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Carditrol Tablets

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Resveratrol, Grape seed extract and green tea extract tablets in High BP, CVD, Diabetes, Alcohol/ Smoke induced stress snd Oxidative Stress. 2 tablets daily.

Ginger Extract Capsules

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Constinorm, is a brand of 6 gingerol 10mg.indicated in Constipation, Nausia, Joint Pain,and IBS.

Natural Health Supplements.

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Resveratrol. Pro an tho cyan I'd in & Green Tea extract tablets. Lycopene ,Multi vitamin & Multi Mineral tablets.
Alps keto propionic acid talents.

Pharmaceutical Franchise

Rs 15,000Pack
Approximate Price - Rs 15,000 per Pack
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We have a monopoly product with Huge market potential . We r looking for Business associates/ Investors/ Franchises at all india level. People with good finance back up are welcomed.You can earn Rs.0.5  to 0.75 lacs per month.

Weight Gain Product

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Compronule is a brand of Protein granules with Vitamins Minerals Biotin and DHA. For weight gain and protein supplement.

Weight Loss Products Pills Tablets

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REDUZE  is a brand of alpha keto propionic acid 700mg tablet supplement. It is  prescribed by Doctors since 1999 in OBESITY,HYPERLIPIDEMIA and ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER . REDUZE is free from side effects as it is a supplement available in human body as an end product of carbohydrate metabolism. Supplementatation of REDUZE offers celluler respiration which leads to enhanced beta oxidation of fatty acids and gradual fat catabolism. Unlike other Weight Loss product,RREDUZE keeps patient active and energetic . REDUZE has to be taken orally 2-3 tablets a day after meals for 6-8 months depending on severity of OBESITY. Price of full course of Reduze cost only Rs.5400- Rs.7200 only. If purchased directly, it will be given at Discounted price.

To order directly plz deposit Rs.4500- Rs.7200 to our bank below.We will courier it directly to your home address.


Green Tea Extract Tablets

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Resveratrol. Pro an tho cyan ad in and Green Tea extract tablets

Lycopene With Multi Vitamin Tablets

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Lycopene , Vitamins & Minerals tablet.

Protein With Biotin & DHA

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Protein granules with Vitamins , Minerals. Biotin & DHA.

Weight Loss Supplement

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Weight Loss treatment

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