, objets d'art etc

Stain Mix Series


tain Mix is an innovative tintometric system, greatly appreciated as it offers a real & simple solution to the problems of staining wood with numerous advantages & reduction of production costs

Insoluble Links


Solvent-based colorants, all dilutable with either solvent or water (in varying proportions depending on the intensity of the desired color), apart from IN47 and IN914, which may only be mixed with solvent. IN61 should not be diluted in acetone. These coatings may be applied to any surface.

Positive Colorants


Anionic water-based reactive colorants, specially formulated for coloring coniferous woods in such a way as to bring the grain to the fore.

Water Based Concentrates


Water-dilutable colorants, giving excellent transparency and light stability. May be used generally for coloring furnishings.

Solvents Based Concentrates


Solvent-based colorants giving excellent transparency and light stability. Siutable both for coloring unfinished wood and for adding shades to base coats, they also make it easy to achieve uniformity



Solvent-based corrective colorants for solvent-based coatings.
Recommended for modifications to the final color of manufactured objects and for toning down variations in the surface color

Parquet Flooring


Having thirty-year experience in studying and researching wood coatings allows us to release products that are ever-more accurately designed to ensure maximum performance in terms of resistance and durability, without compromising the natural beauty of wood. Indeed, these coatings are geared towards making the most of the natural qualities that make wood so attractive in the first place.


The coloring of wood is an ancient used to modify the color of the surface without the loss of the wood's natural characteristic, such us the grain, the ficre's movement, the markings, etc. Generally, it is used to even out the color of the surface, to match pieces of wood which have different tonalities, to hide flaws in the surface, to enhance poor wood, or to change the color of the wood itself to satisfy the needs of the customer.

The coloring products can be solvent or water-based; the former, which have very quick drying time, can be over coated almost immediately but in comparison to the latter it is more difficult to obtain a uniform coloring; the water-based products allow much brighter colors to be obtained but at the same time they lift the wood's fibers with all the consequences that this has, and they also require longer drying time.

UV Coatings

A whole wing of the new Research and Development laboratories is dedicated to the application of the products. All of the most important and most commonly used painting machinery in the coatings industry are installed, permitting testing of the products in varying application conditions, and also giving the opportunity for the client evaluate the products from an application paint of view. Machinery for roller application, spray application, curtain coater application and UV curing is available.

ICA's continuous research into cutting-edge technical solutions and its collaboration with leaders in the coating systems industry combine to allow ICA to produce UV coatings that cater effectively to the industrial coating requirements of manufacturers of a wide range of products (cabinet doors, doors, profiles, etc

Fire Retardant Coating

Fire Retardant Coating Wednesday, 13 January 2010 09:19

CA's fire-retardant products for coating wooden floors and furnishings conform fully to strict Italian legislation. These coatings give not only excellent chemical-physical performance, but also an exceptional quality of finish.

Any evaluation of a product’s behavior in the presence of fire should be based on two separate measures: its resistance to fire and its reaction to fire.

Fire-resistance is indicated by the REI rating. The numbers used in this rating indicate the expected duration, in minutes, of the fire-retardant element in the product. The number of minutes shown is the length of time for which the load bearing capacity (R), integrity (E) and insulation of the sides of the building not exposed to the flames (I) can be guaranteed.

In contrast, fire reaction is classified as the propensity of the elements in a product to participate in a fire. It is particularly important in buildings (theatres, hospitals, hotels, etc.) where there is a serious risk of a small fire triggering off an all-engulfing blaze that the internal furnishings and decoration are made from self-extinguishing material, so that once the source of the fire has been removed, combustion will cease.