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Hindustan Latex Limited, Tamil Nadu


Basic Information
Year of Establishment
Nature of Business
Number of Employees
501 to 1000 People

Akkulam Factory ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Akkulam Factory ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
Akkulam Factory ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Origin & History

To trace briefly, HLL’s ‘Milestones’ in the 43rd year since its formation:

01March 1966 • Incorporated as a company under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India.

05 April 1969 • Commences commercial production of Condoms at its Peroorkada Factory  Thiruvananthapuram (PFT). Production capacity – 144 million pieces a year.

1976 • Production capacity doubled to 288 million pieces a year with the addition of two more lines in the moulding section.

1985 • Addition of a new plant at Thiruvananthapuram with the latest state-of-art Japanese Technology. Commencement of new condom plant at Kanagala, Belgaum (KFB). Raises HLL’s total Condom production capacity to 800 million pieces a year.

• HLL recognized as a MOU signing CPSU by the Government of India.
• HLL granted the 510(k) Registration by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) US, for its Male Condoms.

• Adds manufacture of Medigard Surgical & Examination Gloves at PFT.
• Commences formulation and tabletting of Saheli (Centchroman) once-a-week non- steroidal  pill at the Kanagala plant near Belgaum (KFB).

1993 • Plant for formulation and tabletting of  Mala-D Oral pills, commissioned at KFB.

• Commences production of copper-T Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) at its Aakkulam Factory, Thiruvananthapuram (AFT).
• Commences commercial production of Ceredrain Hydrocephalus Shunts.

• Introduces Surgical, Synthetic and Catgut Sutures.
• Commences manufacture of HL-Haemopack blood tansfusion bags at AFT.
• HLL awarded NF mark.

1996 • HLL awarded ISO 9002 certification - for PFT (Condom manufacture) and AFT (manufacture of blood bag, copper-T and hydrocephalus shunt.

1997 • HLL, the first company from India selected by the World health Organisation (WHO) for sourcing of Condoms.

• HLL Peroorkada plant (PFT) awarded CE mark
• HLL’s Akkulam plant (AFT) awarded the CE mark.
• Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT) a not-for-profit organisation of HLL commences several social marketing projects and services in different parts of the country.

• Receives MOU award and Certificate of merit from the Vice President of India, for achievement of MOU targets.
• AFT awarded ISO 14001 certification.

• PFT and KFB awarded ISO 14001 certification.
• KFB awarded the CE mark for Condoms.
• Introduces HL HAEMOSAFE Instant Needle and Syringe Destroyer, for destroying used needles.

Quality Systems

Building a company with a world class quality At HLL, delivering value to our customers is our primary objective. Our customers count on us to deliver quality products on time, every time. We believe that by utilizing our quality processes, we will provide added value to the product, which our customers require and deserve. We achieve this goal by focusing on our Quality Policy and unending commitment to our customers.

Quality Policy

HLL is committed to:
  • Provide products and services, conforming to international standards in healthcare, enabling people lead healthy and happy lives
  • Achieve organisational  excellence through continual improvement by adoption of best technologies and practices in all areas
  • Market products and services globally delivering highest value for customers through focus on innovation, quality, R&D, cost management and customer relationship management
  • Be an organisation  meeting highest standards in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Commitment to Quality Systems

HLL underlines its commitment to quality by mandating that all our manufacturing facilities are certified to a quality system standard. Our manufacturing facilities conform to requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485 and various international product certification marks, thus offering best value to our customers in conformance with international standards.

