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Digital Door Locks

Samsung Digital Door Lock - SHS-3320

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Enhanced Security:

Secured 6 pin bumping stop and side bar-marked override key

Fingerprint Marks are No Longer a Concern:

User access code will be pressed after press two random numbers, preventing intruders from checking the ngerprint marks left

Anti Theft Mode:

Set up anti theft mode by pressing icon on touch screen to prevent trespass in your home. (80dB alarm sounds)

Electro Static Discharge(E.S.D.) Prevention:

Circuit board protects from the damages incurred from a high voltage surge

Samsung Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

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  • Wide touch pad screen
  • Automatic sliding cover
  • Low battery indicator
  • User-friendly accessibility

Samsung Digital Door Lock

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  • User friendly accessibility
  • Increase your security with a Multi-leveled security code entry
  • Safety & convenience

Smart Card Hotel Lock

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Wireless system and stand-alone door lock: eSSL® intelligent lock 968B requires no wiring, adopts SIEMENS® IC card to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone, is controlled by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy.

Adopt SIEMENS® encrypted IC card as keycard to enhance the security and reliability. Three times of wrong decryption will lead to ultimate destruction of the card, and thus makes counterfeiting impossible.  Lock hardware is made of strong steel, to create impact resistant ability. High security lockset with a hardened steel deadbolt, an anti-pick latch and 2 pieces of anti-friction latches. 

Samsung Digital Door Lock - SHS-DL 22

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  • Open the door with your fingerprint
  • Open the door with pin number
  • Function of double-locking
  • Prevention the mischief of children and outsiders
  • Automatic door lock function
  • Fire alarm and emergency door unlock

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