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Hrc Fuse Link

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the fuse link body is made of special steatite, which is resistant to alternating temperatures.
the indicator on the front plate clearly indicated the switching condition. The indicator operates reliably upto a voltage of 10v.
the contact blades are made up of electrolytic copper and are silver plated. The fuse elements is directly welded to the blades. The simple rugged design of type sqd fuse links guarantees reliability even in severe ambient conditions.


resistance level : current rating of fuse links should not be less than the full load current of the circuit.
inductive load : fuse links should be selected by motors considering starting transients.
cable protection
motor circuit protection
transformer protection
capacitor protection
semi conductor protection
household protection
florescent lighting
switch disconnector fuse units.

salient features

range 2a to 800a, knife/din type, bs/bolted type, hthf cylindrical type.
capable of interrupting very high breaking capacity upto 80ka.
reduced electromagnetic stress as a result of low cut off current to protect device adequately.
reduced thermal stress because of lower let through fault energy to eliminate mechanical damages.
reduced power consumption because of low watt losses.
suitable for motor starting and switching on power transformer due to superior withstand capacity.
tamper proof characteristic.
good discrimination between major and minor fuse rating.
for special applications special fuselink characterstics are made available.
there is no emission of gas or flames in operation.
very economical protection device.
breaking range & utilization categary - gg
rated breaking capacity - 80ka at 41 5v ac 50 hz
performance remain unaltered through out the service life.
ensure continuity of supply to healthy circuit in the events of faults as the specially designed elements provide positive discrimination.
fully interchangeable with compatible brands.
designed to suit indian & tropical climatic conditions.


Product Code: Type_SQD

Hrc Fuse Link

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we offer high quality ht bolted & be - hrc fuse link

Product Code: Type_Ht-Bolted

Hrc Fuse

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in fuse holder, the fuse base and fuse carrier are made of highest grade phenolic moulding confirming to is : 1300 which have lightness non-hygroscopic, non-inflameable and good tracking resistance properties. The carrier contacts are made of phosphor bronze to give good springiness throughout the service life. The spring action holds the fuse firmly giving good electrical contact and prevents the fuse carrier from coming out of fuse-base due to vibration.
salient features fully conforms to is : 13703, 1993
fully interchangeable with compatible brands
with drawable force within the limits of is.
fuse bases are in three version viz : bakelite, dmc & porcelein.
size : 00,1,2 and 3
ratings : 160a,250a,400a and 630 a.
insulated dmc bases having impact strength, anti-tracking properties, non-inflammable and non-hygroscopic.
silver plated copper contacts for better conductivity and low temperature rise.
special steel springs for better grip and uniform contact pressure.
technival details

rated voltage
rated current
fbb, fbdm, fbpo
415-v ac
  size 00 160a  
  size 01 250a  
  size 02 400a  
  size 03 800a  

Product Code: Type_DIN

Switch Disconnector Fuse Units

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imax switches is uniquely inbuilt, shrouded, compact with generous terminal capacity and a fused short circuit capacity upto 80 ka.
imax switches are feature rich with asthetic looks, elegance, sturdy & economical. Features that no other sdf offers because of these unique characteristic the imax switches are in the frontline of protection.

innovative design

the design of imax switch type fs is based on the innovative : 'quad break' principle. This design enables a drastic reduction in the intensity of arc, which is produced at the time of breaking. During breaking the current path is broken at four places in series, thus the arc is reduced. This leads to less strain on the contacts and the life of the switch is increased.
the moving contacts are designed to make two parallel current paths, which produce high electro-magnetic attraction forces during high faults and increase the contact pressure, this eliminates chance of arcing at the contacts and allow the fuse to safely clear the fault. The self-cleaning contacts ensure wiping of deposits during each operation and increase the life of the contacts.

total safety

the fuses in imax switches type fs are stationary and are isolated at the both the incoming and outgoing ends, this offers complete safety for fuse replacement in off condition.
the switch mechanism is quick-make quick-break i. E. Independent of operating speed. Positive on/off indication is provided at the switch handle and mechanism assembly.
the complete range from 32a to 250a is offered in tp/tpn versions. Phase barriers are provided as a standard feature to prevent any accidental fault between the fuses.


Product Code: Type_FS

Hrc Fuse

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salient features

  • range : ffb, ffdm, ffpo 20, 32, 63 & 100a


  • aperture giving visible indication of operation of hbc fuselinks in mounted position.


  • carrier contact spin-rivetted and fitted in the moulding to ensure perfect alignment with the base contacts.


  • brass base contact block with adequate cable hole to accomodate aluminium conductors.


  • advisable to use crimping type socket or soldering socket when connecting aluminium cable.
  • aluminium conductors can also be directly pinched in the terminal bore of the fuse fitting by adopting the following procedure:-
  • the individual stand of the cable should be spread-out and cleaned with wirewool or emery paper. The cleaned surface should be coated with a thin layer of suitable oxide inhibiting grease.
  • the cables may be terminated using the right size of screw driver for the grub screws and tightened fully.
  • over tightening of use of bigger screws driver should be avoided.
  • at regular intervals tightness may be checked with the right screw driver.
  • should the conductors be disturbed from the terminal bore, it is desirable to remake the connections.

technical details

  1. Type ffb, ffdm, ffpo  
  2. Rated voltage : 415v a. C. 50 hz  
  3. Rated current : 2a to 100a  
  4. Class of operation : gll in accordance with is :13703 part i & ii, iec : 269 & bs : 88  
  5. Confirms to : is : 13703 part - i & ii  
    iec - 269 - ii bs : 88  
  6. Breaking capacity : 80 ka at 415 v a. C. 50 hz


Product Code: Type_BS

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