Certificates      Akkulam Factory       Kakkanad Factory       Kanagala Factory       Peroorkada Factory       P & C Division   SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT (SHE) POLICY HLL is committed to protect environment, eliminate occupational hazards and ensure safety of employees & subcontractors through:
  • Monitoring and control of the impact of its activities, products and services on a continual basis;
  • Compliance of applicable legal and other requirements;
  • Adopting appropriate operating practices;
  • Facilitating employee training and their involvement;
  • Pollution mitigation through adoption of best practices;
  • Conserving materials, energy and reducing waste at source, and / encouraging usage of renewable energy sources;
  • Periodic review of safety, health and environment management system.
SHE Management System Certifications At HLL, we believe that preserving natural resources and protecting the environment is our responsibility to our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are also committed to health and safety of our employees and as part of this responsibility we have developed and are maintaining excellent environmental, health, and safety management systems that meet the requirements of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

Research & Development

Research & Development
HLL is in the process of setting up of a corporate R&D center with the following objectives:

Objectives of CRDC
  • To identify and adapt/develop new technologies, products, and processes in the area of contraceptive & reproductive healthcare drugs and devices, immuno biologicals

  • To carry out continuous learning and innovation through bilateral/ multilateral exchange forums

  • To serve as a focal point for integrating R&D efforts in contraceptive & reproductive healthcare drugs and devices, immuno biologicals

  • To serve as an incubation center for commercialization of new technologies

Policy of CRDC
  • R&D projects will be carried out independently or in collaboration with leading national and international S&T institutions

  •  Technology incubation centres may be set up for scaling up basic research results into commercially feasible technologies at S&T institutions of excellence

  •  R&D projects will be done with financial assistance from parent company or other funding institutions / sponsoring agencies

R & D Links History
News Room
In House R&D Units
Ongoing Projects
Sponsored projects
New Areas Of Interest
Analytical Facilities
New Infrastructure

Chairman & Managing Director's Message

Chairman & Managing Director's Message

“Because what globalisation does is empower the common man. It empowers common men and women to have all these choices, and when that happens it is inevitable they will make choices that seem the most attractive”. From “The Lexus and the Olive Tree’ by Thomas. L. Friedman.   With the advent of globalisation, focusing and zealously pursuing the single most important goal – customer satisfaction, HLL has been fleet flootedly keeping abreast with the changing environment, that is witnessing a new world without walls.   Spurred by the inherent, intense and insisting desire to reach out to all individuals in this new world, growth has been, but a cliché for HLL’s commitment in the service of humanity. As noted by Thomas Friedman, the above lines corroborate HLL’s assiduous efforts in being the best choice to the customers, be it in terms of quality, price, availability or in providing overall solution in all health care matters.   This website is one more of our efforts in reaching out to you in a more effective manner. I do welcome you to this website. We look forward to increase our interaction with you, which will help us understand and touch your life in a better way. All this with the mission of HLL, to build a healthier and happier global family.   With due regards and best wishes,   M. Ayyappan, Chairman & Managing Director

Infrastructure Division

Infrastructure Division (ID) of HLL Lifecare Limited . is the in-house consultant to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India for up-gradation of Medical Colleges at Bangalore, Salem & Trivandrum under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna(PMSSY) and also for six AIIMS like hospitals at Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur & Rishikesh. ID of HLL is also the consultant to MOH&FW for up-gradation of JIPMER, Pondicherry.   HLL set up last year, a dedicated ‘Women’s Health Care Pharma Division to cater to the reproductive Health Care needs of women - covering all age groups. The initial focus of the division will be the Gynaec segment, the products of which will be promoted through Doctors. All products for this Division are being manufactured at HLL’s Kanagala Plant, near Belgaum in Karnataka. The product range will cover all sectors of women’s health viz., autoimmune diseases, gynaecological infections and sexually transmitted diseases, hormone-related disorders (including menopause, contraception and sexual dysfunction), osteoporosis, cancer, and urinary bladder disorders.   HLL has commenced manufacture and distribution of ‘Nishchay’ Rapid Diagnostic Test kits for the detection of Pregnancy in markets all over the country. At the first instance HLL is manufacturing and supplying 22 million Pregnancy Test Kits from its manufacturing facility at Manesar in Haryana. The product will be distributed to the various sub centers, PHC, CHC, taluk hospitals, district hospitals, General Hospitals, speciality hospitals etc. in various states in the country. HLL also plans to introduce in the near future Diagnostic kits for the detection of Malaria and Dengue fever and Chikungunya. The overall objective is to effectively bring down the infant/maternity mortality rate, and Malaria and Dengue mortality reduction.   HLL launched on 9th February, 2008 at New Delhi, HINDLABS - its first Diagnostic centre in the country, a Public Private partnership venture with the CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme). This most modern Lab facility which was inaugurated by the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, will deliver reliable, accurate and quality diagnostic services to the CGHS beneficiaries at CGHS rates. The same services will be provided to patients outside the CGHS too at affordable rates. The plan ahead is to establish Diagnostic Centres for the CGHS, in the National Capital Region (NCR) and in 23 major cities of India covering over 110 hospitals.

