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Water Purifier

We are having Water Purifiers, which are working upon the RO technology for water purification. These highly advanced systems remove all the dirt, colloids and suspended particles apart from killing the bacterias. Clients can avail these systems at most competitive prices.

UV is natures way of puritIca' UV is a band invisible In the electromagnetic spec-J..— in the range o' 200-400 wavelengths Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers,  . The UV wavelenc-: of 253.7 nm possesses he greatest germicidal effectiveness. which penetrates the microbial cell membrane to destroy the DNA molecule, thus preventing cell replication.
UV is natures way of puritIca' UV is a band invisible In the electromagnetic spec-J..— in the range o' 200-400 wavelenghts. The UV wavelenc-: of 253.7 nm possesses he greatest germicidal effectiveness. which penetrates the microbial cell membrane to destroy the DNA molecule, thus preventing cell replication.

Our highly advanced and sophisticated Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems make the impurities vanish from the water and let it retain its original taste with essential minerals. Developed as per IS: 14543:1998, our systems remove the physical impurities like suspended particles, dirt and colloid from the bore water, open well water or municipal water. Further, the dissolved impurities like harmful minerals, fluoride and others are also removed.

Using the world's best RO technology, our systems work upon a simple process of passing water through a module made of membranes. The water that is free from all impurities and toxic chemicals is collected as parameters and the toxic chemicals, germs and salt are flushed out to give sweet water.

Technical Specifications:








capacity liter/hour







no. of membrane(size)








1(36 vdc)

1(48 vdc)

2(48 vdc)

1(400 vac)

1(750 vac)

1(750 vac)

electric specification 230 v 50hz







intel pressure kg/sq cm

0. 5

0. 5

0. 5

1. 5

1. 5

1. 5

working pressure

428x300x 275

650x350x 200

750x525x 200

1250x525x 300

1250x525x 300

1500x1100x 450

recovery per cycle










  • Flushing system
  • Antiscalant dosing system
  • 3 year pro-data warranty

We are providing the clients with Ultra Violet Water Purifier Systems, which are designed to ensure that one drinks completely natural, tasty and purified water. Our water purification systems are designed in designed in such a manner that only safe drinking water is delivered without changing present structure of water lines in entire commercial establishment. These systems work simply upon the UV radiations ability to kill the bacteria presents in the water. Our systems provide an easy method to clean the water most effectively and economically.



  • Stainless steel UV chamber
  • Vertical & horizontal installation facility
  • No toxic chemicals are used hence no residual effects
  • Low installation and operating cost ( 1 paisa per 1000 liters )
  • Largest modules up to 1 lac liter/hour capacity are available on request
  • Reliable 7 effective test results which are certified from reputed organizations

We are having the Ozonator Generators. These highly modern Ozonator Water Treatment System are completely synchronized & fool proof and possesses the most sophisticated technology for making ozone from nature itself. The ozone is produced by passing air with about 21% of O2 content through two concentric electrodes having a dielectric in between them. To produce the corona discharge, a high voltage is applied between both electrodes. As the air starts passing through the high voltage electric field, it starts getting converted into the ozone. The ozone generator that we offer contains compressor, air dryer, and oxygen encirclement unit. It also has ozone cell, regulating system, porous plug, diffuser, injector and ozone resistant pipe. For proper functioning, the ozone generator should be placed in cover shed that is away from fire and try to place it near to sump/well/overhead tank or main.



  • Ozone is highly active , economical & Eco - friendly gas for killing virus and bacteria in water and air
  • Ozone (O3) is an unstable molecule of oxygen and it gets broken, as soon as it enters the water, to become Oxygen (O2) and nascent oxygen (O)
  • The nascent oxygen has two negative charges and it reacts with carbon & hydrogen molecules and forms CO22O and H
  • Since, all virus & bacteria are formed by carbon and hydrogen elements, as the nascent oxygen breaks these viruses and bacteria are removed
  • Mo poisonous cell is allowed by the ozone in water and it gets mixed with water as oxygen i. e. Prana
  • It is eco-friendly

We have with us, Stand Along Water Purification systems that are provided with a container for holding the water purification material therein. These purification systems include a shroud that is extended in the direction of flow of debris laden water. By directing the water and debris over the shroud, it inhibits direct flow of debris into a water and around the water purification device. Further, a portion of the water can be directed laterally into the water purification material within the water purification device. This helps in purifying the water that has flown over the water purification material with the device. The stand alone water purification device that we offer includes multiple spaced and positioned water inlets in order to completely obstruct the remote likelihood of the water inlet.

Offering Domestic RO Water Systems that are specifically designed for rendering clean and drinkable water for homes and domestic applications. These systems are easy to operate and can also be cleaned and maintained with absolutely no hassle. We can also design similar systems for rough, commercial usage. Clients appreciate our systems for being highly durable and cost-effective.

For both domestic as well as commercial sectors, we put forth a broad range of RO Water Systems, which is designed and developed as per the latest industry standards. Our professionals develop these RO systems as per the clients' requirements using technically perfect and most advanced parts & components. Using reverse osmosis technique, these systems purify the water and make it crystal clean. We have designed these cost-effective systems for cleaning and operating on continual basis.

We are offering to our clients a wide range of Water Cooler Cum Purifier.


  • Sleek & Elegant look.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Stainless Steel Front Body.
  • 18 Months Prodata Warrantee'.
  • Water Chilled to a ref resing 13.5t.
  • Provide Safe & Purified Cool Drinking Water.
We are offering to our clients a wide range of Reverse Osmosis System. these Reverse Osmosis System are widely using in industries.

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