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The Hatchery & The Breeder


A state-of-the-art hatchery forms the hub of the massive egg business of the group. It has extremely stringent hygiene and quality standards and is equipped with cutting edge technology and ultra-modern machines.

The Hatchery has a large, modern Breeder Farm attached to it, which is the group's backward integration step of producing commercial flock for its Broiler Farm. The breeder is reared in deep litter with slatted floor under automated environmental control system with nipple drinkers, automatic feeding and silos.

The Organic Fertilizer Plant


Environmental issues have always been very close to the hearts of the Promoters of the group. It has therefore set up a highly sophisticated, latest generation Organic Fertilizer manufacturing facility to fulfil varying agro needs.

Realizing the fact the synthetic fertilizers pose a serious threat to human health as well as agricultural farms, water bodies and animals it decided to manufacture international quality organic pelleted fertilizers specifically tailored to Indian needs.

The Dairy Farm


In line with its vision of offering the highest quality of nutritional products the company diversified into Dairy Farming.

In India this traditionally has been an unorganised sector activity where even very large Dairies depend on co-operatives collecting milk from thousands of small cattle owners geographically dispersed over hundreds of kilometres. Making it impossible to control the quality of milk.

The Indian Broiler Group decided strategically the different approach of having its own high yielding animals. The group apart from employing high technology, for the first time brought international standards of genetically breeding its specified crossbreeds suiting the Indian requirements and controlling the various parameters for milk production under highly hygienic and monitored conditions at a single farm.

The milk produced is thus of a consistent and superior quality. The company has over 2000 high yielding animals and markets its own ‘ ABIS ' packaged and branded milk through its highly penetrative distribution network. It is a matter of pride for the company that the demand for its brand of milk always exceeds its supply, but since the company does not collect outside milk and the natural process of its own cattle multiplying is a slow process it can only increase capacity gradually.

An advanced laboratory at the farm ensures quality of feed, water and raw material is constantly monitored, as is the quality of milk. A team of highly qualified and experienced Veterinary Doctors at the farm also monitor the health of the cattle as well as ensure the breeding programme follows the planned course.

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