Kakkanad Factory GMP Certificate

Kakkanad Factory GMP Certificate
Kakkanad Factory GMP Certificate

Kanagala Factory ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

Kanagala Factory ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
Kanagala Factory ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

Major Events In The Area Of Health Care

  In partnership with Becton and Dickinson (BD) – one of the world’s leading Health Care companies, HLL recently introduced Bsure – reuse prevention syringe for use in the curative segment. This is a major step to address the public health challenge facing the nation. The Bsure syringe employs a unique plunger breaking mechanism that is ‘clinician activated’, to eliminate any possible reuse of the syringe. HLL had also earlier introduced the ‘Autolok’- auto destructive syringe, for the national immunization programme. HLL has teamed up with M/s Gambro BCT - a Swedish Company, a global leader in automated blood collection technologies, therapeutic aphaeresis, and leukaphaeresis, for cell therapy applications. HLL is marketing their Blood Component Therapy Aphaeresis Systems in India. The Aakkulam Unit of HLL has recorded outstanding performance for the year 2006-07. The Unit manufactured a record 5.5 M Pcs. of Blood Transfusion Bags during the past year. The Unit also produces Surgical Sutures, Copper T’s, Tubal Rings, Hydrocephalus Shunts and Tissue Expanders. HLL’s Blood Bags have been registered in Brazil and these were launched here on 23rd June, 2006. HLL has also introduced Closed System Blood Bags that are integrated with Leukocyte Filter - called LD Bags. These bags are intended for leuko-depletion immediately upon collection of blood from donors at blood banks.   In the area of the Female Condom, HLL has entered into an agreement with The Female Health Company (FHC), a US company, to market their primary product - FC female condom in India. FHC is the manufacturer of FC female condom, the only female controlled prevention technology approved by the US FDA and the WHO. FC is distributed in over 100 countries around the world. HLL is in talks with FHC, for a possible transfer of technology to enable production of FC Female Condoms in the country. HLL launched on 17th Decembrer, 2007 Velvet - the new condom for women in India. Targeted at contemporary Indian women and new age couples, this risk free condom ensures full protection during sexual intercourse. Velvet is made of a special material called nitrile, which is thinner and stronger than the male condom, making it more reliable during usage. These superior quality nitrile condoms are women initiated contraception and come with dual protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs, HIV/AIDS. HLL has ventured into the area of Vaccines – to take on the challenge posed by communicable diseases, which are responsible for a significant share of the global burden of diseases, particularly in developing nations. The need to have affordable high quality vaccines for preventing communicable diseases is a public health priority in India. The company has initially launched the marketing of Hepatitis B and Typhoid Vaccines. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare handed over to HLL on 11th January 2008, nearly 300 acres of land at Chengalpet, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, for its proposed Medical Equipment Park and Vaccine Project. The MediPark is envisaged to be an integrated manufacturing facility complex of international standards in the field of healthcare and shall comprise of manufacturing industries for medical diagnostics, equipments, disposables and devices. The complex will also house an incubation centre.

