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Business Information

What is Business Profile?

The more detailed and updated information, the more relevant queries you get! We always recommend you to keep required business information updated. This helps us to get you more relevant and genuine enquires.

Business Profile includes:

  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Product profile of the company
  • Business type
  • Product/service that you sell or buy


  • Get relevant and genuine business enquiries from buyers
  • Share credibility and information with your potential buyers
  • Allows you to build the level of confidence amongst the buyers
  • Useful way to Inform buyers about your goods and services
  • Influence the buyer's decision by demonstrating your credibility

How can I post Business Information?

Easy Steps to Add/Update Your Business Information

  • Step 1 - Visit
  • Step 2 -Sign In with your e-mail id and password
  • Step 3 - Go to Company Profile -> Business Information -> Business Profile
  • Step 4 - You may add or update relevant business information