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Raychem Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits

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Raychem products offer excellent insulating and sealing performance with heat shrinkable and resin materials. These proven materials form the basis of straight and branch joints for voltages up to 1.1 kv to .33kv


  • Simple and fast installation - no curing time
  • Immediate backfill
  • Immediate energisation
  • Unrestricted shelf life (-50°C to +50°C)
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Outstanding environment resistance
  • Proven mechanical strength
  • Re-entrability
  • Slim profile

Gel Joint
Power gel filled cable joints for single and multi-core polymeric cables 0.6/1KV.

  • Easy installation
  • Three size for straight and branch joints are available, ranging for single core cables from 10 up to 50mm2 and for 4-core cables from 1.5 up to 16mm2
Rayvolve Raychem

Rayvolve RVS Low Voltage Cable Connection Kits

  • Raychem Rayvolve RVS kits are the easy,"roll-on″ way to insulate and seal cable connections up to 1KV
  • Five sizes of Rayvolve sleeves cover all common low voltage cable types from 8 AWG-
  • 1000 kcmil (10-500 mm2)
  • Easy tool free installation
  • Repeatable results
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Reliable sealing meets UL, ANSI, CSA standards
  • Superior insulation
  • Long service life

Resin/Hardener (Guroflex)


  • Cold pour - Safe to use
  • FNo hazard classification - Safe to use
  • Excellent electrical properties - Solves MV bulk-insulation problems
  • Tested to international performance standards for applications up to 36 KV
  • Thoroughly tested to international performance standards
  • Cures to a soft solid - No leakage problems
  • No ‘topping-up’ or waiting time - Immediate energisation
  • Unaffected by water and traditional oil-based insulating compounds
  • Insensitive to temperature - Can be installed in cold or hot ambient conditions
  • Can be re-entered or removed from its enclosure after curing.

M-Seal Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits

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We are renowned as one of the major power cable jointing kits suppliers in india. The cable jointing kits offered by us are sourced from reliable vendors ensuring availability of no alternative in the entire market. The heat shrink cable jointing kits are marketed under well-renowned “M-seal” that reflect the genuineness of the products. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the cable jointing kits that comply with the international quality standards.

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