Production Facilities

HLL commenced its commercial operations on April 5, 1969 at Peroorkada in Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala. The Plant was established in technical collaboration with M/s Okamoto Industries Inc. Japan.   Along with the manufacturing facility at Peroorkada in Thiruvananthapuram, HLL has today five state of the art manufacturing facilities - at Akkulam in Thiruvananthapuram - manufacturing Contraceptives and Health Care products, at Kanagala, near Belgaum (set up in 1985) - producing contraceptives and Womens Health Pharma products, at Kakkanad in Kochi (in the Special Economic Zone) - manufacturing Female Condoms, and at Manesar in Haryana - for the production of In-Vitro Diagnostic Kits.   These Units have the ISO 9001, ISO 14001- quality and environmental management system certifications. HLL’s Peroorkada Plant was also awarded the OHSAS 18001 Certification for its efficient Occupational Health and Safety Management System. HLL Production Facilities : Peroorkada Factory , Trivandrum ( PFT ) Akkulam Factory , Trivandrum ( AFT ) Kanagala Factory , Belgaum( KFB ) Kakkanad Factory , Cochin( KFC ) Manesar Factory , Gurgaon( MFG )

Peroorkada Factory ISO 9001-2000 Certificate

Peroorkada Factory ISO 9001-2000 Certificate
Peroorkada Factory ISO 9001-2000 Certificate

Procurement & Consultancy Services Division

Procurement and Consultancy Services Division of HLL Lifecare Limited handles the procurement of Drugs, Chemicals, Medical Equipments and other health sector goods for its clients at a pre-decided commission rate agreed upon by both HLL and the client through a written contract. Currently HLL (P & CD) is handling the procurement of different Central Government Agencies such as NACO, NVBDCP and MCD. P & CD of HLL also procures medical equipments for several medical colleges all over India under the PMSSY Scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. This division also provides procurement and consultancy services for HLFPPT and HLL’s Pregnancy kit Manufacturing Factory at Manesar (MFG). The import of JE Vaccines from Chengdu Institute of Biologicals, China for and on behalf of Ministry is also coordinated by the P&CD of HLL Lifecare Limited.

Employee Initiatives

The industrial relations scenario in all the Company’s Units have been excellent and no man-days were lost on account of any industrial disputes. Training and Development to enhance skill, knowledge and competency levels are an ongoing process in the company.

P & C Division Certificate

P & C Division Certificate
P & C Division Certificate

Corporate Vision & Plans Ahead

  HLL has drawn up a comprehensive plan to expand its portfolio in the area of Health Care and Contraceptives - its core areas, to achieve rapid growth. The objective is to achieve through this process a turnover of Rs.1000 crores by 2010.   With nearly 1900 highly skilled and learned manpower, and several world leaders as partners, HLL has over the past four decades stood to uphold its mission to achieve and sustain a high growth path, and focus on five key thrust areas to achieve its vision. These are - customers, employees, business, innovation and social initiatives.   In the future, through technical collaborations, marketing alliances and joint ventures, HLL wishes to keep alive the dream of all humanity - of a healthier, happier world.

Business Divisions


HLL is a professional marketing organisation comprising of the following divisions :
  • Consumer Business Division (CBD) 
  • Hi Care  Division (HCD)
  • Women Healthcare-pharma Division (WHD) 
  • International Business Unit (IBU)
  • Social Project Management Division

This marketing organisation conceptualises and implements all social marketing programmes, social project planning & implementation, brand building programmes, project consultancies, distribution & logistics management, networking programmes and linkage development with NGOs.

