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Chemistry Equipment

Bunsen Burner

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Bunsen burners are made of thick brass chrome plated pipe with screw air regulators painted. These bunsen burners have light weight base with LPG & PG nipples. The high quality of our burners is being assured by the stringent tests we perform before supplying these to the clients. These are available in two different specifications such as:

  • Bunsen Burner: Designed with duco painted heavy base supplied with LPG & PG nipples.
  • Bunsen Burner With Stop Cock: These are provided with brass stop cock

Water Bath

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We offer our clients with double walled water bath at highly competitive prices. Made of mild steel, the outer frame of these double walled water bath are covered in white powder coating paint. Its inside part is made of SS and is provided with thermostat to control the temperature. The top of the bath and the concentric rings are constructed of highly polished stainless steel and are properly electrically heated. The two models are:

  • 6 Holes
  • 12 Holes

Lab Plasticware

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Our lab plasticware equipment are available to our clients at highly competitive prices. These are made of quality raw materials by using various sophisticated machines. We offer our clients quality lab plasticware with the customized solutions for their complete satisfaction. The various plastic wares we offer are Analytical Funnel, Animal Cage, Aspirator Bottles, Atomic Model Set, Beakers, Buchner Funnel, Burette, Carboy, Carrier tray, Centrifuge Tube, Conical Flask, conical Measures, connectors(T&Y-New,cross,L shaped), Coplin Jar, Crystal Model set, Cyro Box, Cyro Coders, Cyro Rack, Cyro Vial-Internal Thread, Desiccator, Draining Basket, Draining Rack, Dropping Bottle, Fisher Clamp, Flask Stand, Float Rack, Funnel Holder, Funnel Long Stem, Heavy Duty Vaccum Bottle, Ice Bucket, Industrial Funnels, Instrument Tray , Kipp's Apparatus, Laboratory Tray, Leclanche Cell Pot, L Shaped spreader, Magenta Box, Measuring cylinders, Measuring Jugs, Medicine Cup, MCT Box, MCT Twin Rack, Micro Pestle , Micro Test Plates, Micro Tip Box, Narrow Mouth Bottle, Nestler Cylinder Stand, Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes, PCR Tube Rack, Petri Dish, Pipette Box, Pipette Pump, Pipette Stand, Plantation Pots, Pneumatic Trough , Policemen Stirring Rods, Powder Funnels, Rack for Micro Centrifuge, Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Rack for Petri Dishes, Rack for Scintillation Vial, Reagent Bottles, Regent Reservoir, Rectangular Jar, Retort Stand, Ria Vial, Sample Container, Seperatory Funnel, Seperatory funnel Holder, Scintillation Vial, Simple Cell Pot, Slide Box, Slide Mailer , Slide Storage Rack, Soft Loop Sterile, Spatula , Specimen Jar, staining Box, Stirrers, stool Container, Stop Cocks, Storage Boxes, Storage Vials, Test Tube Baskets, Test Tube Cap, Test Tube Peg Rack, Test Tube Stand, Test Tube with Screw Cap, Universal Multi rack, Universal Reagent Reservoir, Utility Tray, Urine Containter, Volumetric Flask , Wash Bottle, Wide Mouth Square Bottle , Wide Mouth Wash Bottle.

Porcelain Ware

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We offer porcelain ware used for crushing, grinding, and mixing of substances in chemical experimentation. It proves to be a handful as it helps grinding seeds, leaves and crystals. Our range of porcelain ware includes various equipments such as mortar and pestle. The salient features are as follow:

  • Low permeability
  • High strength
  • Hard
  • High resistance to chemical attacks

Laboratory Balance

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Our laboratory balances are used to assist the working of varied chemical experiments. Known for their accurate measurement of weights, laboratory balances consists of a single pan, low form beam that will weigh up to 2610g when used with supplementary masses. The three notched weighing beams with center are used for indicating sliding masses. The balances have weighing capacity of 610 gm and can be enhanced up to 2610 grams by attaching additional beams on the ends of the beams. Moreover, these additional weights can be stored in the recessed base when not required, with magnetic damping for quick weighing. Digital electronic balances in various weighing catagory are also available.

Laboratory Ovens

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Our laboratory ovens are useful as they are used for functioning of varied chemical industries for varied experimentation and manufacturing processes which require heating. These laboratory ovens are being provided to our clients with customized solutions to ensure their complete satisfaction. The salient features are as follow:

  • Comprises of double walled structure with the inner chamber being made up of aluminum and stainless steel sheet
  • The outer body is made up of thick mild steel sheet There is a gap of 7.5 cms between the chamber and the body filled with good quality of glass wool for proper insulation
  • An air ventilator is also provided at the top of the oven to prevent its over heating The chamber has 2/3 adjustable shelves for easy operation
  • It also has double walled door which is fitted with an automatic roller
  • It has To and FRO latch the body, which is finished with gray hammer-tone or white paint
  • Does not have a thermometer but is provided with a continuous variable thermostat which controls the temperature from 10° C above ambient temperature to 250°C within the accuracy of ±1° C
  • A heating element is wounded along with sides and bottom of the oven
  • Complete with two pilot lamps cord and plug pin etc
  • Works on a voltage of 220/230 volts 50 Hz. A.C

Mercury Thermometers

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Our wide range of mercury thermometers is well known for their immaculately accurate temperature measurement in laboratories. It achieves optimum temperature and temperature gradients which helps in obtaining accurate experimental results. The mercury thermometers delivers best results when totally immersed in liquids. The salient features are as follow:

  • Filled with mercury whose sensitivity delivers accurate results
  • Stem is engraved with white enameled back enabling the clear viewing of the readings
  • 5-7 mm diameter with appropriate length
  • Reinforced bulbs in card board case
  • Results with a ±1° of accuracy

Retort Clamp

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We are engaged in the manufacturing of retort clamp, stand & boss head used for varied chemical experiments. The machine is threaded with a washer and a hexagonal nut. The retort clamp includes the following:

  • A cast iron rectangular base
  • Stove painted hammer tone
  • Hole of 12.5 mm diameter
  • Mild steel rod chrome plated threading on one end, and a half round on the other end.

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