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Physiotherapy Equipments

Minimuscle Stimulator

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With our ministim unit following treatment scan be done-

Post herpetic neuralgia; anterior shoulder pain; median never stimulation; ulnarside of forearm & hand pain; post operative pain; knee pain medial leg pain; ankle pain: ligament injury: unilateral neck pain; bilateral neck pain; low back pain; shoulder pain; spinal cord; peripheral nerves; motor nerves; trigger points of acupuncture; dermatome or myotome; remodeling; micro current treatments; pain relief; subluxation; redial nerves injury; muscle weakness; facial nerve injury; headache; chronic myalgia; arthritics; paralysis; many more

Ultrasonic Therapy Equipment

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Ultrasonic P-5 is advanced, computerized, solid state 1MHz Ultrasonic therapy equipment. It is compact and easily selectable continuous and pulsed mode. Digital bright display to indicate timer and output power (W/cm2).





  • Continuous and pulsed ultrasound.
  • Digital display of treatment time and ultrasound output power.
  • Computerized circuit to control internal and external functions.
  • Underwater treatment transducer.
  • Very effective, 100% low intensity pulsed ultrasound.
  • Total touch key operated machine.
  • Easy to use by anyone.

For the specification kindly see the attached file:

Four Channel Multi Tens

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Technical Features:-

  • Output channels= 4

  • Frequency=2 Hz, 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 130 Hz.

  • Timer=settable from 0 to 99 minutes.

  • Treatment modes=

  1. Burst=7 seconds on to 7 seconds off.

  2. Sweep= 2 Hz, 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 130 Hz.

  3. PWM= 150 microseconds to 250 microseconds.

  • Wave shape=monophasic.

Electrical specifications:-

Input =230 vac, 50HZ.


  • Four output cables with four pads & Velcro straps.
  • 3 pin mains cable.

Electrotherapy Model

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TE all in one electrotherapy model



TE-All in One Electrotherapy unit is a Microcontroller based compact stimulator with totally feather touch front panel, which includes all types of currents used by physiotherapist for various treatments.



With TE-ALL IN ONE stimulator following treatments can be done


Post herpetic neuralgia, anterior shoulder pain, median nerve stimulation, Ultra side of forearm & hand pain. Post operative pain, knee pain medial leg pain, Ankle pain, ligament injury, Umilateral neck pain, Bitateral neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, de quervains disease, spinal cord. A beta fibres, A delta Fibres,peripheral nerves, motor nerves trigger points or acupuncture, dermatome or myotome; tendon repairs, healing of bones, collagen remodeling, micro current treatments, Russian current treatments, subluxation, tetanised muscle contraction Ionization, Radial nerve injuries of arms & hand, musale weakness, facial nerve injury head ache, chronic myalgia. Arrthritics, Cerical spondilosis, trigeminal nevraligia, residual paralysis, peri-arthritis of shoulder and many more.



For the full specification kindly see the attached file

Pocket Multitens

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DUAL CHANNEL TENS: It is used to place the electrodes on the pain area in two places (or) two patients at the same time.






POCKET – MULTI TENS Offering the following features:


  • This is similar to the imported model TENS and has unique features a lot i.e., light weight, portable, compact size extra.
  • Kills pains without side effect.
  • Most economical and user-friendly.
  • 3-In ONE (TENS, TAP (Stimulator) and FNMS (Massajer).
  • To select either plain or intermittent modes for TENS, TAP and FNMS.
  • 9 V Single battery operations. Adaptor provision is provided (DC)


(Adaptor – Optional).


For the whole details kindly see the attached file:


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