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Spy Video Recorder In Clock

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  • This system has Spy Camera which is invisible.

  • After recording we can see the recorded information immediately through this system.

  • You can check the Audio / Video recording or make the CD through PC.

  • You can do 1 hr. audio /video recording through this system.

  • You can get the information about the area of 10ft X 20ft from where it has been located.

  • You can transfer the recorded information to PC through Data Cable, infrared transmission or Bluetooth.

  • Its recording is erasable so you can use it whenever you want.

  • You can also verify the time through the  clock.

Spy Mobile Conversation Recorder

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  • It looks like a regular Cell phone so no one can understand about its spy features.

  • When you replace user mobile memory card with secret memory card, then all mobile information will transfer to this card.

  • Data of secret memory card is erasable so you can use it whenever you want.

  • Spy mobile is provided with two memory card.

  • You can check all previously stored incoming/outgoing numbers with date and time, also hear the verbal conversation by connecting the memory card to PC.

  • You can control misuse of mobile.

  • Mobile features does not indicate the presence of secret memory.

Spy Phone

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At first sight it looks like a regular cell phone. But beneath the digital face is Spy Phone. You can monitor the person with the Spy Phone at any time.

Here's How it Works !

  • The Spy Phone can dial out and receive any call In like any normal Cell phone.
  • Modify Samsung R220 Mobile Phone with a special Spy Telephone Number.
  • When any one calls the Spy Phone it rings and operates as a Normal Cell phone. But when the phone is called using the telephone with the number that was previously programmed into the Spy Cell phone, it automatically answers without any ringing or lights coming on.
  • This Spy Cell phone can be used with any Sim Card in any Country.

Digital Audio Recorder

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  • 8, 13.30 and 33 Hours Digital Audio Room, Cell Phone and Telephone recorder System.

  • You can record in HQ (High Quality) or LP (Long Time) mode.

  • You can record room and telephone conversation.

  • VOS (Voice Operated Recording System).

  • Recorded sound can be recovered even if the power is cut off during recording.

  • Handy to carry due to compact size and light weight.

  • Automated power break reduces battery consumption.

  • D folder can be used for a USB storage drive.

Dead Spy & Room Monitoring Mobile

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  • This mobile is activated secretly and others can't understand about its activation.

  • When it is activated, it will automatically answer without any ringing or light and dead display.

  • You can use this mobile from anywhere in the world.

  • You can use this mobile to collect the information about the verbal conversation from any place.

  • You can get the verbal information of 10 ft. Area surrounding to this mobile.

  • No one can activate this mobile other than you.

Caller ID & Digital Spy Telephone Conversation Recorder.

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  • You can check both incoming and outgoing Calls number.

  • It will automatically start & stop recording when any phone is picked up or put down.

  • It records both sides of your telephone conversation up to 8 hours with perfect clarity.

  • You can hear live digital conversation of all lines which are connected in parallel through the system.

  • You can hear the recorded conversation through head phone also.

  • Digital Telephone Recorder provide the perfect record of conversation.

  • You can connect the Digital Recorder to your PC with a Data Cable and transmit data between them.

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