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Thin Film Equipments

Spin Coating Machine

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Spin coating has been used for several decades for the application of thin films. A typical process involves depositing a small puddle of fluid resin onto the center of a substrate and then spinning the substrate at high speed. Centripetal acceleration will cause the resin to spread to, and eventually off, the edge of the substrate leaving a thin film of resin on the surface. Final film thickness and other properties depend on the nature of the resin (Viscosity, dying rate, percent solids, surface tension etc. ) and the parameters chosen for the spin process.

Holmarc’s spin coating device is a dedicated tabletop device to spin coat small substrates up to 100 mm diameter. The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor with accurate speed and acceleration control. The substrate can be held by either mechanical clamps or by vacuum (for thinner objects). The spin head is provided by a vacuum chuck for holding light substrates. The device has user friendly keyboard and LCD display for programming various parameters. Spin duration, spin speed and acceleration can be programmed from the front panel. The device is compact and complete with electronics built into the unit with minimum footprint. All components in the device are corrosion protected to make it clean room compatible. A transparent cover protects the surroundings by keeping the spin off solution inside the chamber.

Product Code: HO-TH-05

Spray Pyrolysis Equipment

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Spray pyrolysis is a process in which a thin film is deposited by spraying a solution on a heated surface, where the constituent react to form a chemical compound. The chemical reactants are selected such that the products other than the desired compound are volatile at the temperature of deposition. The process is particularly useful for the deposition of oxides and has long been a production method for applying a transparent electrical conductor of Tin oxide (SnO2) or Stannic oxide to glass.

Holmarc’s spray pyrolysis system automates the various fatigue and error creating processes when performed manually. Moreover, parameters like dispensing rate of the solution and speed of spray head movement are controlled precisely which are difficult to be controlled in manual process. A positive displacement pump controlled by stepper motor and microprocessor is used to dispense solution as per requirement. The spray head movement is also controlled by stepper motor driven linear stages in X and Y direction. The temperature of the substrate heater plate is controlled independently through a dedicated controller.

Product Code: HO-TH-04

Dip Coating Unit With Hot Chamber

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In this dip coating unit, the substrate is dipped in the solution and thenwithdrawn in to a heating chamber. Temperature of the chamber can be controlled and fixed up to 75°C from ambient. All other features are same as that of Model : HO-TH-01.
The system has a user friendly front panel with key board and LCD display. It can as well be controlled through a computer. Dip duration, dip speed, baking duration, withdrawal speed etc. are programable features.
Servo motor is used as actuator for vibration free dipping and withdrawal. The device is designed and manufactured as table top device with entire electronics and servo motor housed in a compact unit. A number of substrate can be held to the holder at the same time. Height of the substrate holder can be adjusted with respect to the level of the solution during the experiment.
Experiment List
Actuator         : Stepper motorDrive mechanism : Lead screwSpeed control : AvailablePower input : 230V, 50HzPC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)Stroke length max. : 75mmDrawing speed min. : 1 micron/secDrawing speed max. : 6000 micron/sec

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Product Code: HO-TH-02

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