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EPABX System



Simado GF X11 GSM fixed cellular terminal for voice applications matrk siniado GFXI is a GSM fact with single port interface of GSM and FXS. It is a perfect solution for connecting the existing PBX infra structure to the GSM network

Key Features:

• Allowed and denied lists
• Polarity reversal
• Clip
• Quad-band support
• Compact and sturdy
• Signal strength indication
• Hot line
• Network selection
• Automatic number translation
• Multi-stage dialing.



Simado gfxd1111s GSM fixed cellular terminal and router with data port matrix simado gfxdiii1s is a GSM FC7 router with single port of each GSM. FXO, FXS and rs232c.

Key features:

•Allowed and denied lists
• answer signaling and 16khz for call shop metering
• fax. SMS, internet, e-mail and data
• GPRS class 10
• GSM-fx0 bridge functionality
• hot line
• Least cost routing (time, number and mixed)
•automatic number translation
• Quad-band support
• signal strength indication
• Network selection

EPABX System Cadencepro (8P)


Key Features:

• Auto and Manual mode
• Broadcast message
• Call forward on voice mail
• Call taping
• Compact, wall-mountable
• Conversation recording
• Dial by extension number
• Dial by name
• Easy integration with PBX/KTS
• Flexible graph
• Message forwarding
• Message verification
• Iviessage wait indication
• Multiple mailboxes on a single extension
• Persona HSED greetings for each mailbox
• Special greetings for holidays
• Time based greeting


Autoattendant (24x7 Automated Operator)


AUTOATTENDANT 24x7 Automated Operator Matrix Auto Attendant can work with any PBX to answer and greet the callers. It can transfer the calls according to each stations preference.

Key Features:

  • 24 Transfer Nodes
  • Auto Fax Homing
  • 240 Sec. Duration
  • Battery Charger
  • 256 Stations
  • Call Transfer Types
  • 4 FXO Ports
  • Dial By Name
  • 6 Menu Nodes
  • Flexible Graph
  • 8 Information Nodes
  • Time Based Greetings
  • Access to 256 Extensions
  • Universal Tone Sensing
  • Auto and Manual Mode
  • User State

    Music On Hold EPABX System


    MUSIC-ON-HOLD Custom Music Recorder and Player Matrix Music-On-Hold is a music or jingle player to be used with any PBX/KTS or in a stand-alone mode.

    Key Features:

    • 1-Part of 240 Seconds or
    • High Quality Sound Reproduction
    • 2-Parts of 120 Seconds Each
    • Recordable at Customer Site
    • Compact Size
    • Total 240 seconds
    • Easy Recording from Any Source
    • Flash Technology (Does Not Need Batteries)

      Teleannounce Public Announcement System


      Matrix TeleAnnounce can be used to make public announcements using a telephone. A caller can dial in the TeleAnnounce from anywhere and make announcements in one or multiple zones of the establishment. It is ideal for shop floors, banks, museums, factories, airports, theatres, hotels, hospitals, offices, railway stations, shopping and residential complexes, schools, places of worship. exhibition halls, shipyards, stadiums. etc

      Key Features:

      • I FXO Port
      • Relays for Control Applications
      • 7 Output Zones
      • Single or Multiple Amplifier Modes
      • Background Music Input Port
      • Stand-alone Operation with Direct
      • Operation with Any Existing PBX Trunk (CO) Lines
      • Password Protection


        SMB PBX (Proton103)


        The Matrix Proton103 is a compact and cost-effective PBX. It is very easy to install and use the Proton103.

        Key Features:

        • 3-Party Conference
        • Boss-Secretary
        • Distinctive Ringing
        • Do Not Disturb
        • Hot Outward Dialing
        • Interrupt Request
        • Memory Dialing
        • Quick Dial
        • Ring only Once
        • Simultaneous Ringing
        •Toll Control

        SMP PBX (Proton205)


        The Matrix Proton205 is an economical solution for customers needing an entry-level PBX with all the standard features.

        Key Features:

        • 3-party conference
        • auto day-night mode
        • boss-secretary
        • distinctive ringing
        • hot line
        • internet ready
        • memory dialing
        • music-on-hold
        • power down operation
        • quick dial
        • raid
        • ring only once
        • selective trunk access
        •toll control

        SMP EPABX System (Proton206)


        The Matrix Proton206 {2 Trunk *6 Extensions PBX} and Proton308 {3 Trunk *8 Extensions PBX} are PBXs offering flexibility and control.

        Key Features:

        •alarms (duration & remote)
        •allowed and denied lists
        •auto call back
        •auto redial
        • barge-in
        • boss ring
        • call duration control
        • class of service
        • conference
        • direct inward dialing (did)
        • distinctive ring
        • do not disturb
        • dosa
        • dynamic lock
        • flexible numbering
        • follow me
        • hot line
        • remote programming
        •trunk reservation
        • walk-in class of service

        EPABX System (VISION206S VISION308S)


        Key features

        • Abbreviated dialing
        • Alarms
        • Allowed and denied lists
        • Alternate number dialing
        • Auto redial for multiple numbers
        • Barge-in
        • Battery charger
        • CLI based routing
        • Class of service
        • Hunting schemes
        • Internet ready port
        • Least cost routing
        • Live call supervision
        • Scheduled dialing
        • Trunk reservation
        • Walk-in class of service

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