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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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Interfusion has diversified into the the Renewable Energy Sector with design and installation of 100KWp roof top solar plant. The solar plants are available both from Indian & Chinese manufacturers as per customer requirements. Solar panels of fixed and rotating type are available for installation.

Flat solar modules are mounted on roof top and convert energy from sunlight into direct current (DC) energy. A device called an inverter then changes the DC energy into alternating current (AC) electricity. This can be used to power the household appliances. A grid-connected system can feed excess energy into the electricity network (grid), while a standalone system needs a battery to store excess energy.

Solar panels work best when they’re south facing in Northern Hemesphere & north facing in Southern Hemesphere, pointed directly at the sun, at the correct angle and not blocked by trees or shading. The effectiveness of solar panels also depends on location and the weather.

A solar photovoltaic module generates more electrical power when more sunlight power incidents on it. The sunlight power incident on a module depends not only on the power contained in the sunlight but also on the angle between the module and the sun’s rays. When the sun’s rays fall normally on the module’s surface, the incident sunlight power is maximum. The amount of sunlight power incident on the module’s surface is the component of the incoming sunlight power perpendicular to the module’s surface.

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Rs 8,900Piece(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 8,900 per Piece(s)
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Rs 65Piece(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 65 per Piece(s)
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Rs 370Piece(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 370 per Piece(s)
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Rs 2,000Piece(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 2,000 per Piece(s)
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