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Batteries and Chargers

The Company deals in its products, namely, Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers and Flashlights under the Brand name “IMMENSE” duly registered in India.

All its products are of excellent quality and have undergone extensive testing and deliver optimum value for Customer’s money.


The description is give below:

We are a leading Supplier & Importer of Super Heavy Duty Batteries such as R6 AA Super Heavy Duty 1.5v Battery and R03 AAA Super Heavy Duty 1.5v Battery from India.

Performance-These batteries can efficiently operate High drain devices which require high current and energy like Digital Camera, Toys, Remotes etc.

Durability-These are high energy density batteries and last many times longer than normal Carbon Zinc batteries. Their comparable efficiency keeps increasing as the device requirement for high power increases. Higher the current drainage requirement, better the comparable performance.

Economy-These batteries offer better skewed Cost-performance ratio in comparison to normal carbon zinc batteries.

Environment friendly-These batteries are” green product” since they do not contain Mercury or Cadmium.

Shelf life-These have longer expiry period and perform better at low temperature in comparison to normal batteries.



Under this category, we offer:


Longest lasting primary battery and it lasts many times longer when used in high drain devices such as Digital Camera.

A unique distinguishing feature of these batteries is that it can operate in extreme temperatures of -20 degrees to 50 degrees.

Since these batteries contain Lithium, they are almost 33% lighter in weight than compared to Alkaline batteries

These batteries can perform even after 10 years of storage hence have outstanding retention characteristics and therefore shelf life.

These batteries are Environment friendly since they do not contain Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.

Under this, our offerings are:

These flashlights are intended for personal use and include LED bulbs ensuring long life.

All our flashlights have LED instead of Krypton bulb hence are much long lasting and energy efficient.

Each model is uniquely designed and as such caters to specific and general use of an individual.

Under this category, we offer

These torches carry Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries and can therefore be re-charged many times. They are aesthetically built and hence are easy to carry and are very portable.

Since they carry Li-Ion batteries, they are very light in weight and are not prone to consistent leakages as is generally the case with rechargeable torches carrying Lead-Acid batteries.


 Also, this consists of Solar rechargeable flashlights which use solar energy for recharging and are very environment friendly.


Under this category, we provide:


We provide Chargers, that are of high quality. Our chargers have gained appreciation for their easiest as well as the smooth functions.
Manufactured with the finest quality raw material, our offered chargers are also highly reliable and also provide a longer service life. In order to meet the requirements of the customers, these are available with us in various models and specifications.

These chargers can charge NiMH and NiCD rechargeable batteries very efficiently so as to provide maximum power and capacity ensuring long life of batteries. They are easy to use and are portable.

They can charge various sizes viz. AA. AAA and 9v


We offer:


This charger is a very unique offering.

This chargers normal Alkaline batteries besides charging NiMH and NiCD rechargeable batteries.

This has a non-edgy design and a lead for flexible charging.

This is easy to use and is very portable.

This can charge sizes both AA & AAA

Briefly, this has:


These batteries last up to 1000 cycles of Charge and Discharge, hence are very economical and offer excellent value for money.

These batteries give consistent voltage of 1.2 volts and have low resistance and high energy density giving enough power to High drain devices besides being very rugged.

The present technology ensures virtually no crystallization and therefore no Memory effect in these batteries.

Under this category, we have:


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