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Electric Motors

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LEHAR PUJA are the manufacturers of wide range of Electric Motors since 1957 being family business. LEHAR PUJA Electric Motors are designed by the Team of Highly Experts, having expertised in Electrical Engineering.

Salient Features

  • Manufactured in Class F Insulation with Class B Temperature Control Limit.
  • Highly engineered to run smoothly with abrupt load increase and voltage variation.
  • Available both for Foot / Flange Mounting with Single Shaft Extension.
  • Widely recognized for Quality and Performance.

Product Code: 01

Electric Motor

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lehar puja are the manufacturers of wide range of electric motors since 1957 being family business. Lehar puja electric motors are designed by the team of highly experts, having expertised in electrical engineering.

salient features

  • manufactured in class f insulation with class b temperature control limit.
  • highly engineered to run smoothly with abrupt load increase and voltage variation.
  • available both for foot / flange mounting with single shaft extension.
  • widely recognized for quality and performance.

Product Code: 02

Fans / Exhaust Fans

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Heavy Duty - Designed Elegantly - Noiseless with Double Ball Bearings and Bush Type. Suitable for all Purposes - Industries, Stores, Domestic Accommodations, Hotels, Hospitals And Any Where. Models Available in size from 9" to 24" - Revolutions from 750 to 1400. Available in Attractive Models and Multiple Eye Catching Colors.

Product Code: 03

Fans /Wall Fans

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Fascinating Wall Fans most attractive Models, Different Colors with Oscillation Control, Three Speed.

Product Code: 04

Fans / Table Fans

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Very sturdy most attractive Models, Eye Catching Colors with Super - strong Blades, Fine Oscillation System, Three Sizes Available.

Product Code: 05

Fans /Ceiling Fans

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Deluxe Models with Double Ball Bearings Elegantly Decorated, Range available in most Attractive Colors, Three and Four Blades, Sizes - 24" to 56".

Product Code: 06

Generating Sets

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LEHAR PUJA are manufacturing Generating Sets since 1980 up to 125 KWs.

LEHAR PUJA Generating Sets, Technologically the most superior in quality, designed to give Uninterrupted Power Supply for the satisfaction of the prestigious consumers in countries over the Globe.

Team of experts always endeavored to design the Sets most attractive in look, sturdy enough to give Smooth Power Supply at fine fuel efficiency, low Noise and vibration level. LEHAR PUJA Gensets are also designed for very low maintenance cost, which are very easy to operate and bears Guarantee to give uninterrupted Power Supply for the satisfaction of the prestigious customers.

Product Code: 07

Submersible Pumps

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Water is Life. The utmost necessity for existance. Resources are receding with the day. LEHAR PUJA Submersible pumps are the ultimate solution to draw Water any where - every where.

LEHAR PUJA Submersible Pumps are superbly designed by the Team of Technical Engineers for performance with excellence. Processing of each component is strictly supervised at all stages to ensure completion of the Unit in perfection. Use of best material for manufacturing of a Product conforming to International Standards ensures most efficient operation of the Unit at High Heads even at low Voltage.

Product Code: 08

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