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IB Group


Basic Information
Year of Establishment
Nature of Business


While the poultry business is IB Group's oldest venture, it is today involved in a number of other allied businesses. Many of these new ventures have been set up to support the group's poultry business; others have in fact stemmed from the poultry business. Such strategic moves in terms of backward and forward integration have resulted in the IB Group evolving into a self-sufficient and self-sustaining commercial entity.

Group Companies & Areas of Operations

    Indian Agro & Food Industries Ltd.
    ABIS Exports (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    ABIS Dairy.
    Pet Food.

Our Vision

Our Vision
To contribute in however humble way to the gigantic task of producing nutrition for the nation in an environmentally friendly way. Adhering to the highest standard of ethics and quality, therefore creating lasting values for all stakeholders.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy
The IB Group is wholly committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality at every stage of its production and marketing processes. In this endeavour, we utilize the most cutting edge equipment and knowledge resources.

Raw material testing, in-process testing and finished product testing are carried out according to stringent parameters in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

While such labs are present at every one of our facilities, IB Group is all set to make further investments in the creation of an Advanced Central Group L aboratory which will act as the crux of our quality and testing procedures.


At IB Group, we provide you with opportunities that are not only challenging and growth-oriented but also enjoyable and satisfying. If you are keen on learning, experiencing and being part of some of the best practices in the industry, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Chairman's Message

Leading a business corporation in one of the fastest growing economies of the world is both exciting and challenging; more so a corporation like IB Group, whose phenomenal growth I have been witness to, and part of, right from its inception.

With India poised to grow at an estimated 9% in the coming year, the overall business outlook in the country is extremely optimistic. Development is expected in almost every sector.

Coming to the poultry sector which forms a key area of operation for IB Group, we can sense that consumer mindsets and consumption habits are undergoing a change. India which has thus far been a primarily 'live bird' oriented market, is seeing a gradual increase in consumption of processed/frozen chicken in urban regions.

This trend could be attributed to a growing emphasis on safe, packaged products that are convenient to stock and use. It has also been supported by the rising presence of modern retail formats which possess the infrastructure to stock processed meats. For IB Group, this poses a whole new opportunity and we are confident of successfully meeting the changing needs of the consumer.

We also look forward to making big strides in our more recent ventures, which include our refined edible oils business and our fish and shrimp feed business.

Our team of professionals at IB Group has performed impeccably not only during good times but also during trying circumstances such as the recession. There is no doubt that they will continue to propel the company forward, ably assisted by the many new minds that have joined us in the recent past.

We at IB Group look ahead with eagerness and renewed vigor to meeting all the expectations, challenges and demands that we are faced with.

MD's Message

Each year at IB Group brings with it a fresh burst of activity, novel ideas, more milestones, higher ambitions. This year is no different.

This is a company at the cusp of new changes and newer horizons; and it is my pleasure and privilege to represent this dynamic organization and its phenomenal team.

IB Group's growth story has been crafted to a large extent through strategic backward and forward integration moves and diversification into new businesses. This has provided the company with much needed balance and stability, and buffered it during times of economic recession.

Today, even as the economic condition in the country continues to improve, IB Group is looking forward to strengthening its existing businesses and forging ahead into new ones. A growing economy is expected to increase consumer spending power and in turn lead to higher consumption patterns. This is likely to boost demand for our poultry as well as dairy products.

The IB Group is also looking to leverage the potential offered by the development of the retail sector as well as the demand from hotels and restaurants. The poultry industry in India is estimated to grow from the current Rs 25000 crore to a whopping Rs 80000 crore in the next two decades.

We at IB Group will leave no stone unturned in making our contribution to the expansion and development of the poultry industry, as well as many other industrial sectors in the near future. We will also remain committed to working towards the betterment of society and the environment through our many CSR initiatives.

Director's Desk

IB Group is an organization with a truly progressive work ethic and culture. The company is never one to be still; it is constantly in motion, spreading its wings into newer arenas and conquering new challenges.

It is our aim to preserve this inherent dynamism that the organization possesses.

There are many plans in the pipeline, intended to take the organization to the next level. Some of our recent ventures hold tremendous promise in terms of propelling IB Group forward. These include the solvent extraction and refinery unit, fish and shrimp feed unit, soya flour unit etc. We will also be leveraging new opportunities or need-gaps that could arise in the market in the near future.

Dedication and team work have been integral to the success of IB Group. While according due respect to its inspiring leaders and senior staff members, the organization remains open to infusing more young minds into the fold.

The atmosphere is rife with excitement and enthusiasm as we look forward to more good times at IB Group. We are confident that our efforts will produce rich dividends not just for the company but also for our customers. At the same time, we will strive to make a significant contribution towards Indian society in general through our CSR initiatives.
Indian Broiler Group
The pursuit of excellence is rarely easy; but it can be extremely fulfilling. At IB Group, the commitment to excellence is ingrained in each and every member of the organization, which forms the foundation of its success.

Our systems and functions are powered by some very advanced infrastructure apart from exceptionally dedicated and knowledgeable people. This fine balance between the human element and technological expertise has been, and will always be, our biggest strength.

Over the years, consistent efforts have been made to incorporate best practices and latest developments into every sphere of our business units.

In the recent past we have witnessed the successful implementation of SAP within the group. In the coming months, we will be involving ourselves in further modernization efforts to enhance process efficiency and product quality. This endeavor will be supported by our strong research base, our love for innovation, our incredible team of dedicated professionals and the heartening state of the Indian economy.

IB Group has remained resilient during difficult times and made rapid strides whenever the environment has been favourable. It is our aim to keep this trend alive in the coming decades and accept the challenges with optimism.

Corporate Social Responsibilies

Corporate Social Responsibilies
The IB Group truly believes in giving back to society; it has taken up various initiatives in a bid to make a difference to society. 
  • 2500 children from below poverty line families have been adopted and provided English medium boarding school facility, which covers their education, food and shelter needs.

  • The IB Group is involved in environment conservation by means of its tree plantation efforts. Over 100000 trees have been planted till date, in keeping with the Hariyar Chattisgarh (Green Chattisgarh) initiative of the Chattisgarh government.

  • Employees of the group are contributing 1% of their salary to provide higher quality education to children of employees of the group.

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Rajesh Kumar ( Logistic Department ) IB Group Post & Village Indamara, NH-6, Rajnandgaon - 491441, Chhattisgarh, India

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