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Aim / Vision / Mission

We use “more than one system of medicine" to bring relief to patient suffering from chronic skin diseases .The IAD integrates the beneficial effects of traditional therapies (eg.Ayurveda) with modern biomedicine(Allopathy) through reverse pharmacology research. We work for chronic and “neglected disease” of skin like Filariasis, Vitiligo ,Lichen Planus, Psoriasis ,leprosy deformities &HIV/AIDS .

Team / Manpower

Director And Head

Dr.S.R.Narahari, MD, DVD,

Consultant in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Leprosy & Dermatology

Prof. Ravish Thunga

Head, department of Psychiatry KMC Mangalore

International Advisors For Lymphoedema Treatment

Prof Terence J Ryan,

Department of dermatology, Oxford medical school, Oxford, UK

Prof Christine Moffatt,

Director Lymphoedema framework, Thames Valley University, London, UK

Ms. Regina Forster,

Physiotherapist, Foldiklinik GmbH, Hiterzarton, Germany

Principal, Administration & Communications

Dr. K. S. Bose,

Department Of Integrated Dermatology & Treatment

Dr. M. Guruprasad Aggithaya, MD Consultant in Ayurveda

Dr. B. Naresh, BAMS, Consultant in Ayurveda

Dr. K. S. Prasanna, MBBS, DVD,Consultant in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Leprosy & Dermatology

Dr. V.K.Varunishriram DPM Psychiatrist

Dr. Satyanarayana, M.B.B S, MS, General surgeon

Member Secretary, Institutional Ethics Committee

Dr. Pradeep Kumar, BAMS,

Lymphoedema Treatment Team

Ms. Neethu Jacob, MSW, Patients Relations Officer and lymphoedema Counselor

Mr. Vivekananda, Pharmacist & Compression provider

Mr.Jayanth, Yoga therapist

Ms.Vasanthi, Lymphoedema therapist

Ms.Anitha, Lymphoedema therapist

Miss.Chandrakala, Multi Purpose Health Worker

Community Dermatology-HIV/AIDS Awareness And Prevention

Mr.Rojith MathewMSW, Field Programme Coordinator-Suraksha

Mrs. Sandhya Madhavan, Accountant-Suraksha

Mr. K.Shridhar Patali, Out Reach worker -Suraksha

Mr. Mahabala Naik, Out Reach worker-Suraksha

Mr.Nithish.M.George MSW,Team leader & coordinator -Child line

Mrs. Rathnamala.K. Paraprofessional -Child line

Mrs. Nirupama.K.R. Team member -Child line

Mrs. Mallika.M Team member- Child line

Mr. Sreejith.K.S. Team member- Child line

Mr. Karunakaran.B.K. Team member- Child line

Mr. Abdhulrahiman.P.M. Team member- Child line

Mr. Mohammed Irshad.K.M. Team member- Child line

Mr.Axaruddein.A. Team member -Child line

Mrs.Tahira, Secretary & Positive Speaker-HOPE

Mr.Mohammed ,President-HOPE

Local Liaison

Mr.A.A.Abdul RahimanLocal Steering Committee Chairman,

General Administration

Mr. Suraj ,Statistician

Mr. Sajith K.T Accountant-1

Mrs. Saraswathi, Accountant-2

Mrs. Madhuri S. Bose, Office Secretary

Mr. Shrikanth K.S Manager- Social Marketing

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Chairman & Director Dr. S.R. Narahari, is a dermatologist, trained in modern biomedicine. He hails from a background in agriculture from a village located 70km away from Kasaragod .He trained a team of doctors from different systems of medicine at Institution of Applied Dermatology in the year 1999.
Dr. S.R. Narahari MD
DVD (Modern dermatology)
Chairman & Director

Our Founders

Prof. [Late] S.A.Dahnukar
Dean, G.S.Medical College & KEM Hospital
Dr A.Ravish Thunga MD

Prof. R. Sajith Kumar
Physician, Government Medical College
Dr. Salih Mundol Ahmed
Family Physician

Prof . Sebastian Criton
Head of the department of Dermatology
Amala Institute of Medical Sciences
Dr T A Bailoor MD