New Projects


HLL will set up a MediPark in 330 acres of land at Chengalpattu near Chennai in Tamilnadu, a first of its kind in the country. The MediPark, is envisaged as world class industrial infrastructure for the manufacture of medical equipments, devices and disposables, testing, research, bio informatics, training centers, business incubators, as well as knowledge and health care business outsourcing services. MediPark is expected to house 30-35 facilities for manufacturing and services.   The objective of developing the MediPark is to encourage growth of the domestic industry in medical technology products, resulting in reduced health care costs. The MediPark will be promoted by HLL under the aegis of the Ministry of Health Family Welfare, Government of India, as a specific purpose vehicle on a PPP mode. The investment towards this project is estimated at Rs.100 Crore Integrated Vaccine Complex
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India will be setting up a vaccine manufacturing unit- Integrated Vaccine Complex (IVC) in 100 acre of land at Chengalpattu, 40 kms away from Chennai at an investment of Rs.900 Crore. HLL will be the implementing agency for this project.   The IVC will be a state-of-the-art facility for production of vaccines for the national immunization programme and other new generation vaccines. IVC will house R&D laboratories as well as testing, standardization and validation centres. The manufacturing facility will comply with WHO-cGMP guidelines, to make safe and effective vaccines available at affordable prices.   The Integrated Vaccines Complex has been accorded the status of ‘a project of national importance’ by the Government of India.
Auto Disable Syringe facility
Auto Disable Syringe (ADS) provides protection against infectious diseases particularly AIDS, Hepatitis etc. through the injection route, by preventing its reuse. ADS incorporates an auto disable mechanism which makes the syringe dysfunctional after its first use. HLL will set up an ADS manufacturing plant mainly to cater for the market for immunisation syringes, as one of the new growth areas for the Company. The facility is proposed to be set up at the MediPark in Chengalpattu as an anchor unit by HLL. The project envisages manufacture of immunisation syringes in the first phase, and the curative segment in next phase.
HINDLABS -Diagnostic Outsourcing Services
A novel initiative, Hindlabs will deliver expert diagnostic services while enabling outsourcing of the such services for its institutional partners. Hindlabs has been envisaged to add value to the partner hospitals by deploying the latest diagnostic technology and operational support. Each center is equipped to deliver quality diagnostic services and is staffed by trained and committed professionals. The objective is to deliver quality services at affordable costs for the common people.   Hindlabs provides professional lab management services for both In vitro Diagnostics and Radio diagnosis centers in the hospital. The facility will be operated by highly qualified pathologists, Radiologists and Medical Technologists who will be the employees of HLL. The first Hindlabs center started functioning at CGHS Dispensary at R.K.Puram from February 2008 in partnership with CGHS.

HLL also plans to set up  Hindlabs MRI Diagnostic Centre in Medical Colleges at Thrissur, Kottayam and Alapuzha. A MOU has been signed between HLL and Goverment of  Kerala  to provide space, radiologists and utilities to the centre. The  equipment for operation of the centre will be installed by HLL. of HLL’s technicians will operate the centre and maintain the smooth functioning of the equipment.


  • PRE BID MEETING - Supply installation testing & commissioning of 3x80KVA UPS System for Super Speciality Trauma Centre at Govt. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital at Salem
  • MINUTES OF PRE BID MEETING - Supply of Public Address System, CCTV, EPABX, Network connection, BMS and Nurse Call System for Super Speciality Hospital & Trauma Centre at Medical College at Salem.
  • Road tarring work at HLL Lifecare Limited Akkulam Factory
  • Construction of retaining wall for road widening at HLL Lifecare Limited Akkulam Factory.
  • Construction of Club hall at HLL Lifecare Limited Akkulam Factory.
  • Tender for Transfusion Port , Connector , BREAK OFF VALVE- TUBE
  • NIO for procurement of lab equipments for Hindlabs

Corporate Depts

Following departments are functioning in the Corporate and Head Office:

CMD's office
Corporate Audit Services
Corporate Quality Assurance
Finance and Accounts
Human Resources
Information Technology ( IT )
Official Language
Public Relations
Regulatory Affairs and Product Registration
Research & Development ( R & D  )
Secretarial & Legal
Strategic Planning
Technical and Operations

Right To Information Act 2005-06

  • About our Organisation
  • Details of Appellate Authority/Public Information Officer/Asst Public Information Officer
  • Annual Returns
  • The Duties of Executives at the level of Manager and above
  • Grade wise list of employees
  • Employee_Details
  • Format of Application for Information

