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We have emerged as one of the leading names engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Cement Paints that is used for building exteriors and interiors. These cement paint are marketed under the brand name Wondercem and Ecogem. We make use of superior quality material and advanced processing facilities that ensures the excellent result in terms of quality and performance. Wondercem is a high quality cement paint used for bungalows, high-rises whereas Ecogem is a cost effective and durable paint widely used for low cost housing, factories, and godowns. Some of the salient features of Wondercem and Ecogem are as follows:


  • Easy mixing and enhanced covering capacity
  • Based on White Portland Cement and finely ground additives that increases water repellency and fungal resistance
  • Gives durable & tough waterproof surface
  • Does not allow water to penetrate through it
  • Ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions
  • Easily washable
  • Available in blue & green shades are liable to fleet and are usually suggested for interior painting, Darker shades are not recommended for larger unrelieved areas due to visible substrate impurities due to efflorescence
  • It should be applied directly by spray or brush to various surfaces with covering areas (two coats)

The directions to use these Cement Paints are as follows:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with hard wire brush such that it is free from any algae growth & loose dust and oily substance
  • Wash the surface with clean water 3-4 times and allow it to dry partially before application
  • Add WONDERCEM / ECOCEM to obtain smooth flowing slurry for easy application and use it within 2-3 hours of application
  • Rub the first coat with soft brush
  • Cure the surface with spraying / sprinkling of water, 4-6 hours after first coat
  • Apply the second coat after 24 hrs of first coat
  • In order to get best results, sprinkle clean water for next 2 days, at least 2-3 times a day

Some of the specifications of a wide range of Cement Paints provided by us are as follows:




Sq. Ft. / Kg.


Sq. Ft. / Kg.

Rough Cast and Pebbledash

12 - 20

10 - 18

Cement Concrete Block

20 - 32

18 - 30

Brick Work

22 - 35

18 - 33

Cement / Sand Rendering

24 - 38

22 - 30

In-situ Concrete

35 - 45

33 - 43

Wall and Board

30 - 50

28 - 48


Waterproofing Compound


Available with us is a wide range of Waterproofing Compounds that is known for its superior quality. These make the concrete dense and cohesive that can be used with all types of cement and are appreciated for water proofing repairs. Widely used in areas like buildings, industrial constructions, reservoirs, sewers, swimming pools and cellars, the range of Waterproofing Compounds offered by us is free from sulphates and chlorides.


Furthermore, these  waterproofing compounds are used for blocking the flow of water and for increasing motor resistance against water and chemicals. Our experts strongly recommend the use of vibrator in order to get better results and we offer Waterproofing Compounds in 1 kg and 25 kg packets. The way to use the Waterproofing Compound is as follows:


  • Mix cement, sand, and aggregate thoroughly
  • Add 1 Kg Wonderseal for every bag of cement used before mixing
  • Add water and mix well
  • Use within 45 minutes

Wall Putty


Offered by us is Wall Putty that is a blended premixed powder used for final coat plaster finish on walls and ceilings. It is a water resistant plaster that is the best substitute for paint and can be used on dry as well as wet walls in interior and exterior conditions. Furthermore, Wall Putty provided by us is made using quality additives and is widely known for the features like water resistance, smoothness, and durability. We offer Wall Putty in a consumer pack of 25 kg and 40 kg at a fair price range. Some of the characteristics of Wall Putty are as follows:


  • Gives smooth finish and does not require primer coat before application of distemper or paint

  • Odourless & antifungal

  • Wall Putty is known for good adherence and water resistance

  • Prevents water seepage / leakage through cracks / voids in mortar-concrete

  • Storage life is about 10-12 months

  • Non-toxic

  • Depending upon the smoothness of the surface, 1 Kg. of Wall Putty covers an area upto 2.5 sq. mt./mm thickness

The procedure for Wall Putty and the precautions to be taken are as follows:


  • The surface should be made free from unwanted adhering material with wire brush/emery paper

  • Make a paste of "Wonder" Wall Putty with water and apply on the already moistened surface in upward direction uniformly with putty blade

  • On drying, remove the projected marks gently with putty blade

  • After about 2-4 hrs, apply second coat of wall putty and see that the total thickness of putty on the wall is about 1½ mm

  • Allow the surface to dry completely and remove any marks with putty blade & then rub the surface gently with very fine emery paper before application of paint

  • Mix the putty thoroughly to get best results and prepare only that much quantity which can be consumed in 1 hour

  • In order to get best results, for new surface area, apply 1 or 2 coats of white cement wash prior to application of putty


Wonder White (Lime Wash)


Available with us is a range of Wonder White(Lime Wash) that is applied as a protective and decorative coat on freshly plastered walls. The use of Wonder White gives a glowing milky look to the walls and is made keeping in mind the needs of the house owners and builders under various weather conditions. Furthermore, our range of Wonder White is widely appreciated and used as one of the best alternatives for costly plaster and paint due to the following reasons:


  • Wonder White does not need addition of fevicol or any other binder like in lime

  • A better glowing milky white appearance as compared to white cement, which has a greenish or bluish dull whiteness

  • Easy to use and application procedure is same as cement paint

  • One can apply any kind of paint, paris, putty etc. on Wonder White without any problems

  • It has about 20% more coverage per kg as compared to white cement

  • Cost effective as there is no requirement to add any binder and it is more long lasting

  • It has additives that give the coating a better life


Features & Directions for Use:


  • It is an alternative for white cement on walls where the cement plaster is done and is offered at a fair price range

  • Wonder White should not be out on walls that are already painted or where the Paris/putty and primer has been applied

  • Wonder White is best suited for applying on exterior walls and gives a glittering appearance as compared to the white cement

  • Before applying Wonder White on wall, sprinkle water that makes itself curing

  • For best results, apply two coats of Wonder White


The application procedure for Wonder White as recommended by our experts is as follows:


  • Clean the surface thoroughly with hard wire brush such that it is free from any algae growth & loose dust and oily substance

  • Wash the surface with clean water 2-3 times and allow it to dry partially before application

  • Prepare a brushable slurry by slowly adding water and mixing simultaneously

  • Apply first coat with a good quality brush

  • Allow to dry for 4-6 hours

  • For best results, apply second coat similarly (after spraying clean water on first coat)

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