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R25 Engine

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This is a Twin Spool, Axial Flow, Turbojet Engine fitted with After burner and a variable area Jet nozzle. It powers the MiG-21 BiS multi-role Fighter Aircraft. The Engine has provision for an emergency After-burner thrust boost, which can be selected below 4.5 KM altitude.

Al31 Fp Engine

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AL-31FP is a high temperature turbojet by-pass engine of modular design. A specific feature of AL-31FP is an axi-symmetric vectoring nozzle with a thrust vector angle of ±15° in the vertical plane providing super maneuverability of the aircraft. The vectoring nozzle control is integrated with the engine control system. AL-31FP engines ensure stable operation in all available evolutions of the aircraft in super maneuverability modes. AL-31FP engines power advanced multi-purpose Su-30 MKI fighters of the 4+ generation.

R29b Engine

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This Engine is a Twin spool, Axial flow Turbojet Engine incorporating After-burner system and variable area Jet nozzle of convergent-divergent type. The Engine is equipped with automatic Fuel regulation system, Turbo-starter, Anti-surge system, Temperature controller, Constant speed drive for AC Generator and Two speed drive for Hydraulic Pump. R-29B Engine powers MiG-27 M, a Multi-role Ground attack / Air combat Aircraft.

Adour Engine

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Jaguar Aircraft is powered by two Adour MK 804 / MK 811 Engines. MK 811 Engines are manufactured from 1981 under licence from RR/TM [ Rolls Royce Turbomeca ].

Adour MK 804 Engines are also overhauled and repaired under the above licence.

Adour Engine is a bypass Jet Engine of modular construction. The Adour has two-stage low pressure and five-stage high pressure axial flow Compressors which are driven by separate, single stage high pressure and low pressure Turbines connected through co-axial shafts, with low pressure shaft passing through high pressure shaft.

Product Code: MK811

Garrett 331 5

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The Garrett TPE 331-5 Turbo prop Engine is being manufactured, overhauled and repaired for various Customers under licence from Garrett Engine Division of Honey Well Company [earlier Allied Signal Aerospace Company, USA] since 1988 and belongs to one of the most popular series of small Turbo prop Engines powering a large number of Commuter and Corporate Aircraft such as Dornier DO-228.

Artouste Iii B

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Artouste III B Engine powers both Cheetah and Chetak Helicopters. Manufacture of the Engine commenced in 1962 under licence from Turbomeca, France.

The Engine has side air intake, one axial and one centrifugal compressor connected to a three-stage Turbine. The power output is 550 SHP at 33500 RPM. The reduction Gearbox in the front transfers the power to Helicopter. More than 665 Engines have been manufactured and 2950 Engines overhauled and repaired for various Customers.

Dart Series Of Aircraft Engines

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The Dart series of Engines were manufactured since 1966 under licence from Rolls Royce, UK. At present, these Engines are being repaired and overhauled. Two Dart Engines power HS-748 aircraft. This engine has two-stage Centrifugal Compressors, three- stage Turbine and utilises water methanol injection to increase the shaft Horse Power.

Product Code: 5332

Orpheus 70105

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Orpheus 70105, indigenously modified by HAL, is a derivative of Orpheus 701 at lower rating and is the Power Plant for Kiran MK II Aircraft indigenously designed by HAL.


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Avon is a Turbo Jet Engine designed and developed by Rolls Royce and is being overhauled / repaired under licence at HAL from 1959. Avon MK 1 is used in Canberra Trainer Aircraft. Avon MK 109 is used in Canberra Bomber and Avon MK 203 / 207 power the Hunter Fighter.

Adour Mk 804 E

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The Adour MK 804 Engine is being repaired and overhauled under licence from Rolls Royce, UK. This is similar in construction to the MK 811 engine.

Gnome 1400 It

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The Gnome 1400 - IT engines being repaired and overhauled under licence from Rolls Royce, UK and is the Power Plant for Seaking Helicopter. It is a Turbo shaft single spool with 10-stage Axial Compressor, two-stage Turbine and free Power Turbine.

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