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FAQs - Tenders

  1. All about Tenders
  2. Opportunity specific information
  3. How can I search for Specific Tenders?
  4. What is unique about 'Tenders' from IndiaMART?
  5. All about Tenders Alert

All about Tenders

What is 'Tenders' Section?

'Tenders' is a business opportunity notification service, part of the IndiaMART Portal. It keeps you updated with the latest information on Tenders floated by Government - Central and State, Public Sector, Autonomous Bodies and Private Organisations etc.

Where can I access it?

You can visit

What is the charges for Tender information?

You can view Tender information by paying Rs. 449 /- or 20 Credits.  Click here  to view Credits packages

How many Tenders are available?

Over 30 Lakh tenders are available - Both live as well archived.

How many Live Tenders are available?

Over 100,000 at any point of time

Do you cover International Tenders?

No. We cover only India Specific tenders.

How can I access the Tenders?

You can browse tenders by state, by industry or by authority. You can also search for tenders by entering your search word in the search-box.

I am based in Jaipur; Can I search for Tenders in this city?

Yes, on the search results page or any listing page (state/authority/industry pages), use the filters on city to see tenders, from your desired city.

Do I need to register myself for accessing the website?

No, registration is required to view Tender summary but you have to register in order to purchase Tender information.

Can I be informed of the Live Tenders by Email?

Yes, you can subscribe to free email alert for your product / services. You just need to fill the subscribtion form to set alert.

Opportunity specific information

What kind of Information is available for a specific Opportunity?

Each opportunity will present the following information subject to the tender notice has issued the detail:

  • Company Name
  • Name & Address of The Tender Authority
  • Product Details
  • Project Location
  • Tender Details
  • Tender Value
  • Opening Date of the Tender
  • Due Date of the Tender
  • Terms and Conditions of the Tenders
  • Publications
  • Industry and Sub Industry Type
  • Tender Number and Reference Number

Will I be able to see the original tender notification?

Yes. You can access the notification after purchase. This will be in a PDF or as an Image format.

Where do you get the information on these Tenders?

We source from Issuing Authorities, National, Regional and Local newspapers / magazines as well from Trade Journals. We partner with other aggregators also.

How many Tenders are added every day?

Over 5000 fresh Tenders are added everyday

How can I search for Specific Tenders?

You can use our preference in the search bar to fetch preferred Tenders the following ways:

  • Product Name Run specific product searches from our huge database of Tenders
  • Project State you can search tenders issued from a specific state. E.g. - typing 'Karnataka' would return all the tenders issued from 'Karnataka'.
  • Project City you can search tenders issued from a specific city. E.g. - typing 'Bangalore' would return all the tenders issued from 'Bangalore'.
  • Company Name Key in the 'Company Name' to get information on the tenders floated by a specific company.

What is unique about 'Tenders' from IndiaMART?

  • Wide coverage as compared to any other website
  • Quick Access to unlimited Tenders, allowing you to reach a wider market
  • Best search to reach the required tender in minimum possible time
  • Free email notification service for your tender preference

All about Tenders Alert

What is tender alert?

It is a system that allows you to receive alerts on your subscribed keywords-free

How do I subscribe to Tender Alert?

You can subscribe to Tender alert by either of the two ways:

  • Log in to Select 'Tender Alerts' from 'Alerts & Newsletters' drop-down. Add your keywords to receive tenders.
  • Visit Enter your registered email address and desired keyword under 'Get Email Updates' section & press 'Subscribe'.
Why I need to subscribe for tender alert?

It helps you to keep you updated on tenders published.

Can I opt out of this alert option?

Yes. However this is not advisable.

Where do I get these alerts?

You will get it on registered primary email ID.