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Insulin Syringe

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DispoVan insulin syringes are manufactured on totally automated printing, assembly and packaging lines as per the requirements of the most stringent quality standards. 31G x 5/16", 'Super-fine' 30Gx5/16" 'Xtra-fine' 29Gx1/2" needles are siliconised to give minimal pain. Presence of low dead space avoids wastage of medication and ensures accurate dosage.
For people who take very small doses (such as children) Twice accuracy of dosage is there in 0.5 ml. Dispovan insulin syringes, due to scale increments of 1 unit as compared to 2 units in 1 ml U 100 syringe.

Auto Disable Syringe

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HMD has remarkably taken the challenge of providing solution to problem of unsafe injection practices arising due to use of reused syringes, by presenting for the first time in India KOJAK SELINGE Non Reusable Syringes which ensure against any possible risk of reusage, as it's plunger component breaks off in case of an attempt to reuse the syringe.

Kojak Selinge is outcome of effort between STAR Syringes of U.K & HMD.
 HMD collaborated with STAR Syringes of U.K., since their technology was innovative, advanced / simple & affordable. It definitely reflects HMD's endeavour to mass-produce 'value for money' products. STAR Syringes own the international patent of the design, which has won the International Millennium Product Design Award of 1999 and the Design Effectiveness Award of 2000 and meets ISO 7886-3 & ISO7886-4 Standards for A.D. Syringes.

Single Use Syringe

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"Ribbon" Packaged, Dispo Van & Unolok Single use syringes with needles mounted on top, are synonymous with quality.

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