Himchem Industries

Finishing Agent

Modern textile finishing offers a variety of effects on all textiles, regardless of the fibre type. Our finishing agents are indispensable textile additives in the textile finishing chain. Our products achieve a fashionably up-to-date textural effect and give the highest use and wear comfort through easy-care finishing. With their high quality and cost-effectiveness, our products make industrial processing of textiles easier for more effectiveness and smooth-running processes. Different types of auxiliaries are required to finish different fabrics.


Following are some of our products for finishing:

Anti Pilling Agent

Highly effective liquid neutral cellulase for producing excellent Bio polishing effect on High Value Cotton garments.

Other Information :

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Meter

Anti Static Finish

Antistatic cum finishing agent for polyester, viscose, acrylic, synthetics and its blends.

Hydrophilic Softener

Eco-friendly hydrophilic cationic softener. Very effective for garments, terry towels, knits & blended fabrics.

Cationic Softener

A highly effective reactive softener for imparting softness and durable body to the treated fabric. Gives silky, non-greasy, full resilient handle to the fabric.

Optical Brightner

Speciality chemical which provides whiteness to the treated fabric. Highly effective at masking any yellowing that may be present in cotton fabric

APEO and NPEO Remover

Specialized chemical package for removal of banned Alklyphenol compounds from the fabric. We have an proven system of reducing the banned APEO content to nearly 10% of the original reading.

Highly effective liquid neutral cellulase for producing excellent Bio polishing effect on High Value Cotton garments.

Non Ionic Softener

Widely used non-yellowing softener which imparts smooth and soft handle to cotton, polyester, wool & cotton/polyester blend fabrics / yarn.

Blooming Agent

A dark coloring resin which increases the darkening effect and the clearness of the dyed materials of cotton polyester or mixed spinning goods when treated with after finish process.

Excellent color deepening effect.

Fabric Perfume

Specialty finishes for fabric or garments which releases pleasant perfumes during its use in finishing.

Silicon Softener

Especially designed to impart exceptionally soft, smooth, pleasing and supple feel to all fabrics. Improves crease resistance and sew ability of the fabric. Gives inner softness with extra bounce.

Rubber Finish

Silicon softener with excellent rubber feel. Improves stretchability & strength of the fabric

Hosiery Knitted Fabric Softener

Silicon softener specially formulated for knitted fabrics. Imparts excellent softness to all types of knitted fabrics. Gives good stretch & recovery.

Polymeric Shrinkage Controller

• It forms a very soft thin polymer film over the fabric and prevents it from shrinking.
• No compromise with the feel of the fabric.
• Controls shrinkage by 2 - 3%
• Compatible with silicone based softener as such can be used in finishing bath.