Corporate Social Responsibility

  HLL, India's leading manufacturers and marketers of Contraceptives, Health Care and Pharma Products, is today on the path of rapid growth. HLL has set its sights to be a Rs 1000 crore company by the year 2010. But apart from increasing the figures in its balance sheet the company is also involved in various Corporate Social Responsibilities which have helped people enrich their lives in one way or the other.   The CSR policy of HLL is to -
“Be a socially responsible corporate entity with thrust on three pillars of sustainable development-Social, Environmental & Economic.”   The various community initiatives by HLL over the past two years are: Health: The Company initiated a massive cleanliness drive in various parts of the city along with the Corporation of Trivandrum and Habitat to face the challenge posed by the spread of vector borne diseases in the city and neighborhood.
HLL is also assisting in the modernization of the Peroorkada General Hospital that serves a vast segment of the city’s population.   It has also conducted free diabetic medical camp by renowned diabetician Dr. Jyothidev Kesavdev for people living near the Akkulam factory, a few kms from the Trivandrum Medical College,.   To ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness at the Anganwadi opposite to the Akkulam Factory, the company constructed and donated toilets for them.
Blood donation -Employees of HLL have been participating regularly in blood donation camps. Also, most of the company employees have given their consent for donating eyes after their death. The forms were handed over to the National organization for the Blind.
Family wellbeing: The Company has contributed to provide pucca houses to the poor families, whose homes were in a dilapidated state in the vicinity of the HLL factory at Peroorkada.   HLL made arrangements to distribute drinking water in Kanagala village near its factory at Kanagala in Belgaum District, and uniforms and other assistance for the school going kids in the village.
Cultural, Educational, Sports initiatives:
The company has been extending financial assistance to various educational, cultural, social and sports organizations for their various activities all over the state. In this area priority has been accorded to activities of students of the state’s school and colleges for organising their various educational events/seminars, cultural and sports activities.
The company has been providing assistance for poor students in Govt. run schools for obtaining uniforms, note books etc. HLL has also been providing assistance for the noon meal scheme for students of the Govt. UP School at Peroorkada.
The company has also provided computers, furniture and uniforms for various schools in the city. Computers were provided to the Mahilamandiram UP School, Trivandrum, Govt. L.P. School, Mangad, Trivandrum and Anandamarg LP School, Trivandrum.. It has also helped in providing the furniture for the computer labs in Govt. Girls High School, Peroorkada and Govt. UP School at Peroorkada, Govt. L.P.School, Mangad, and Govt. UP School, Palkulangara. The company also assisted the Sisu Vihar UP School, Trivandrum and the Govt. UP School at Elamad at Kollam for acquiring books for their Library.
Infrastructure Development:
As a corporate responsibility, HLL has renovated the Kowdiar Park - a major Park in the heart of the city, in front of the Kowdiar Palace at Thiruvananthapuram.  The company also added recreational facilities for Children at the Children’s Park, adjoining this Park. The park is today a major attraction for the citizens of the city who converge here in vast numbers.

Vision & Mission

  • Innovating for Healthy Generations.
  • HLL will establish itself as the Leader in its core activities, through a process of continuous innovation and participatory approach in order to -
      • Provide best value to the customer.
      • Be an employer of choice.
      • Promote the cause of family health in general, and women's health in particular
  • To accomplish the Corporate Vision, HLL has outlined a Mission to be a World Class Health Care Company by the year 2010, with focus on five key areas, namely

  • * Business * Customer * Innovation * Employee and
    * Social Sector initiatives.
  • Business Leadership
      • Attain rapid growth and global levels of operations with cost competitiveness.
      • Be among the top three players in each main product category.
      • Become the organisation to be benchmarked with.
      • Become an acknowledged and admired leader at industry forums.
  • Customer Focus
      • Focus on quality and customer delight at all time
  • Innovation
      • Establish core competence through a process of learning and innovation.
      • Create a culture of continuous innovation resulting in at least 10% of turnover from Research and Development initiative.
  • Employee Satisfaction
      • Strive to be the employer of choice in India with employee satisfaction levels of over 90%.
  • Social Sector Initiatives
      • Be recognized as the leading social organisation in the field of Reproductive and Women's Health, with a commitment to the society - a partner of choice for implementing all government and multi-lateral initiatives in these segments

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