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Acaricide & Miticide Chemical

Plant Acaricide


Mitigate is a novel and potent acaricide which is highly effective against most phytophagous (plant-eating) mites such as tetranychide, tarsonemidae, eriophyidae etc. On various crops like tea and chilli in india. Globally it is also used on various horticultural crops. Mitigate shows quick knockdown activity against larvae, nymphs and adults, mainly by contact and ingestion. Mitigate shows some moulting inhibitory action on nymphs.


Mitigate disrupts the energy generation process at mitochondrial electron transport at complex 1:


  • Multi Dimensional mite control excellent knockdown
  • Stops Feeding
  • Inhibits oviposition
  • Moulting inhibition

Product Code: Mitigate

Agro Acaricide


Nansulf SC- is an acaricide effective against Red spider mite, Purple mite, and Scarlet mite on Tea. Is an effective fungicide against Powdery mildews and Leaf spots. Is considered safe and eco-friendly. Mixes instantly with water to give a suspension even in hard water. Instant and uniform dispersion in water. It can be sprayed in all weather, though it is advisable to apply it during the coolest period of the day, or when the ambient temperature is low.

Product Code: Nansulf

Fenpyroximate Acaricide


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