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About Heinzmann Hydro Tech Private Limited

Heinzmann HydroTech Private Limited, established in the year 2000, is a fully owned subsidiary company of Hydro Power pioneers, BOOM Systems Private Limited, India. Ever since its establishment, the company is into sales, services, assembly and manufacture of Governors, Analog and Digital Speed Governor Systems (Including Actuators) with all accessories.

Leveraging on a well defines R & D lab, our engineering innovations include cost-effective, robust and accurate “Fail Safe Digital Governing System”. We offer Speed Control, Position control & kw Control configuration modes with an option for Single push-button Unit start, synchronizing and pre loading up to base-load in auto mode.

We look forward to set up a training center for the support and benefit of our clients at our head office located in Faridabad. Further, all the engineers in our team are trained at Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, on continuous basis. Consolidating on our team of engineers, we have been able to secure several orders from prestigious customers in India and have emerged as a credible service provider to any complex problem.

Future Plans

With strategic tie up with Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, Germany company has developed New Digital Hydro Turbine Governor Control System. Heinzmann India” Digital Hydro Turbine Speed Governor Control Systems are in operation and installed on Hydro Turbines (capacities ranging from 250kW to10,000kW in India and Abroad.

More than 1000 Governing systems are in operation in areas other than Hydro sector. (Bo-for Guns, Railways including EFI, Diesel Engines, Oil Industry ) till date 60 units supplied and maintained by the company in oil industry - Oil India Limited.

Product & Service Portfolio

We have developed industry proficiency in sales, services, assembly and manufacture of Heinzmann Governors, Analog and Digital Speed Governor Systems (Including Actuators) with all accessories that includes Speed Pick – Up’s, Connectors, Position-er Electronic Units, Solenoids, Pressure & Temperature Sensors and Cable Harness, EFI Controls, etc. The Governor system is environment friendly and does not require any oil system, as it comprises of all Electric Actuator and Electronic Controller. The entire system comprises very few components; thereby the customers do not have to maintain a long list of spare inventory.

Other Industrial use of Heinzmann Speed Governors - Diesel prime movers (Used to drive Pumps, Generators etc.) Ships, Locomotives, Gas, Water and Steam Turbines, Industrial Vehicles (e.g., Cranes), Military Projects, Dual Fuel Engines, etc. Heinzmann product clientele is spread all over the world and include all leading Engine and Turbine manufacturers.

We offer integrated solutions for Turbine Speed Control / Automation. Our focus is to deliver an efficient & comprehensive solution for Automation & Turbine Management System. Our constant endeavor is to develop and integrate with tried, tested industrial grade products and reduce the hassle of system redundancy due to spare unavailability. Our digital Governor Control System (GCS) is able to accurately and quickly control Hydro Turbines for a vast range of operational conditions.  
The key components of GCS closed loop system are:

  • Position Feedback Systems, Speed Sensors.
  • Governor Control Panels.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Hydraulic Servo Motor
  • Excitation System & Panels
  • Full Plant Automation (SCADA)

Key Services:
  • We train plant operators to manage operational parameters for a range of conditions.
  • We are available for telephonic trouble shooting support.
  • We provide annual service by our specialized technicians.

Directors Message

We innovate and consistently merge our synergies to develop
state of the art,  reliable, cost-effective, accurate automation
and control systems.”

Shri Arun Raut

Our Team Of Engineers

We have a team of engineers, which is well trained and has with it the required proficiency of executing a task. It works in close coordination with our clients and tries it level best to meet their specifications within a stipulated time frame. As a quality concerned organization, we believe that quality starts from the team itself and hence we make sure that we keep our team updated of latest practices of the industry and keeps them motivated towards performing each task with complete care.

Our Clients

Over the years we have been serving our clients with products and services as per their requirements. Our efforts our directed towards making them satisfied and hence, we also offer them easy payment options as well.
Some of the clients that we serve includes the following:

  • Tata Power Company
  • National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited
  • Kirloskar Brothers Limited
  • Energy Development Company Limited
  • NEC Energy Private Limited
  • Celerity Power Private Limited
  • Shamili Hydel Power Project Limited
  • Arunachal Hydro Power Development
  • Bhutan Power Development
  • J&K Power Development Corporation
  • Power Development, Manipur
  • Rajasthan State Electricity Board
  • VA Tech Escher Wyss Flovel Limited



With the digital era there have been significant developments in the way automation controllers have evolved. We can now control a varied and all operational conditions for hydro power plants. To grasp a complete view of our product and technical capabilities its essential to understand

Components of a Governor Control System (GCS):

  • Turbine control board consisting of digital governor for automatic starting & stopping sequence of turbine
  • Hydraulic pumping unit for guide vane, runner blade, breaks, by pass to main inlet and main inlet valve operation
  • Guide Vane servomotor
  • Feedback transducer with connector for guide vane servomotor & runner blade servomotor
  • Speed monitor & sensors
  • Proportionate valve for guide vane and runner blade
  • Water level sensors & Monitor

Core Functions are: The inherent functions of Heinzmann Controller are:
  • Starting ramp for Turbine speed to reach speed set point.
  • Turbine over speed protection
  • Emergency shutdown in case of severe faults.
  • Water level dependent limitations.
  • Automatic remote or local operation
  • Fault processing

Our Product Salient Features are:
  • Electronic Processor is very fast and accurate and, hence ensures better control.
  • There are no moving or rotating parts (like Gears, Shafts, Rods, Flyweights, linkages etc.) hence, no backlash in the feedback mechanism and in the Governor moving parts. This ensures that the repeatability of Governor does not change with time due to wear and fatigue.
  • Command signal and the feedback mechanism is through the electrical signal (Typically 4 – 20 mA), hence no elaborate linkage mechanism is required.
  • The versatility of this governor can be even used for the control of auxiliary besides controlling the Turbines.
  • The output from the governor is given to high response, Hydraulic System. This ensures faster Governor response and accurate control.
  • The Governor can be programmed to control the turbine based on changes in the available head.
  • In case of Turbine develops faults, the control system acts fast and shuts down the machine as quick as possible reducing the risk of damage to machine components.

Research & Development As technocrats we are always on the look out to improve our product and solutions. We have a dedicate team to cater to upcoming industry needs and deficient in the hydro automation world. Our recent developments have been Our innovations include cost-effective, robust, and accurate “Fail Safe Digital Governing System”.

We offer Speed Control, Position control,kw Control & Water Level Control configuration modes, and has option for Single push button Unit start, synchronizing and pre-loading up-to base load in auto mode and the next development focus is to a) design & development of model for the variable speed turbines for up-to 2 MW b) Spetial Stop - This type of stop will be initiated (Digital Input) by some of our electrical faults or intentionally by operator.

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