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Medical Equipments

Cook Aspiration Unit

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COOK Aspiration Unit

The COOK Aspiration Unit is used to provide a low-flow, regulated vacuum pump up to 500mm hg for general suction.
The Cook Aspiration Unit is a precision-built, regulated vacuum pump designed specifically for ovum aspiration.
The Cook Aspiration Unit has a rapid suction response at the needle tip when the pedal is activated, and is able to hold constant vacuum settings accurately for long periods.
The vacuum pressure can be boosted to clear blockages in the ovum aspiration needle by activating the boost button on the front panel of the unit.
Ultra-quiet, vibration-free operation. Volume-adjustable tone indicates when vacuum is applied.
Easy-to-read LED display indicates vacuum.
Pressure indicated in either mm Hg or kPa.
Foot pedal allows hands-free operation.
COOK Aspiration Unit, Connecting Tube with Hydrophobic Filter and Foot Pedal Actuator

Cook Guardia Obturator

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COOK Guardia Obturator

Used to supplement and assist uterine access of an approved embryo transfer catheter for placement of IVF embryos into the uterine cavity.
Adjustable length works with a variety of COOK Medical catheters.
Fits a number of other embryo transfer catheters.
Hub locks in place for greater precision.
COOK Guardia Obturator
Reference Part Number Fr Length
Stiff Adjustable Obturator
J-UOB-4028-ST 4.0 28

Cook Transcervical Pelvic Venogram (TPV) Set

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COOK Transcervical Pelvic Venogram (TPV) Set

The COOK TPV set is used to inject water-soluble contrast medium first into the uterine cavity for a basic hysterogram and then directly into the fundal myometrium to perform pelvic venography.
Set contains nylon access catheter with bulb tip and stainless steel injection needle.
This set is used in the diagnosis of pelvic congestion syndrome as a component of chronic pelvic pain.
Radiopaque platinum-iridium bands at 1 cm increments.
Intended for one-time use.
COOK Transcervical Pelvic Venogram (TPV) Set

Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon(CRB)

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COOK Cervical Ripening Balloon(CRB)

The COOK CRB is used for mechanical dilation of the cervical canal prior to labor induction at term when the cervix is unfavorable for induction. Please refer to Instructions for Use for complete information on product usage, proper indications and contraindications.
100% silicone construction.
Contains no latex.
Intended for one-time use.
COOK Cervical Ripening Balloon
Reference Part Number Fr Length
Balloon Volume
J-CRB-184000 18 40 80

Cook Flexipet Adjustable Handle

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The COOK Flexipet adjustable handle is used with the COOK Flexipet pipettes for handling gametes and embryos.
Aspiration volume can be present from 0.25 L to 3.0 L.
Provides the fine control necessary for Oocyte , embryo and/or blastomere manipulation.
COOK Flexipet Adjustable Handle
Reference Part Number
Replacement O-Ring Set

Cook Fleximate

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COOK Microcise Fleximate Flexipet Manipulation Denuding Tool

The COOK microcise Fleximate has been designed to provide vacuum to a Flexipet for the aspiration of an Oocyte or embryo and for the denuding of oocyte cumulus complex.
Designed to accept any size COOK Flexipet
Made to fit flush over the COOK Flexipet holder or index finger
Facilitates ergonomic denuding and manipulation of an oocyte or embryo
Provides great tactile feedback and control
100% silicone construction
Single-use product helps prevent cross-contamination
COOK Fleximate
Reference Part Number

Cook Roadrunner

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COOK Roadrunner® PC Wire Guide (with Slip-Coat® Hydrophilic Coating)

This COOK wire guide is used as an initial access wire guide in cases demanding enhanced control and high radiopacity.
Nitinol core construction provides rigidity and one-to-one torque control.
Slip-Coat is a microthin layer of hydrophilic polymer that, when activated, attracts and holds water and other liquids to the wire guide, creating a low-friction surface.
Includes Olcott Torque Device to assist with wire guide manipulations.
COOK Roadrunner Hydrophilic PC Wire Guide
Reference Part Number Fr Length
Taper Length
J-RFPC-035060 0.035/0.89 60 7
Slip-coat is a registered trademark of Angiotech Biocoatings Corp.

Clinical Laser Assisted Hatching

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Hamilton Thorne: Zilos-tk Laser

Manufacture in Boston, U.S.A. maintaining highest Quality Assurance standards.

FDA approved Class I Laser.
The Hamilton Thorne Zilos-tk offers safe and precise computerized laser delivery for assisted hatching and embryo biopsy and provides solutions not found on any other system. The hardware and software features of the ZILOS-tk work together seamlessly tp provide a sophisticated yet easy-to-use and safe laser system for ART.
Isotherm ring shows the actual heat conduction produced by the selected laser pulse
Any adjustments to the laser settings automatically factored into calculated Isotherm Rings and showed on screen immediately
The Zilos-tk laser is aligned once at the factory and locked into place(thus, physical laser alignment accuracy assured as no tedious alignment procedure involved)
A click on the mouse and you are ready to go with the computer generated target on to the laser spot

Cook Precision Holding Pipettes

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Hamilton Thorne : Lykos

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