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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Mapping System


We transform raw GIS data into high quality maps which are used for online web applications as well as print media. With in-house developed customized automation routines, we reduce the amount of time spent in the conversion process and at the same time keep human errors to a minimum.


Our Cartographers are specialized in following mapping services:


  • Thematic maps
  • City maps & tourist guides
  • Road atlases
  • Customized maps


We also provide different application using:


  • Google Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Wiki Maps and other maps available

Remote Sensing


Remote sensing is the art & science to measure the earth and acquisition of information on the earth objects using sensors on airplanes or satellites. Remote sensing data are used in various applications to analyze the study area according to the need. The time taken to do the same process is much less than the traditional surveying methods. We have highly skilled professionals, well experienced in this technology to produce maps for various applications especially in urban infrastructure developments, using high resolution images. Some of our services are:


  • Data Analysis
  • Geo data base design
  • Land use Maps
  • Small & Large scale mapping ( 1:500 to 1:50000)
  • Revenue Map preparation


Our Remote Sensing team is capable of interpreting the satellite images and use sophisticated image processing software for automatic classification to produce land use land cover maps using high resolution and low resolution satellite images.

Navigation And LBS


Whether its fleet management, local search, outdoor pursuits, social networking or pedestrian navigation, imagery transforms the viewing experience from simplified and flat, to a feature rich application. Users can explore, plan and navigate with the confidence that only comes from a real birds-eye view.


Here are some of the ways that our imagery enhances navigation applications:


  • Personal navigation


Enhance any regular; Java enabled mobile phone or PDA with navigation and local search information over our earth imagery. Provide users with the most current and precise images available, surpassing traditional maps in usability and accuracy.



High-resolution aerial imagery can provide consumers with a more accurate and realistic understanding of their location and the geography of their surroundings.


Fleet management:

Track you vehicle all at a time by viewing our web application know vehicle speed. location and other details.

Photogrammetry Services


In Photogrammetry service are as follows:

  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification
  • Topographic / planimetric / 3D feature extraction
  • Digital elevation modeling and editing (DEM,DTM)
  • Orthophoto generation | Orthorectification
  • Color Balancing, Creating mosaics
  • Edge matching
  • Triangulated irregular network (TIN)
  • Tile generation in user defined dimension
  • Contour generation
  • LiDAR data processing
  • Classification supervised and unsupervised
  • Change detection
  • 3D terrain visualization
  • Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification and others

Application Devlopement


Hard castle Spatial Solution provides custom applications which are developed based on specific needs and requirements regardless of their complexity. We understand the requirements and provide a complete solutions suite to deliver the functionalists preferred. Our workflow consists of four modules i.e., specification and requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment. We study every aspect of the problem from the grass-root levels to deliver the solution based on commercial or open source platforms. We create spatial information systems to accelerate client businesses forward and the broad range of services we offer are Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Application Migration, Web GIS and Mobile GIS.

We offer end-to-end customization and application development solutions on most of the common platforms for data conversion, application development, web application development, mobile applications, data mining and data migration


  • Design, Development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  • GIS software development and enterprise integration
  • Web mapping / Web GIS
  • Enterprise GIS services
  • Mobile spatial information system
  • Development of industry standard spatial information systems


We are a professional software company having expertise in Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Web Development, Our web solutions help our clients project a professional image of their company to the world and increase the online revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customized Software Solutions, and Product Base. Web Designing, Open Source Tech and Web Hosting are some of the other web solutions we offer to our national and international clients.

GIS Solutions



  • Utility
  • Land Record
  • Municipal GIS
  • Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Management
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Intelligent Maps Solutions
  • Transports and Logistics
Data Related
  • Geodatabase Design and Development
  • GIS Data Capture Service
  • GIS Based Survey
  • Lidar Data Processing
  • Digitization
  • Mosaicing
  • Georeference/ Geocoding
  • GIS Based Consultancy
  • Satellite Image Processing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Data Conversation
  • Data Modeling
Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification
  • Classification-supervised and unsupervised
  • Change detection
  • Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification
  • Coastal ecosystem management
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Mining and Geology mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment mapping
  • Watershed management
Application Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Desktop GIS
  • Open Source
  • Mobile GIS
  • MIS
  • ESRI Product Suite
  • Utility Mapping Service
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Thematic Mapping
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Geological Mapping
  • Contour Mapping
  • Cartographic Mapping
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • DEM, DTM creation
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Ortho / True Ortho Photo Generation
  • 3D City Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • LiDAR Data Post Processing
Satellite Image
  • Procurement
  • Processing
  • Capturing

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