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About Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. is one of the most reputed manufacturers of homeopathic medicines in India. It is abbreviated to form the brand name “Hapdco” which has become synonymous with quality homoeo medicines. Form its small beginning in early 70s it has a wide distribution network all over India. At Hapdco the products are still make strictly according principles laid down by Hahnemann, but now improved with the benefits of the latest quality control technology resulting in a wide range of homeopathic medicines which conform to the most exacting pharmaceutical standards. Hapdco offers the most comprehensive range of homeopathic medicines and the company remains at the leading edge of innovation, developing new products to meet today's needs and packaging them to suit today's lifestyles.

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality procedures are conducted in our well organized labs to assure the clients with contamination free medicines. Various chemical tests are conducted to assure the clients with zero side effect medicines that are effective in curing variegated health related problems. Our team of highly experienced quality analysis is committed towards conducting various quality on certain parameters and ensure the clients with contamination free medicines. The packaging materials are processed for quality cross and are sterilized for safe packaging of the medicines.

Client Satisfaction

Leveraging to the years of expertise, we have attained a respective position in the market due to the genuine and effective range of medicines. We concentrate on meeting the varied requirements of the clients so as to achieve their optimum satisfaction. Due to our R & D facilities, many of the clients have become our regular customers. We aim to become the leader in the respective industry and are committed towards manufacturing effective medicines which are process to cure the various health related problem.

Manufacturing Facilities

We have a sophisticated manufacturing unit that enables us to manufacture contamination free medicines which are further process for varied quality control procedures. With our latest technology manufacturing tools, we are able to manufacture high quantity of medicines in compliance with the requirements of clients. The medicines are processed in high technology processing unit that helps us to manufacture exact formulated medicines which are effective in curing different health problems.

Medicine Storage and Packaging Facilities

For the effective storage of the medicines, we have a well equipped and organized storage system that enables us to meet the quantitative requirements of the clients. The warehousing team abides by the storage procedures to avoid hassle free storage and the medicines are stored in specific temperatures to avoid any kind of spoilage.
Our medicines are packed in best quality packaging materials which are sterilized to avoid any kind of contamination and are crossed check to deliver best quality medicines to the clients. The medicines are specifically label and stored in the respective sections to avoid any kind of confusion.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Private Limited is engaged in offering Homeopathy Medicines, which is one of the oldest forms of complementary and alternative medications to medical fraternity & patients since its establishment. Our range includes series of Syrups, Tonics & Drops, Tablets, Ointments, Creams, Shampoos, Biochemic Tablets and Biocombination Tablets. Our range of medicines is available in different formulation and volumes to suit the requirements of the clients. These have been proven to cure migraine, insomnia, joint pains, sinus infections, depression, asthma, eczema, rashes, anxiety and other diseases related to stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines. Apart from these medicines our creams and shampoo also have medicated properties and are available to our clients at industry leading prices.   Keeping in mind the various health related issues, each of the medicine is specifically formulated to cure the diseases in a specific time period. These medicines are made form natural extracts which have no side effects on the health. Our medicines are properly packed in various volumes so as to fulfill the various requirements of the clients.  

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy was established in the late 18th and early 19th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who was appalled by the medical practices of that time. He sought to discover a system of medicine which brought about a "rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles."

  1. Hahnemann discovered that when he took an infusion of Cinchona ie quinine bark, it produced malaria like symptoms in him. When given to a patient suffering from malaria it alleviated the symptoms. From this, he deduced the first principle of Homeopathy - "Similar Similibus Curentur" i.e. "Let likes be treated by like".
  2. Later, he discovered that the remedies obtained from plant, animal and various mineral kingdoms were very effective in extreme dilutions. Hahnemann referred to this, as a process of potentisation or dynamisation by which medicinal substances are inert in their crude form are converted to a state of incredible activity and thus lead to healing when judiciously administered.
  3. The third principle of Homeopathy is that different people react differently or response to an illness in compliance to their temperament and constitutional makeup. The people, who are suffering from the same disease diagnosis, may require different remedies that depend upon their individual symptoms as well as responses.

Mode of Action
  1. Medicine is selected homeopathically i.e. by keeping the most striking, uncommon, characteristic symptoms of the patient
  2. Medicine acts on the deranged vitality of the individual
  3. Produces a similar but slightly stronger artificial disease affecting the same parts of the body that are under the grip of disease
  4. The similar, stronger medicinal disease overpowers the weaker natural disease
  5. The vital force of the body is now under the control of the artificial medicinal disease
  6. Medicinal disease wanes away because of i) Small dose of the remedy ii) Shorter and fixed duration of action of the medicine
  7. Perfect health is thus restored in a safe, gentle way
  8. Homeopathy is recognized as a safe and effective alternative to conventional medicinal therapy
  9. Homeopathy is completely safe for infants and children
  10. Homeopathic medicines are prepared by adopting impeccable modern and scientific methods from pure and natural sources
  11. Homeopathic medicines are pleasant tasting and without any side effects
  12. Homeopathic medicines are widely available at specialized homeopathic pharmacies

Our R&D Wing

Owing to our well equipped R & D department, we are able to develop latest and effective remedies for  varied health related problems. Our medicines are capable of curing serous health disease and are formulated to meet the requirements of the clients. Various research process are regularly going on to develop new formulation combinations to offer medicines with zero side effects. Our R & D experts are  dedicated towards conducting different tests procedures and are committed towards innovating new medicines which are highly effective in solving health problems.

Our Team

We are blessed with a dynamic team of professionals. Our team plays a very important role in the success of the organization and is dedicated towards meeting the variegated objective to fetch the needs of the clients. Our R & D experts are highly trained and are engaged in formulating new medicines for curing the latest health problems. We have a team of skilled manufacturing unit engaged in the processing of the medicines to offer best quality to the quality of the clients. Our team is segregated into different groups in acquiescence to their expertise.

Our Team Comprises of:

  • R & D Experts
  • Manufacturing Personnel
  • Quality Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Experts
  • Warehousing and Packaging Experts

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