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Ayurvedic Herbal Raw Drugs

Bee Honey


We are one of the promising processors and suppliers of Bee Honey, which is nutritious, natural honey containing approximately 100 calories per 1 ounce of weight. appreciated for its purity, it is widely used in in ayurvedic formulations and herbal cosmetics.



Ashwagandha is a revitalizing herb that maintains proper nourishment of tissues and support proper function of the adrenals and reproductive system. Our company was formed with the single aim of pushing the boundaries of excellence in this vastly competitive field.

Mulethi Herbs


Our clients can avail Mulethi  from us, which is known for various properties such as demulcent, expectorant, tonic, diuretic, emmenagogue and laxative nature.

Nar Kachur


These leaves are marked with purple-color spots and are narrow at the base. The glossy flowers of this plant are yellow in color. These flowers are witnessed with the presence of red and green bracts. The flowers are followed by the triangular shaped fruits that contain oval shaped seeds. The most important part of this plant is the rhizome which has a hard interior and a thin skin. The outer skin is brown in color and the inner flesh is bright orange in color. This herbaceous plant has a mango-like aroma and is used as a popular spice in the West.

Ayurvedic Sikakai


Plant speciesBotanical NameAcacia sinuata (LOUR.) MERR.FamilyMIMOSACEAEHabitLianaUsed InAyurveda and FolkDistributionThis species is globally distributed in Indo-Malesia. Within India, it is found in tropical jungles throughout, especially in Peninsular India.Common UsesUseful in skin diseases, ulcers, swelling, stomatitis, and it is laxative.Laxative:Ghee prepared with the root is used as a laxative in chronic cases of skin diseases, rheumatic disorders and body swelling.

Punarnava Plant


In our extensive range of Ayurvedic Medicines, we are offering Punarnava that has anti-inflammatory diuretic properties. The offered medicines are formulated using superior quality natural compounds procured from the reliable vendors of the market. These medicines act as carminative and are used to cure all the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha and increase appetite, digest ama, boost the immune power and purify blood and gastric juices.

Salampanja Plant


Salampanja are used in various industries such as food and agro, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Our range is known for long shelf life, proper hygiene and is supplied at industry leading prices.

Setawari Leaves


Keluarga :

Nama Tempatan :

Nama Inggeris :



Life Plant, Leaf Plant

- Kegunaan:

Daunnya ditumbuk dan disapukan untuk mengubati kudis dan luka.

- Taburan & Ekologi:

Kadang kala tumbuhan ini terdapat di pinggir hutan terutama di Hutan Simpan Wang Mu.

Salabmisri Food


They are used as a farinaceous food, nervine tonic and aphrodisiac. They yield a lot of gelatinous substance with water and form a jelly that is supposed to be nutritious and very effective against diarrhea, dysentery and chronic fevers Product.

Amba Haldi


We bring onward to our clients Amba Haldi herb, which is commonly known in the market as mango ginger. This haldi has a very pleasing fragrance and is widely used at parlours and homes to be applied on the face. It act as an carminative, stimulant & tonic and protects the skin from wrinkles, blemishes and pimples caused due to atmospheric pollution.

Safed Musli


To,H. Mohammed Husain H.Hasan Bhai

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