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Methyl Bromide Chemical

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Methyl bromide is a broad spectrum pesticide used in the control of pest insects, nematodes, weeds, pathogens, and rodents. In the U.S., about 21,000 tons (42,000,000 pounds) of methyl bromide are used annually in agriculture, primarily for soil fumigation (85%), as well as for commodity and quarantine treatment (10%), and structural fumigation (5%). Globally, about 72,000 tons (143,000,000 pounds) are used each year, with North American use the highest (38%), followed by Europe (28%), Asia (22% - includes Israel and the Mid-East), with South America and Africa combined using the least (12%). Methyl bromide in the stratosphere comes from both natural and anthropogenic sources on earth. Natural sources of methyl bromide, such as the ocean, plants, and soil, can also be a sink for this material. For example, while the ocean was at one time considered to be a major source of atmospheric methyl bromide, it now appears to be a net sink. Scientists continue to measure atmospheric chemistry both in the troposphere and stratosphere to better understand this issue The chemical name (IUPAC, CAS) for methyl bromide is bromomethane, and it is classified as a alkyl bromide. It is a colorless and odorless gas at normal temperatures and pressures, but the liquified gas can be handled as a liquid (14.4 lb/gal) under moderate pressure. The specific gravity at 0 C and 760 mm Hg is 1.732, with a vapor density of ~3.27, boiling point of 3.6 C (38.5 F), vapor pressure at 20 C of 1400 mm/Hg (at 40 C it is 2600 mm/Hg), and the viscosity is 0.22 centistokes at 0 C. Methyl bromide is readily soluble in lower alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, and carbon disulfide.

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Chloropicrin Chemical

Chloropicrin is a known herbicide, insecticide, weedicide & nematicide. Chloropicrin, has been there for the last 75 years. Initially, it was used for staining Methyl Bromide. As Methyl Bromide is a odourless gas and it's leakage cannot be identified. Chloropicrin was added to it so that the leakage could be recognised. Later Chloropicrin, started to be used as a soil fumigant & is today a very widely used soil fumigant. Intech Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has been producing Chloropicrin since 1999 and initially was only used for its captive use. Now, Chloropicrin is a full fledged product for us and it has a huge growth potential. We at Intech Pharma constantly strive at improving the quality of our products.

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