Prof. Laxmi. V. Nair
Former head of the dept. of Dermatology
Govt.Medical College,Kozhikode
Presently working as senior consultant in dermatology
PVS hospital, Calicut
Dr. Prakash. K. H.
Regional Technical Advisor-Infection
Control & Patient Safety Becton
Dickenson India Ltd

Our Team

Our Team

Dr. S. R. Narahari (Dermatology)
Dr. K. S Prasanna (Dermatology)
Dr. K. S.Bose (Homeopathy)
Dr. Guruprasad Aggithaya (Ayurveda)
Dr. Narayana Pradeep
Mrs. Praseeda
Mr. Vivekananda `
Ms. Sheena Mol George
Ms. Reshma
Mr. Jayanth
Mrs. Vasanthi
Mrs. Leela
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
Mrs. Yashodha
Ms. Rajeshwari
Ms. Padmini
Mr. Sajith .K.T
Ms. Saraswathi
Mr. Shantha Kumari
Ms. Kavitha Mr. A.A Vikasana Abdul Rahman
Mrs. Liji
Mrs. Sandhya
Mr. Shreedhara Patali
Mr. Mahabala Naik
Mr. Jayan. A.K
Mr. Shivalal
Mr. Udaykumar M
Ms. Rathnamala K
Ms. Nirupama KR
Ms. Remya N
Mr. Ananda M
Mr. Shashikumar O
Mr. Mahesh
Mr. Abdul Latheef
Ms. Rathnavathi
Mr. Shreejith
Ms. Baby

Our Mission

Our Mission

Institute of Applied Dermatology's (IAD) primary purpose is the research and papplication of integrative medicine-combining the benefits of Allopathy with Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and other traditional Indian medicine to treat neglected and difficult skin & sexually transmitted diseases. IAD collaborates with research institutions and individuals locally, nationally and around the world to drive global attention in the field of integrative medicine.IAD aims to be a premier provider of applied research and treatment in this field. IAD creates psocial impact by driving health awareness in the local community through peer education, poverty palleviation and working with governmental bodies.

Memberships / Affiliations

  • Indian Council for Medical Research,Govt. of India ,New Delhi
  • Department of Science and technology Govt. of India New Delhi
  • Lymphoedema frame work London, UK
  • Lymphovenous Canada

  • Joanna Briggs Institute Australia
  • Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
  • Kerala State Council for Science Technology & Environment, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Golden Triangle partnership scheme, Govt of India, New Delhi
  • nternational Society of Lymphology
  • International Cochrane Skin Centre for evidence based dermatology, Nottingham, UK
  • Child line India foundation
  • The Earth Trust, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
  • M S Swaminathan Foundation, Kalpetta
  • Swdeshi science movement, Kasaragod
  • Kerala State AIDS Control Society
  • Mangalore University
  • Roshani Nilaya, Deemed University, Mangalore
  • Bellikoth Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Development ,Kasaragod


684 lymphoedema-Elephantiasis (Filarial), Primary, Secondary and Genital lymphoedema patients treated during 2004-2008 December achieved 50-70% reduction of limb size within a period of 6 months


  • New Medical Development of India” - recognized by the Indian Council for Medical Research in 2006
  • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Lymphoedema, London – 2006
  • Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering (USA)
  • Won the President's Prize of International Society of Lymphology - 2005
  • Cited as “most useful for researchers of indigenous systems” by The National Medical Journal of India - 2005
  • Won the Gold medal - National Congress on "Ayurveda as evidence-based medicine - 2006 "
  • National Seminar -conducted 3 peer review national seminars in 2005,2007 and 2008

Awards & Recognition

Year Title Area
2011 Neutrogena oration award By Indian association of dermatology, venereology and leprosy during the annual meeting of dermatologists of India

2009 Excellence in Lympoedema Practice By Journal of Lympho- edema and Wounds UK during International Lym- phoedema Framework conference held at Ascot, London.

2006 Gold medal National Congress on "Ayurveda as evidence based medicine "

2005 International society of Lymphology
president's award original work received during 20th International congress held at Brazil

2004 Bees bursary A developing country scholarship of British epidermo-epidemiological society, Nottingham for three weeks training in evidence based dermatology in UK

To,Institute Of Applied Dermatology

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